Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 58

Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Request of the Second Prince

After learning about the risks of magic, I was secretly disappointed.

I know it’s rude, but there was a difference between what I expected and what was presented.

It seems like my expression betrayed my slight disappointment.

“Are you disappointed?”

“N-Not at all!”

“No need to hide it. You wanted to see me use magic, right? Sorry about that.”

I noticed that His Highness Ash had caught on to my feelings, so I hurriedly lowered my head in apology.

However, His Highness showed a relaxed smile.

“Magic is the power of miracles. If there were no risks, there would be no miracles. It would have been easier if we could use it freely.”

“Brother is strong even without magic, isn’t he? Sometimes I wonder if he’s really human.”

“Isn’t it obvious I’m a human?”

“…Yes, you’re right.”

Yuren-kun, who had collapsed, stood up.

“Hey Aria, are you trying to get a hint of my brother’s magic?”

“Yeah. I thought it might be helpful.”

“I knew it. Transmutation Art and magic are similar in that they are both impossible in normal circumstances, but the biggest difference is the cost.”

The Transmutation Art combines substances to create new ones. In doing so, you must prepare and consume materials.

The value of the materials prepared and the completed item are equivalent.

Just as you cannot create something new from nothing, Transmutation Art requires materials as payment.

Similarly, magic also requires payment.

“In ancient times, people used to consume magical power to use magic. But modern people don’t have magical power. Instead, they consume life force to use magic, which shortens their lifespan as a result.”

“That’s the reasoning. Magical power…huh.”

So, if you have magical power, you can use magic freely?

What is magical power exactly?

Can you create it with the Transmutation Art?

While thinking about such things, His Highness Ash also stood up and said.

“Well, there’s no harm in not using magic! I know how to use it, but it’s just a weapon. Only useful when you’re in a pinch.”

“I can’t imagine a future where my brother is in a pinch…”

“It’s not like that! I’ve been in a pinch too… Ah!”

In the middle of the conversation, His Highness Ash suddenly remembered something and opened his mouth wide.

Then he clapped his hands.

“I just remembered something important, Aria!”


His Highness Ash called my name and looked straight at me.

I was nervous because he suddenly called me, and my spine unconsciously straightened.

“There’s a case where I need your help!”

“You need my help?”

“Yeah. I meant to tell you about it too, but I completely forgot!”

“…As usual, Brother has a forgetful nature.”

His Highness Ash laughed heartily, and Yuren-kun looked at him in amazement.

Forgetting things seems to be a habit of his.

“Sorry, sorry. Anyway, I need your help. One of the territories I’m in charge of is suffering from a strange disease.”

“What kind of strange… disease?”

“We don’t know the cause. All we know for now is that those who contract it die within a week of showing symptoms. These symptoms include a purple bramble-like pattern appearing on the body.”

Death within a week of showing symptoms?

That’s a rapidly progressive disease.

And a purple bramble?

I’ve never heard of a disease that causes such symptoms.

“It’s not clear if it’s related, but monsters have started appearing in the territory.”

“Monsters? Is that true Brother?”

“Yeah. I reported it to our father first, but I’ve been chasing after them every day.”


They are not animals, but rather vicious and cruel, grotesque creatures.

There aren’t many of them, so I haven’t seen one myself, but they are said to be very dangerous creatures.

“I’ve already killed a few of them, but their numbers don’t seem to be decreasing. That’s why I want to borrow Aria’s knowledge and power!”

“I see.”

The two of them look at me.

In other words, they want me to help with the treatment of the mysterious illness and the handling of monsters.

Yuren-kun asks a question.

“What do you think? Did you learn anything from the story just now?”

“… Well, words alone don’t tell us much. We won’t know until we actually see it.”

“Then come with me! I’ll guide you!”

That’s the best choice.

The next thing to consider is whether it’s okay for me to leave here.


“If it’s approved in terms of content, I think it’s okay. If we leave it alone, it could affect other territories.”

“That’s right. I want to confirm for myself after hearing what you just told me.”

“Got it. Brother, can I…”

Yuren-kun hesitates with his words.

It seems like he has something to say.

His Highness Ash notices this and laughs in exasperation.

“I get it. If we get permission from our father, you can come with us too. We can always use more hands.”

“Thank you!”

Yuren-kun bows his head.

It’s reassuring to have him come along as well.

“All right, then let’s depart as soon as we’re ready! I’m counting on you, Transmutation Master Aria!”


A strange illness and monsters.

Both are an unknown threat.

To achieve the country that Yuren-kun is aiming for, we must do something about the two dangerous things.

I clenched my fists in my chest.

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