Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Disqualification of Cardinal Johannes

His Holiness Innocent sighed as if he were tired.

“The Inquisition, witch hunts, persecution and warfare against magicians. Even though it’s said that those days are over. There are those who try to use it conveniently, and there’s no end to it, whether in the center of the church, at the end, in the king, or among the common people.”

I have learned that there was a terrible time when neighbors monitored each other and accused each other of heresy. That’s only a story from about 100 years ago.

Cardinal Johannes protests.

“However, the Inquisition is still active in church law. Reporting suspicion of heresy and conducting an inquiry in accordance with that is not illegal.”

Lex shakes his head.

“I want to ask the Cardinal… I have been captive for two weeks, and I have not been asked about my faith by you or your subordinates. Is that normal for an Inquisition?”

The Cardinal lost his words. King Namadrius IV asks.

“What do you mean, Johannes?”

“Ah, no, that is.”

He’s probably struggling to answer because he can’t lie and is left speechless.

“Creating magic stones with human hands is obviously a blasphemy against the gods and does not need to be questioned.”

Ah, he signed his own death sentence.

“Oh, so creating a magic stone is a heinous crime. In that case, Mr. Peltra’s invention should be sealed, and using a magic stone made by human hands is unacceptable. Is that what you’re saying?”

His Holiness surveys the group. His Majesty had a somewhat stubborn look on his face, while Duke Periknen nodded firmly. The country wants to make magic stones, while Duke Periknen wants to prevent the value of magic stones produced in his territory from declining.

It doesn’t matter anymore.

“It seems like a subjective interpretation of the scripture.”

Saying that, His Holiness took off his crown, held it in his hand, and after stroking his bald head, he raised the crown again.

A pale aquamarine huge magic stone shines reflecting the light of the chandelier.

“By the way, this central magic stone that has been named “Tears of the World” is a gift from them, but in other words, Cardinal Johannes says that it is also heretical.

Their jaws dropped and Cardinal Johannes fell to the floor.

“Well, I don’t care about the indictment. Asking for the Pope’s distrust is also an important task assigned to the Cardinal. However, if the Pope is heretical, it is necessary to do so in a place where all the Cardinals from various countries are summoned. Why don’t we accuse this old fool of being heretical in front of all the Cardinals?”

Whether he was relaxed or lost consciousness from the shock, there was no reaction. His Holiness called for a attendant to wake him up.

And solemnly declares.

“Cardinal Johannes is relieved of his duties and taken into custody. If there is anything illegal in his wealth, it will be seized by the church, and the proceeds will be used to repair the church that was struck by lightning. Until a new Cardinal is elected, this old fool, Namadrius IV will stay on this land and strive to make this land’s faith a good one.”

So he said, then turned one of his eyes toward us.

Fufu, he’s interested in negotiating with us, aren’t he?

Since the attendants alone could not take him out, several knights of the Holy Order took the body of Cardinal Johannes and dragged him away.

“Well, King Vainamo III.”

His Holiness put his crown back on and asked again.

“…I can’t believe that Cardinal Johannes did such a thing.”

“Well, it’s a common ploy. To try to escape responsibility by blaming it on someone who conveniently collapsed. But there’s no escape anyway.”

“So, does this mean that the suspicion of heresy has been cleared? Mr. and Mrs. Peltra can freely create and sell magic stones.”


Duke Periknen unconsciously let the words slip out.

The King also continues.

“Shouldn’t the technology to produce magic stones that are worthy of adorning the head of Pope be managed by the state and not left to the wild? This is not just my country, but any king would make such a judgment.”

His Holiness nods as he looks this way. I nod as well. The current majesty’s opinion is a natural thing. However, there is a conflict between us and the royal family, and he can’t pay proper compensation for our technology and development.

“Mrs. Vilhelmina Peltra, I apologize again and will give you all the rewards that can be granted. Please forgive us, can you provide us with that technology?”

I also sigh.

“You can’t say that now after having my husband arrested for heresy. We can flee to another country.”

“In the first place, you were unapproachable in the previous audience chamber.

“That’s probably because everyone was running for their own safety.”

I indicate the kneeling Elias with a fan.

“Who showed such an attitude?”

His Holiness interjected.

“That’s not good.”

“Pope, as I said before, please refrain from interfering in domestic affairs.”

His Holiness nods.

“I will say it again, we will not interfere in domestic affairs. This old fool can only excommunicate His Majesty King Vainamo III of the Patrikainen royal family and Crown Prince Elias.”

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