Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 37

Transmutation Master Aria Is Doing Her Best Today ~a Happy Second Life for a Transmutation Master Who Had Her Results Stolen by Her Sister~ – Chapter 37

Chapter 37: I convey my will

It was our first meeting.

Even so, I could tell.

This person doesn’t think well of me.

He looks at me with suspicion.

“I’ve never seen you before. Are you a courtier?”

“Yes, I’m Aria, a Transmutation Master at the royal court.”

He spoke to me and I politely responded.

The elegance that could be felt from his attire and attitude.

Undoubtedly, he was not a palace staff but a nobleman.

“Transmutation Master. I believe the court recruitment test was scheduled for later… did you receive someone’s recommendation?”

“Yes, I received a recommendation from His Highness Yuren.”

I answered before he could ask who.

I expected him to know even without asking.

He didn’t seem particularly surprised.

“His Highness’s recommendation is rare. Excuse me, but from which family were you born? As a head of one of the five major noble families that are connected to the royal family, I would like to build close relationships with those who support our king.”

The head of one of the five major noble families?

Does that mean this person is Duke Gardenn-sama who was mentioned earlier?

“I’m sorry. I’m not a native of this country.”

“Is that so? Then where are you from?”

He continued to ask questions.

After the family background, now came the place of origin.

He even looked like he knew.

There was no doubt anymore that this person was involved in the threatening letter.

Hisui-san and Yuren-kun said they had an idea about the person, but they didn’t tell me anything.

They also said that they couldn’t do anything without confirmation.

Because they were dealing with such an opponent, they couldn’t take any reckless actions.

If the opponent was a member of the Five Great Noble Families, it would also support the two’s statements.

“What’s wrong? Can’t you answer?”


Whether to answer or not.

Yuren-kun told me it was better not to say anything reckless.

I agree with that.

If I say something wrong, I can see a future where I will be criticized.



But is that okay?

Is it okay to just dodge the question, deceive, and run away like this?

Should I leave it to Yuren-kun and Hisui-san, or is that really okay?

I decided to work hard to become a support for Yuren-kun.

But here I am again, relying on him and causing trouble…

This is not right.

I’m not in the royal palace to be protected by Yuren-kun.

I’m here to support him.

I chose this place.

So then…

“I’m from the Mayquin Kingdom.”

I’ll confront this.

If this is what it means to be on Yuren-kun’s side, then I shouldn’t back away.

If I want to be with him from now on, I need to become someone who can be his ally.

With my own power.

“Mayquin Kingdom…a Transmutation Master, huh? I haven’t heard good rumors about them.”

Duke-sama reacted to the name of the kingdom.

From his nonchalant reaction, it seemed like he already knew about it.

My identity is known to the royal family and those with similar status.

If this person is Duke-sama of the Five Great Noble Houses, it’s not surprising that he knows.

“Do you know? There seems to be some involvement of Transmutation Masters in the recent scandal in that country.”

“Yes, I have heard rumors about it.”

“I see. Just to make sure, you’re not involved in it, right?”


I hesitated to answer.

If you are asking if I am involved or not, I would be one of them.

But if I thought calmly about the “involvement,” it must be whether or not the Transmutation Master is the one in question.

Because except for the royal family of Mayquin Kingdom, who are parties concerned, only four of us know the truth about that incident, including me.

This person doesn’t know anything.

Then, my answer should be enough.

“I am not the Transmutation Master who got into trouble.”

“I suppose so. If you were, His Highness would not have recommended you. However, if your true identity is revealed, there may be people who doubt you. If you are suspected, His Highness, who recommended you, will also be held responsible.”

It is Yuren-kun’s responsibility.

It was just recently that I heard those words.

I realized it again.

Yuren-kun is a prince of this country and holds a responsible position.

“I will work hard to live up to His Highness’s expectations. I hope to prove myself with the results I achieve.”

“That’s a good attitude. But is that about being a Transmutation Master? From what I’ve heard, you seem to have a personal relationship with His Highness.”

An abrupt change of topic.

Moreover, knowing that means he recognized me from the beginning.

The first exchange was like a greeting, perhaps this is where the real discussion begins.

I secretly brace myself.

“His Highness is a prince and his social circle must be appropriate for his position. Don’t you think so too?”


“I don’t know what your intentions are in dealing with His Highness, but there are those who don’t approve of it. If your relationship with him damages His Highness’s credibility, you should refrain from it, don’t you think?”

“Are you saying that I should refrain from contacting His Highness?”

No answer.

But there was no denial either.

This silence could be taken as affirmation.

There is no need to think deeply about it now.

What this person wants to say is that I am not suitable as a friend of Yuren-kun, and I should keep an appropriate distance.

I should not interact with him closely as a friend, but understand his position as a prince and me as a courtier.

I reminisce about the memories so far: meeting Yuren-kun, the day he helped me.

And even now, the time I spend with him is a priceless treasure.

I cannot bear to lose it.

Because I do not want to lose it, I have decided to stand up to this.

So I will answer like this.

“I apologize.”

“Can I assume that this apology means you understand my intentions?”

“No, it means I cannot fulfill your expectations.”

“…I see.”

An ominous atmosphere hangs in the air.

Duke-sama’s expression stiffens, and his gaze sharpens.

Still, I do not run away.

I convey my will.

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