Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Before the Decisive Conviction

“And let me continue by saying that I have admitted that there’s a problem with the quality of the royal family.”

His Holiness, the heirloom sword that the representative of God on earth possesses.

In this region, all countries follow the same religion, so its authority is absolute. The religion on the other side of the Eastern Empire is different, but it does not mean that it does not recognize the authority of the Pope. Because they regularly exchange each other’s treasures and cultural artifacts, they are able to maintain a healthy exchange.

If this is said, it’s not the end as a king, but as a state.

In other words, it means guiding yourself in a way that satisfies your own satisfaction, or else it’s a strong threat to say that we will declare this.

His majesty was silent, and his voice dropped.

“Your Majesty, it’s impossible to make up for this.”

The queen, who had been listening to this story in silence, spoke up.

“His majesty and I were discussing whether we should pass on the succession rights to the second son, Parvallis, instead of the eldest son, Elias, after the incident. However, since Elias and Miss Ina were popular with the people and had strong factions among the aristocracy, we could not make a quick decision.”

The establishment of the second prince, especially when the first prince has become popular with the people, is certainly a very understandable cause of confusion in the country.

I nod and encourage her to continue.

“Elias and the others were also showing a ugly appearance at first. It’s natural for Ina-san, who was the young lady of the Baron family after Vilhelmina-san was gone. But little by little, they improved, and both the emperor and I thought that it was okay. Forgetting that this is built on the sacrifice of you all. Or rather, we pretend not to see it.”

Yes, that’s right. I have noticed a decrease in the notoriety of His Highness Elias and her among the friends of the noblemen and daughters.

“We are truly sorry for what we did. And if your research yields results, to say that we’ll just incorporate them into our own is just way too good to be a true kind of story. It’s just too idealistic to say that you are compassionate. Even if Vilhelmina-san was a noblewoman, she would not have the power to dictate it.

“It’s a fact that being a commoner makes you lightweight.”

That is, because we don’t have land and people. Although we have real estate such as a mansion, even if we abandon it, we can easily make a living.

“I apologize on behalf of the King. And again, for my son’s share, and of course personally, I apologize.”

Rising to her feet and removing the crown from her forehead, she deeply bowed her head.

As royalty, this was a forbidden way of bowing, but at least it conveyed the intention to do one’s best.

“… I accept your apology.”

Well, will the King be guided by himself, or will he be excommunicated and the country will be destroyed?

The King slowly opened his mouth.

“I decree the abdication of Duke Periknen and order him to remain in his estate for the remainder of his life.”

… it seems he has chosen the former.

Lord Periknen sagged.

“I revoke the succession rights of Crown Prince Elias, and I appoint Prince Parvallis as the first in line for the succession. I will also step down from the throne and pass it on within the year. Prime Minister, you will be responsible for filling the gaps in the duties of the king and resign within three years. Beginning next year, both myself and Elias will commit su*cide.”

Well, he’s saying he’s choosing to die. That can be considered a harsh ruling as a king.

The king removed his crown, rose to his feet, and placed the crown on the chair. Then he knelt on the floor.

The Prime Minister cried out “Your Majesty!”, and even the guards who were holding back made a commotion.”

“I am no longer the king. It doesn’t matter if I bow my head first.”

He says that and thrusts his hand onto the floor.

“Alex Peltra. I apologize for the crimes committed by my son’s foolishness, such as forcing a deceptive marriage and moving the dwelling without permission and monitoring it. As a parent, I apologize.”

Her majesty also prostrated herself at the same place.

“And for neglecting to apologize or compensate for it, for not noticing the corruption of the institute, for attempting to take the results of the research.”

The Majesty looks at the empty seat where Cardinal Johannes was sitting a moment ago.

“It was I who accused the heresy. I am truly sorry.”

Lex nods.

“I accept your apology.”

Then His Majesty turned to me.

“Vilhelmina Peltra. I apologize as a parent for the crimes committed by my foolish son.”

Again, his majesty prostrated himself on the spot.

“And for neglecting to apologize or compensate for it, for not restoring the honor that have tarnished you, for capturing your innocent husband with false charges. I am truly sorry.”

He apologized very politely. It’s unimaginable for a king of a country to apologize to the public by putting his hand on the ground, but it conveys the sincerity of his apology.

Of course, I cannot see the heart of His Majesty, and there may be aspects of this apology being caused by the threat of excommunication. However, it is clear that he is showing at least some sincere apologies from the tone of his voice and the fact that he apologized to us before His Holiness.


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