Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Sister and Brother


The one who called out to me was a fresh-looking young man in a brand-new morning coat. His hair was platinum, and his eyes were jade. They were a similar color to mine, which was to be expected because he was my younger brother.

He used to call me “big sister,” but the family connection was cut because of it.

She took the bow of a lady.

“It’s been a long time. Are you Prince Periknen Jurremi-sama or have you become Latuma Count?”

I haven’t seen the current season’s noble yearbook, but he’s 15 now. Upon reaching adulthood, one of the titles held by the Duke Periknen family will be given to him as an heir, and he will gain the name Count Latuma.

“Latuma huh, but Jurremi is fine.”

“Then Jurremi-sama.”

He briefly showed a dissatisfied face. He probably didn’t like the title, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“You made dangerous remarks.”

Oh, you heard?

“I was only praising the royalty. If there was a slight rudeness, it would be considered a mistake in the words and actions of a commoner.”

“Big sister as a commoner…huh.”

He looks at me with eyes as if he’s looking at something suspicious.

Fufu, he still calls me “Big Sister”

Jurremi opens his mouth abruptly.

“The one who shot down the sun was killed by the household servant.”

His voice was as if he was reciting poetry.

“The sinking of the sun is not due to an arrow… the sun burns itself out.”

I will also return the words.

“When the sun sets on the horizon, the residents of the plain also burn themselves.”

“Prayers, the storm passes overhead for those who bow their heads.”

“However, they decorate themselves with gold and try to rise to the heavens, embracing the moon.”

“If you let go of the moon, it won’t shine unless it’s a papier-mâché moon.”

“They will apply gold leaf to the papier-mâché moon. The most devout have left the plain.”

“The devout pray for peace on the distant land.”

Jurremi laughed.

“No, that person sharpens their arrow.”

I also smile. That’s right isn’t it?”

Jurremi glanced diagonally above me.

“Allow me to introduce you. This is my husband, Alex. This is Jurremi Latuma-sama, the next Periknen Duke.”

Alex-sama bows.

“Nice to meet you. Lord Latuma.”

“Oh, Mr. Peltra, right? Is it okay if I refer to you as the arrow of Vilhelmina?”

Jurremi extended his hand and they shook hands, while Alex-sama nodded his head to Jurremi’s words.

“I don’t understand half of what you guys are saying, but I still want to do what my wife wants.”

“And help her in her revenge vengeance?”

Alex-sama gave a nod while glancing this way with his brown eyes.

“It’s not just for her.”

Jurremi muttered as if surprised.

“You found yourself a pretty convenient husband.”

“It’s inevitable. Because the crown prince was plotting to discredit me in that way.”

“No doubt. Mr. Alex, Vilhelmina, please take care of the person who was once my sister.”


“Vilhelmina, I wish you happiness.”


Jurremi muttered as he left.

“The sheep that the most devout person kept, was bought by the young people of the plain before being slaughtered.”

Well, he continued as if he were inwardly moved.

“Please put your heart into the arrow just as much as the portion. That being said.”

I bowed deeply toward Jurremi.

And then we leave the venue.

“What did it all mean in the end?”

In the carriage on the way back, Alex-sama asked.

“I made provocative remarks to His Majesty and Miss Madetoya.”


I taught the meaning of the words I told to His Majesty and the others.

Alex-sama frowns.

“Was that still safe to say?”

“They wouldn’t read the hidden meaning in my words. Besides, today is just a low-class garden party, a commoner making a slip of the tongue wouldn’t cause anything to happen.

But, my younger brother seemed worried.”

“What about the talk with Lord Latuma?”

“The sun is a metaphor for the royal family, and the arrow is Alex-sama. That I’m using Alex-sama to attack the royal family.”

“Killed by the household servants?”

“There’s such a myth. That’s probably what he was warning me about. To that, I replied that I wouldn’t take any actions, meaning no assassination or revolution, but only that his highness would destroy himself.

“He’s burning his own body, I see. And the residents of the plain?”

“The residents of the plain are the Duke Periknen family.

Ah, words don’t matter. It’s just that the P of Periknen and the D of Duke match the P of plain and the D of dweller.”

“I see, so if the royal family falls, the Duke family also falls?”

“Yes, as I mentioned before at the bank, if the Duke Periknen family cuts their expenses, it can be avoided, but he said it was impossible. The moon is Miss Madetoya. She was adopted and further decorated with money.”

“Are you the pious one?”

“Yes, I am. The sheep are my servants. When they were about to be fired, Jurremi took them back as employees as the count increased.”

“I see… it’s complex and strange.”

Alex-sama sat deeply in the carriage seat as if he fell off.

I reached out my hand with a smile.

“Look, your jacket will get wrinkled.”



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Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy

Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
"I hereby break my engagement with you! A commoner researcher has received a medal for his efforts. As a reward, I will marry you to him!"   The Duke's daughter, Wilhelmina, is told at a night party that her engagement to the Crown Prince has been broken off. The Crown Prince sets her up, banishing her from her parents' home with only a small amount of money as a farewell gift, and marries her off to a commoner researcher whom she has never seen before.   ——This is my husband, a tacky man.   He is tall but skinny, with a stoop and ill-fitting clothes due to his thinness. He has messy hair and is unkempt in appearance. This is Alex, her husband. At first, the two are awkward around each other, but Wilhelmina supports his research and helps improve his appearance, leading to a mutual attraction. They become happy and rise to the top, even seeking revenge on her family and the Crown Prince who banished her. Meanwhile, those who exiled her will suffer ruin.


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