Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 73

Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Castle of monsters

The presence of the monsters becomes even stronger.

With each step forward, I feel it more vividly.

I push forward, feeling the obstacles that stand in my way.

And then——

It was there in the open space.

Dark, ominous, and ferocious.

It had a shape like a black cocoon, as Nebel-san had described, but I never thought it would be exactly like that.

It truly was a cocoon.

So black that it couldn’t be seen at night.

Just staring at it made me feel like I was being sucked in.

“That’s… the monster?”

“Be careful, Yuren. That kind of monster with an unclear shape is the first I’ve seen. Clearly abnormal and strange.”

Yuren-kun gulped.

The other knights were also on high alert.

What His Highness Ash described as strange was floating by extending threads to the ground and trees.

The threads, like spider webs, were also black.

And the trees that touched the threads were withered, and the ground seemed to be rotting.

His Highness Ash, who was at the forefront, took a step forward.

With a splash, our gaze lowers.


“Brother, it seems that this is a lake.

As Yuren-kun said, it was a lake.

The size is about the same as the lake next to Nebel-san’s house.

However, it can no longer be called a lake.

The water is mostly dry, and the remaining little water is blackened and clearly rotten.

Miasma leaks from the monster in the cocoon.

I cover my mouth to avoid inhaling the miasma-like black fog, but some still enters.

His Highness Ash immediately held his nose upon smelling the odor.

“That stinks.”

“This rotten odor is coming directly from the miasma itself. The surrounding nature is affected, and it’s clear that this miasma and monster are the cause of the disease.”

“That’s right. However, it’s strange. Why hasn’t it done anything when we’ve come so close?”

Everyone, including Ash-dono, is already in battle mode.

They have already taken the potion I handed over and are ready to fight.

Despite this, the cocoon monster remains still.

“No… Is it possible that it can’t move? As a cost for a power that affects a wide area, does it lack attacking power in his body? If that’s the case, it’s a chance! Now’s the time to——”


Yuren-kun stopped His Highness Ash, who was trying to approach.

I understood the reason.

Behind the cocoon, a large number of monsters had appeared.

“These guys, it seems like there were multiple signs but I didn’t expect this many.”

“I guess so.”

The monsters stood in front of the cocoon, guarding it.

“Get ready, you guys! It seems like we can’t attack the main body without defeating the entourage! I’ll lead the charge! Follow me!”

His Highness Ash readied his great sword and ran towards the army of monsters without hesitation.

His brave and fearless figure inspired the knights to take up their swords and follow him.


The knights raised a battle cry and followed His Highness Ash.

As they cut down the monsters blocking their path, the battle had begun.

I don’t have the power to fight, so all I can do is watch?

That’s not true.

There’s something I can do too.

I moved a little away from the location where the battle was taking place and set up a ward to repel monsters.

The ward was simple and effective only for a short time, but the monsters didn’t come near.

I created a temporary shelter in the dangerous battlefield.

“If you get injured, come over here! I’ll take a look!”

“That’s right! We have an excellent Transmutation Master with us! Fight without fear!”

Moved by my words and His Highness Ash’s voice, the knights’ morale rose even higher.

I don’t want them to push themselves too hard, but it’s enough if they gain a little courage.

“As expected of Aria. I said I would protect you, but it doesn’t seem necessary. I feel a little conflicted.”

“Then help me with this, Yuren! The wall is thick.”

“I understand, brother!”

The two fought at the front line.

His Highness Ash swung his sword vigorously, and the wind pressure blew away the monsters.

Yuren-kun cut down the four-legged monster that approached while avoiding it.

“My god, Brother just keeps getting stronger without me even knowing.”

“Well, of course! That’s just who I am!”

His Highness Ash’s fighting style is incredible, almost inhuman.

Yuren-kun, who can keep up with his movements, is also amazing.

Their battle was going smoothly, with no danger in sight and the number of monsters decreasing steadily.

However, it wasn’t going to be that easy.


“What’s that?”

“A heartbeat?”

Thump, thump——

A huge heartbeat echoes.

We don’t need to look for the source.

“It’s the cocoon.”

It’s beating like it’s waiting for something to be born.

Immediately after, the monsters become even more aggressive.

They roar and rampage.

“What’s happening all of a sudden?!”

“Yuren, we need to hurry! It’s just a hunch, but that thing is dangerous!”


“It’s a cocoon, just like it looks. There’s some crazy monster inside!”

Cocoons were originally intended to protect organisms that were in a slow and inactive state.

It protects organisms that are temporarily weak and waits for them to become active again.

If it is the same, then it means that there is something inside, and it has started to beat because activity is about to resume.

“Strike it down before it moves!”

Monsters block the way in front of the rushing His Highness Ash.

“Tch, these guys are in the way.”

The battle intensifies.

At the same time, I felt a sense of unease in my chest.

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