Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 53

Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Because I’m not carrying anything

He starts to speak.

From his childhood to his current situation where he had to reach a little further.

I listen to him while being close enough to feel his body.


If I were to describe the place where he was born in one word…battlefield.

Salem is surrounded by eight nations, most of which are friendly, but there were some that were not.

There was an ongoing conflict with that country.

At that time, they were struggling against the advancing army that wanted to take their land.

The battlefield is a miserable place.

It may be natural to take each other’s lives since it’s a fight for survival, but lives there are cheap.

They fall easily like flower petals dancing in the breeze.

Children’s lives are even cheaper.

Would adults say that being born in a bad place is the reason?

He was born and lived in such a place, alone.

“Hey! He ran over there!”

“That kid stole our food!”

Days that cannot be fully expressed with the word “harsh”.

Stealing and being stolen from were a daily occurrence.

Children were not shown mercy, and on the contrary, they were not protected.

They would do anything to survive.

Without that level of determination, one cannot even live in the present.

As the conflict continued, the surroundings became desolate, and blood flowed in disorder.

I don’t know how many, tens of bodies he stepped on.

Tomorrow…no, even today, he might become a corpse himself.

He was fighting his fears and continuing to live.


“You’re taking too long, damn it.”

He is a child.

No matter how fast he moves or how much he uses his wits, he cannot compete with adults.

As time went by, he was cornered.

He was beaten and kicked.

“Ha! Spit out all your food!”

“Just in time! I was just getting frustrated.”

“It would have been even better if it were a girl.”

There was no mercy.

Several adults were bullying a child.

There was nothing he could do, even if he saw such an unbearable scene, and no one was around.

Even if someone were there, they were most likely of the same kind.

It is more likely to join in the bullying than to help.

He had no choice but to give up once he was caught.

“Let’s just break all his bones!”

“…It’s pathetic to bully a child.”

“Huh? Ugh.”

“W-What the hell are these guys?”

A group of knights follow a man who behaves nobly as he leads them.

He strikes down the bullying adults with the scabbard of his sword.

“Listen up! This land is under my management from today on! Any ungrateful deeds in my territory will not be tolerated!”

The man proclaimed boldly.

Naturally, the surrounding adults tried to oppose him, but strong knights stood ready.

They had no choice but to obey, as their personal safety was at risk.

Leaving the scene without agreeing, they were disgruntled.

“You’re covered in wounds, boy.”

“…Who are you?”

“When asking for someone’s name, it’s polite to introduce yourself first, right?”

The boy tilted his head in wonder at such manners being used in this kind of place.

But if he doesn’t answer, neither will his opponent.

The boy, sensing this, introduces himself.


“I see. I am Garrden, entrusted by His Majesty with this land.”


“You’ve had a rough time.”

Duke Gardenn spoke coldly to Fusaki.

Fusaki’s eyes were as murky as dirty water.

It was ordinary for him, who had resigned himself to despair, but it was not the kind of eyes a child should have.

“Fusaki. How long have you been here?”

“…I don’t know.”

“Then, what about your parents?”

“I don’t know.”

He was born here.

He had no memories other than that fact.

He could hardly even remember his parents’ faces.

There was no room for him to feel sad about it.

The daily life was harsh, cruel, and miserable.

“So what are you going to do from now on?”

“From now on?”

“As long as I rule, I will not tolerate theft. So how are you going to live?”

“…I don’t know.”

That was all he knew.

He couldn’t answer as a young child.

Then ――

“If you have nowhere to go, work for me.”


“Didn’t you hear me? We’re short on staff, so we could use even a child’s help.”


Duke said so with an exasperated expression.

Actually, it was unclear how much of it was his true feelings.

It could be kindness, or it could be pity.


“What’s wrong? Do you want to squat and live in this place?”

“…I don’t.”

It doesn’t change the fact that it was a helping hand for him.

The reason doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand.

Someone appeared before him to destroy his present.

So he took that hand.


“——And so, I was put to work by my master. He drilled me with various things.”

“I see.”

I felt Duke Gardenn’s kindness.

He’s not just a strict person, after all.

He probably couldn’t leave him in trouble.

“He’s a kind person.”

“Yes, that’s right. He looks scary, but he’s the kindest person I know. Thanks to him, I got a clean place to live. He gave me a purpose to live when I had nothing.”

That’s why I have to fulfill my duties.

I have to respond to expectations.

Even if I have to sacrifice something, I have to show my worth.

“I don’t have anything. That’s why I have to do the job I’m given, no matter what happens to me.”

That’s his true feelings.

He wants to respond and repay the kindness he received.

A kind thought.


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