Villainous daughter who loves her hand-me-downs – Chapter 10

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Today is the harvest festival. From the square, you can hear the cheerful melodies of the musicians.

Grapes, pears, and other autumn fruits abound, as do bottles and barrels of wine and beer, sausages and hams, munchies, and sweets.

I gazed at Ethan and the parade as I ate my churros.

“It’s been a long time since I wore women’s clothes.”

Today she’s wearing a one-piece dress that the tailor delivered.

“Not sure how I feel about girls being dressed up as women. Being mistaken for my brother struck me as amusing, so I decided to play along.”

When we walked around the town together, I attracted a lot of attention.

“You look just like him when you’re dressed as a man. Tristan’s fans will be drawn to you by mistake.”

“My brother’s fan.”

Of course, there will be.

“Girls are swarming around him. People don’t talk to him directly because he is the son of the Duke. If you’re dining with Tristan, the bakery’s waitress will give you a generous serving. “

I know! I’ll order the large one! I’ll have dessert too!

“Tristan’s return is often a topic of conversation as the summer months roll around. They also sell his portrait.”

“What! I want one too!”

“Why, you look exactly like him.”

The Lord Deputy and Tristan are always together. The deputy has my envious admiration.

“Hey, Ethan, I can’t leave you in the corner with that cute little girl.”

“She’s my cousin!”

Ethan is being approached by people on the street.

“I’m sorry to keep you company. Didn’t you have an appointment? A friend or a girl you’re close to?”

“I don’t! It’s okay, I’m taking a break from studying thanks to Adele.”

While we were watching a street performer, a kindergarten-aged girl came up to us crying. She had fallen and scraped her knee.

“Did you lose your mother and father?”

I crouched down, took the girl’s hand and cast a spell.

Sophie took the little girl to the long-lost child care center and was given a horse-shaped confection created by a candy maker and a wound potion I made myself.

The potion was made in the capital. It was a simple mixture of crushed herbs and beeswax, boiled on a pyromaniac stove, stirred well, and cooled.

With the help of the Duke’s library and an illustrated book on medicinal herbs, I was able to improve my skills by making two attempts to make a potion for the second time. It worked for the gardener who I asked to confirm the results.

The herbs are kept in a box in the Duke’s residence in the Royal Capital. They do not lose their freshness because time does not pass in the item box.

I haven’t been able to make much use of my space-time magic item box because I can’t use it in public.

When I’m out, I use space-time magic to make it look like I’m carrying it in and out of my bag. It’s convenient because it doesn’t weigh much. But it is limited to the size of the bag.

In the space-time magic item box, I have a small stockpile of wound medicines, snacks, and other items, but the variety hasn’t increased much because Sophie would get suspicious when I run out of things.

My stock of medicinal herbs is running low, so I want to go and collect some myself. I wonder if it grows wild in the forest near Sanju. I want to make another kind of medicine.

I checked all of Tristan’s portraits.

“It’s hard to capture the preciousness of the real thing. There’s not much to get excited about.”

“…Why don’t you just look in the mirror?”

You don’t understand. But I’ll buy a few good ones for the occasion.



Before going to bed, I cast a spell that has become a habit.

The heroine can treat diseases using holy magic, but there are those that can only be cured with space-time magic, which involves removing bacteria, viruses, and lesions from the body.

Because I know nothing about medicine, I am unable to determine the etiology of the ailment. There’s no way to know, and I’m not sure what to transfer, but it could be good for disinfection like this time.

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