Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 90

Chapter 90: The Cardinal

His Highness raises his voice

“Vilhelmina, do you want me to die?!”

I smiled towards His Highness Elias.

“I don’t want anyone to die. But who was the first to betray the king’s command in this matter?”

“But that’s because you tried to kill Ina!”

“Of course. How could I not eliminate someone who acted like Miss Ina at that time? I was only trying to protect my engagement and the royal decree in front of God. It was Elias, you, who broke it. How dare you say something disrespectful to me?”

I turn around again towards the king.

“You do not condemn him, but let him live, and yet you demand it of me?”

The king nods with a frown on his face.

“Vilhelmina Peltra. You are right. But the country does not move with righteousness.”

Well, that’s true.

One can imagine why His Royal Highness Prince Elias has not been removed from the crown prince. Ultimately, he is popular among the people and has powerful supporters such as Duke Periknen and Cardinal Johannes.

And probably, his political ability has also been improved, I wonder. It seems that Miss Ina is also gaining a positive reputation among the young ladies and gentlemen of the nobility this year.

As a sovereign, I understand the decision not to abandon Prince Elias, but cut me off instead.

“So what do you want to do?”

“That invention speeds up the change of the world too much. There’s nothing to do but make it disappear.”

His Majesty claps his hands, and his attendants call out to the guards, and the doors of the audience chamber are opened.

The gatekeeper announces loudly the name of Cardinal Johannes.

Oh, I see. Is that why you’re talking in the audience chamber instead of the reception room?

A man wearing red, which is only allowed for the Cardinal, walks while swaying his overweight body as a symbol of wealth.

He is guarded by holy knights armed with sacred swords and staffs, who are allowed to arm themselves in front of the king. Behind them are those with strange weapons and restraints covered with thorns.

“Inquisitor of heresy…!”

As the Cardinal approaches, he twists his mouth and says, “It’s been a while. Alex Peltra and Vilhelmina Peltra.”

We cut our sacred seals in front of our chests and bow our heads as an abbreviation.

“Alex Mika Peltra. There has been an accusation of heresy against you.”

Lex answers, “What is considered heresy?”

“You are talking about the creation of a magic stone, a miracle of God in a human body. It is a frightening thing.”

“I never once stated that I created the magic stone in my patent for my own invention. I am only converting the magic element into the magic stone.”

Lex says and I continue, “Magic element, magic power, magic stone. There is no place in the scripture that states there is a problem with humans handling those things.”

“It is an inquiry to hear about it. Do you have any objections?”


Not an accusation of heresy but suspicion of heresy.

It’s obvious, but whether as a royal family or as the Cardinal, the honest desire would be to acquire Lex’s technology instead of pretending it doesn’t exist.

In other words, if it were deemed heresy, the only choice would be to completely bury the technology in darkness. However, if there is suspicion, it can be withdrawn.

I embraced Lex.

“Lex, please hold on.”

While saying that in a low voice, I dropped the amulet of the magic stone I was wearing from my neck into his pocket.

“I understand. Mina, be careful too.”

His lips were lowered to the hairline of my forehead.


I rested my cheek against his chest, suppressed my rising feelings, and slowly moved away.

“See you soon.”

“Yes, definitely.”

An inquisitor with a rope comes forward.

“Even if you don’t use the rope, my devout husband won’t escape.”

The Cardinal sends a gaze to His Majesty on the throne.

“So be it.”

At his majesty’s words, they nod and give instructions to walk with Lex sandwiched between them.

Lex’s back disappeared as he went through the gate and became distant. A voice called out from behind.

“Alex Peltra’s latest research, if presented, would prove that there is no heretical technology being dealt with.”

Give us the results of your research and we will return Lex to you, otherwise we will execute him as a heretic. That is what he is saying.

I bowed deeply in a ladylike manner.

“As you wish. I apologize for leaving in a hurry because I need to consult with the company’s people.”

Saying that, I stand up and turn my heels. Slowly, so as not to be unnatural as a lady. So as not to let anger leak out.

…B*stard. I’ll show you something to see.

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