The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 45

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐛𝐞𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐝𝐞𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞

When Ashe was admitted to the S-class, a uniform arrived in just under an hour.

Lapis and Ashe have gotten along well, and now they are having tea in Lapis’s room.

There are two days left until the demon subjugation. Albero, who was reading a textbook in the conversation room, recalls.

“Ah, speaking of which. . . . . .I haven’t told Ashe about the demon.”

Demon subjugation.

The seven confirmed demons appear out of nowhere, suddenly appearing to destroy villages and towns, and they wreak havoc, bringing along demon beasts.

An A-class Summoner went to subjugate with an army of B~D-class Summoners, but they were easily defeated.

However, Albero wonders. Why don’t the 21, the special A-class. . . . . .the kingdom’s strongest and battle-hardened heroes, act?

Moreover, no matter how powerful a Summoned beast he harbors, Albero is only fifteen years old. It’s odd when you think about it that adults would ask such a child to subdue.

“. . . . . .Well, whatever. I just have to fight. Right, Mog?”

There is no response when he speaks to his right arm.

The promise with Mog━━to defeat the demon. It’s not just Abel. To survive in this world, Albero must defeat all six remaining demons.

Albero had resolved himself to fight.

Then, the entrance door of the dormitory opens.

“. . . . . .Is it just you?”

“Hey, Kid. Where’ve you been?”

“Was drinking in town. We’re leaving tomorrow, so I won’t be able to drink for a while.”

“You, seriously? . . . . . .How old are you?”

“Seventeen. I’m already of age, kiddo.”

“Two years older. . . . . .I thought you were older.”

Kid takes off his hat and hangs it on the wall.

He takes a bottle of water from the refrigerator, drinks it dry, and then takes another, sitting across from Albero.

“The demon of 『Pride』. . . . . .A warm-up for the 『Lust』 one, huh?”

“You shouldn’t underestimate the demon. Even the 21 summoners couldn’t beat it.”

“Who cares? Those 21 or so didn’t fight the demon, they just left it to us. What do you think about that?”

“. . . . . .There must be some reason.”

Meteore and Garnet said so. About 『Constraints』.

Albero doesn’t understand what it means.

For now, he reads Garnet’s textbook. . . . . .and there was information about the demon.

“Demons. 『Gluttony』, 『Lust』, 『Pride』, 『Wrath』, 『Sloth』, 『Greed』, 『Envy』. The seven humanoid Summoned beasts named after them. The worst disaster summoned by the Demon Emperor, which not even the 21 summoners could defeat, huh. . . . . .”

“Didn’t you kill 『Gluttony』? You, weaker than me, could defeat it. It’s not that big of a deal.”

“. . . . . .”

It’s true that Abel was weak.

A monster with a big mouth. Albero easily defeated it using 『Hardening』.

But it doesn’t mean the other six are weak.

“We can’t be careless. Kid, let’s decide various things now.”

“. . . . . .Well, I’ll listen.”


After that, Ashe and Lapis came out of the room, so he introduced Ashe to Kid.

The four of them shared their Summoned beast’s abilities and thought of some techniques to cooperate.

In the evening, Kid served his homemade cooking, and Ashe was surprised.

They bathed, and were about to sleep. . . . . .At that moment, there was a knock at the dormitory’s front door.

Albero, who happened to be there, opened the door to find a young man dressed like a knight.

“You are. . . . . .Arnaud-san, aren’t you?”

The young knight, who looked to be in his twenties, said to Albero.

“Tomorrow, everyone is to gather at the plaza in front of the S-class school building. This is an order from Captain Damocles.”

“In front of the school building?”

“Yes. Everyone. . . . . .including the new girl, must come.”


Arnaud nodded slightly and left without saying another word.


The day before departure.

Albero and the others gathered in front of the S-class school building.

Damocles, Garnet, and Arnaud were already there.

Garnet looked at each of the four in turn.

“Tomorrow, you all will be sent on a demon subjugation mission. I think the newcomer has heard, but this is your first mission in S-class. Be prepared.”

“U, Understood!”

While on suspension, there are no classes, and they can’t use the school’s facilities.

However, they can accept missions. . . . . .and this demon subjugation mission came from Meteore.

Garnet cleared her throat with a cough.

“Demon Hubris. It’s said that he has made a village a few days from this Asgard kingdom his base. Apparently, he’s treated like a god by the villagers there. . . . . .He has scattered gold and silver treasures in the village and made the people rich.”

Garnet took out a pipe.

Albero and the others listened silently.

“I’ve also heard that slave trading has started in a village close to that one. The enriched villagers, who were once humble farmers, are now throwing their weight around with their newfound wealth. What’s terrifying is that everyone, from adults to children to the elderly, all have become affluent.”

“What should we do then?”

“If you go head-on, you might face resistance from the villagers. They’ve hired a large number of mercenaries to guard their now mansion-filled town. Those mercenaries are at least B-class summoners. It’ll be tough for just you guys.”

