Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Prediction

I sit in the office chair and compare the vast report that was sent from the Periknen Territory with my memory of the data on the industry and economy of the Periknen Territory that I have seen in the past.

All you can hear is the sound of the pen sliding across the paper.

At the desk next to me, Lex is seriously working on the design of a new device with a serious expression. Usually, he works together with other researchers, but he likes to summarize his own thoughts and work in a quiet place sometimes.

What is being developed now is a device to accumulate magic elements in the water?

Because there are also monsters living in the water, from small to huge, such as sea demons Kraken. So it must be for collecting magic elements from there.


Fufu, I love the serious profile of Lex. It was nice to see Lex in formal attire as in his speech the other day, but after all, his essence is a researcher. I think he shines the most when he is absorbed in the sea of thought.

“…Madam, Vilhelmina-sama?”

Lex suddenly looked up and looked this way.

Well, did he notice I was staring at him?

“Mina, Hilka has been calling you since a moment ago.”

Lex looks aside. I look over there and see Hilka. Hilka is right next to me.

“Finally, you noticed me.”

Then he sighed dismissively.

“W-What is it?”

“Well, it seems that Madam was not able to concentrate very well, so I thought maybe she could take a break.”

A break? It’s too early for a break, I thought, and when I looked at the clock, the time had passed more than I expected.

“When the Master is next to her, Madam’s work efficiency drops greatly.”

“Uh, am I bothering you with work? Maybe I should go back to the lab?”

Lex raised a surprised voice, and I quickly stopped him.


But Hilka shook her head and bowed to Lex.

“No, the Master should work here as much as possible. Madam … she also tends to work more than necessary. It would be better for Madam’s body and mind to take a break like this.”

“T-That’s rude!”

“I see. Madam, which page of the report are you currently reading? Madam is a very quick at reading.”

“I’m on the second page…”

Pft, a laugh leaked from Lex’s mouth, and I couldn’t help but lower my head.

The two of us move to the sofa. While Hilka prepares tea, I flip through the report with the feeling that I want to show what I can do at least a little.

“Do you understand it?”

“I don’t remember the details, but I understand the rough parts. Also, because the format of the report has been unified, it’s very easy to read.”

I don’t know if it’s because of Magic School or if Mr. Oliver is making it uniform, but it’s certainly easy to read.

“The tea is ready.”

So I lower the documents.

Lex took the sugar jar during that time, put two spoonfuls of sugar in my cup, and one spoonful in his cup.

And we talk about the contents of the report while drinking tea.

“As for the magic element absorption in the dungeon, there is a tendency for clearly larger magic stones to be produced in a short amount of time compared to doing it in the capital city. Although the concentration of magic elements varies by location, it is denser in the lower levels. There has been no impact on the amount of magic stones mined so far. Particularly in the lower levels, there is a tendency for the frequency of monster appearances to temporarily decrease.”

“Well, I can’t say for sure without seeing the specific numbers, but I think it’s generally as expected.”

“That’s right. If you want to defeat the Periknen territory, the easiest thing to do is to continue to steal the magic elements of that place and do nothing else.”

“What will happen?”

I speak as if repeating words I had already thought of.

“First, the number and quality of newly appearing monsters will decrease. Then, the researchers at A&V Company will be able to proceed to the depths of the dungeon without hiring adventurers. The same will go for the miners in the dungeon. If the efficiency of hunting for magic stones decreases, the income of adventurers in that area will drastically decrease.”


“There are people who are called heroes among adventurers, but most of them are like mercenaries who are driven to the brink of starvation. There will certainly be a lot of disorder, such as banditry, looting, and lawlessness.”

“What if the adventurers move to a new frontier? I know that the Periknen dungeon is the most and relatively safe to obtain magic stones, but you can also earn money in other dungeons, borderlands, or neighboring countries.”

“I don’t think the lower-level adventurers can bear the hardship and cost of moving, but it is possible that the guild will lend them and provide support for the move.”


I put the cup on the table and look at Lex. His brown eyes also looked at me intently.

“It’s simple. After they are gone, just stop absorbing the magic element. The dungeon will be overflowing with monsters and the town will receive a devastating blow.”

The look of surprise on his face makes me turn over.

“Do, do you despise me? My head just comes up with these things.”

Lex put his hand on my back and hugged me.

“That’s not true. I know Mina doesn’t want that.”

…I feel like I’m being seen through. I used to be a noble lady and engaged to the crown prince, but not anymore.

“Ugh… Yes. If possible, I would like to hire adventurers here.”

“You should just do it.”

“This is an unnecessary move. Besides, there is a possibility of betrayal.”

Before I could finish my words, Lex cut me off.

“I don’t care what Mina wants to do. There’s no need to be polite to anyone.”

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