Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 60

Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Strange disease of the frontier

We rode in a carriage, crossing over mountains and rivers.

I had heard that it was far, but the journey was longer than I had imagined.

The reason why we didn’t ride horses was that the distance was too great.

Including stops along the way, it took a week and a half.

It was not a distance that one could endure the vibrations while riding on a horse.

“We’re almost to the territory. Be ready to get off.”

Ash’s loud voice reverberated from the front carriage.

Our carriage following behind also accelerates in response to his call.

“…We’re finally here.”

“Are you tired?”

“I’m fine! But I’m a little tired.”

“That’s not surprising. It’s the first time you’ve spent such a long time traveling.”

I nod my head.

Running around in the forest is much more fun.

I just didn’t realize that sitting still and feeling the irregular vibrations could take such a toll on my body.

“The two of you seem to be doing well.”

“We’re used to it.”

“I’m fine too, I used to travel far and wide!”

Both of them are tough.

His Highness Ash looks like he has good physical strength, but the two of them are skinny and don’t seem like that at all.

It’s embarrassing that I’m the only one tired.

Or rather, it’s pathetic.

“We have to make up for it on site.”

The real test is after we arrive.

To prevent myself from panicking upon arrival, I’ll start planning in my head now.

First of all——

After a few more minutes of rocking, we were back on the road.

We entered the territory of Ayre controlled by His Highness Ash.

Ayre seems to be the name of the noble family that managed the territory before His Highness Ash.

It was a noble family that no longer exists as it didn’t have any heirs.

The carriage stops.

“We’re getting off here in this village!”

We hear His Highness Ash’s voice and get off the carriage too.

We arrived at a small village.

It has no fence and is surrounded by a forest.

There are only a few houses with only a single floor, and I don’t see many people.

I was told that the destination was the villa of His Highness Ash, but there is nothing here that looks like it.

Yuren-kun asks His Highness Ash.

“Brother, what is this place?”

“This is the village where the first occurrence of the strange illness happened.”

“I see. So that’s why we stopped. I thought it was strange since this road is a little off from your villa, brother.”


His Highness looks at me.

“There may be various things to do, but first it’s better to see the actual situation, right?”


I was thinking the same thing.

The first thing to do upon arrival is to see the symptoms and situation of the strange disease for oneself.

Although I have already heard the information, it may be better to see and confirm it with my own eyes.

Even if we don’t find the cause on the spot, I wanted to talk to someone who knows about the strange disease.

His Highness seemed to have anticipated that I would say so, as he changed course.

“That’s good, Nee-san.”


Thanks to that, it seems to be progressing more smoothly than I had thought.

We immediately entered the village.

The knights who were accompanying us were waiting outside the village.

Only four of us entered the village.

His Highness said that since it wasn’t a large village, it would only get in the way if too many people came in.

“Oh, Ash-sama has returned!”

“That’s true! Ash-sama, you’ve come back. We thought you had abandoned us.”

Elderly men and women come out of their houses, one after another.

When they see His Highness, they happily approach him.

“How could I abandon you? Everyone is an important subject. I went back to the capital to call for reinforcements.”

“Reinforcements…you mean?”

“Yeah! You can rely on these reinforcements. Aria, the court Transmutation Master.”


His Highness’ introduction was a bit exaggerated, so I was nervous.

I follow Yuren-kun’s lead and try to make a bright smile.

Then everyone responds with a gentle smile.

“Oh, the court’s Transmutation Master! That’s reassuring.”

“You’re amazing even though you’re young. You have a promising future.”

“Thank you.”

Thanks to the warm words, my tension was relieved.

The greetings are over and we immediately start our work.

“Aria will be investigating the illness here for a while. I want you to answer her questions for that. Is that okay?”

When I make eye contact with His Highness, he explains to the villagers, understanding my intentions.

The villagers responded kindly.

“Of course.”

“Please ask us anything. We want to help too.”

“Thank you very much.”

They are good people.

Perhaps it’s because His Highness is trusted.

“Then let me ask you a few things. Is there anyone here who has had the disease?”

“No, we elderly people seem to be immune to it. Everyone here is healthy.”

As I heard.

It seems that the elderly are not infected with the strange disease.

After confirming, the next question continues.

“What was the first person who got infected like?”

“He was suffering. He cried out in pain, saying that his whole body was hot, lethargic, and hurt. He was still a child.”

Fever and fatigue, and then pain all over the body.

All the symptoms were familiar.

Among them, the most important and distinctive one is…

“I heard that the thorn pattern appeared. How big was it at first?”

“I didn’t notice it at first. Maybe on his back? When I noticed, it had spread over his upper body and quickly covered his whole body.”

“How long was it from when you found it?”

“About two days.”

Two days… if left to progress until the final stages, the symptoms worsen rapidly.

We need to deal with it before that happens.

The first infected person was a ten-year-old child.

That child is already deceased.

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