Ashe tilted her head.

“So, what should we do?”

“Think. What would you do?”

“Hmm. . . . . .lure them out!”

“Where? How?”

“. . . . . .Ahaha.”

Ashe admitted defeat.

Lapis thought deeply and looked at Garnet.

“Grandmother. Can’t we simply enter that village?”

“No. Only bought slaves or slave traders can enter. It’s a town full of the nouveau riche now.”

“. . . . . .Then it’s simple.”


“I see.”

Albero and Ashe looked puzzled, while Kid smirked.

“The answer’s already there, right?”

“No, what do you mean. . . . . .Ashe, do you get it?”

“No, I don’t.”

“So. . . . . .let’s compare answers. Didn’t grandmother say? Only 『slave traders or bought slaves』 can enter. So, we’ll disguise ourselves as a slave trader and merchandise and enter the town.”


Lapis confidently pointed with her index finger, explaining with a smug look on her face.

It seems Kid has the same idea.

Garnet also smiled slyly. . . . . .Albero thought Lapis’s smug face looked just like Garnet’s.

“Well, you’re right. To become a slave trader, you need a slave trading license. But there’s one problem. . . . . .you can’t get a slave trading license unless you’re over 20.”

“So it’s no good. . . . . .what a shame.”

“Young lady, listen to the whole story. If that’s the case, just bring someone over 20.”

At this point, Arnaud took a step forward.

Garnet placed her hand on Arnaud’s shoulder. . . . . .for some reason, her touch looked suggestive.

“This is Arnaud, a direct subordinate of Damocles. A top-ranking B-class summoning knight. He will act as a slave trader and treat Albero, Ashe, and Lapis as merchandise to enter the town.”

“Hey, what about me?”

“You’ll be assisting Arnaud. Someone as violent as you wouldn’t be able to pretend to be a slave, right?”

“Hah, you got that right.”

“Um, I also want to be an assistant. . . . . .”

“That won’t work. Having two women and one man as merchandise is ideal. After all, there are people with those kinds of tastes.”

“. . . . . .I wish I hadn’t heard that.”

Albero felt extremely uncomfortable.

Ashe and Lapis exchanged glances.

“Being slaves. . . . . .I really don’t like that idea.”

“Me neither. But. . . . . .we have to achieve something here! Let’s do our best!”

Lapis was surprisingly enthusiastic.


The decision was made, and Garnet’s discussion came to an end.

Then, Damocles began to speak.

“Now, it’s my turn!! You all are going to fight a demon. . . . . .but first, let’s have you all feel just how strong a demon really is!”

Damocles laughed loudly.

The four, including Albero, tilted their heads, and Damocles summoned the beast Titan.

Kid smirked.

“Hey, are we really going to fight? I don’t know how strong these demons are, but this guy’s been defeating them alone. I can probably handle it by myself.”

Kid pointed at Albero.

Moreover, there were four of them this time. Even if their opponent was a demon, with two of the Parasitic type and two top-ranking B-class, along with Arnaud, Kid wasn’t planning on losing.

However, Damocles laughed and said,

“『Gluttony』 is the youngest and weakest demon. The other six are incredibly formidable!! Now, all four of you, summon your beasts!”

Feeling the overwhelming aura from Damocles, the four obeyed.

“. . . . . .Understood. Seize it, 『Jabberwock』!”

“Tsk. . . . . .Pierce through, 『Headsman』.”

“Come, 『Gryphon』!!”

“Come forth, 『Marcosias』!!”

The four then positioned themselves at a distance.

Damocles nodded with satisfaction.

“Hmm, hmm. You’ve all grown well!! Even the newcomer girl is quite something!! Now, let me show you the true power of a Summoned beast and its summoner. . . . . .!!”

Titan prepared itself, and so did Damocles.

Then, Damocles raised his left hand.



The next moment, Titan shone brightly, merging with Damocles.

Damocles grew over three meters tall, his skin turning green, and his missing right arm regenerated.

His facial expression changed. However. . . . . .there was still a trace of Damocles’ original appearance.

On his right arm, a battered plate armor was equipped.

“Wha. . . . . .No way. . . . . .is it a Parasitic type?!”

Damocles merged with Titan.

Only his right arm became incredibly muscular.

Damocles spoke in the same voice as before.

“No, no, no. It’s not a Parasitic type!! This is the summoner’s ultimate tactic, the ultimate form where the summoner and the summoned beast become one. Its name is 『Fusion』! The reason why the twenty-one summoners are said to be the strongest is because they possess this form! Hahaha!”

As usual.

But, the pressure was overwhelmingly intense.

Even Kid was sweating profusely, with trembling hands.

Both Ashe and Lapis were overwhelmed.

That’s how powerful Damocles was when he fused with the Summoned beast.

“Now, shall we have a light match?! Bring it on!”

“━━I’m coming!!”


Only Albero could move.

With his right arm enlarged, he ran towards Damocles.

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