The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 224

𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐞 𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧

Shin was touched.

The souls of Shin and Queen of Hearts have 『halted』.

Albero’s right hand indeed reached Shin.

And then, with his right eye, he captured the invisible 『soul』. A flickering flame, mixed with blue and white.

It has come to a complete stop. Albero manipulates it with his fingers.

“━━I can do it.”

Crackling, sparking, snapping.

The mingled souls began to separate━━but.


Boom! Albero’s right hand exploded. Disappeared up to the elbow.

There was no pain. However, he was shocked that his right arm disappeared.

Moreover━━Shin, who should have been halted, her left eye shined.



Shin’s face, looking like a mask in a state of Total Assimilation, began to split at the mouth.

The cracks appeared as if they were laughing.

She’s awakened. Albero was sure of it.

『Good morning Jabberwock. . . . . .and, it’s been a while.』

“Queen of Hearts. . . . . .!!”

『Oh? Not Jabberwock. . . . . .Ah, the human vessel. Oh well, I’ve been watching from the outside for a bit. . . . . .You haven’t gotten my world yet? Seriously, Shin’s so slow.』

“Grrr. . . . . .”

Albero retreats.

His right arm regrows with a gurgling, watery sound.

It’s no longer Shin.

The souls of Shin and Queen couldn’t be separated. Instead, due to the interference with the 『halted』 soul, Queen’s soul consumed Shin’s, and Queen has fully awakened.


『Fufufu. . . . . .Shin, your body feels so good♪. . . . . .Sorry, but you’re not needed anymore. Now, I’ll get my world, create my paradise. Ahh. . . . . .a world with color is so wonderful. It’s fitting for a 『queen』 like me!!』

“Queen. . . . . .you.”

『Jabberwock. You have that world, and this world is mine. Isn’t that fine? There’s no need to fight anymore. A king and queen existing in the same world is strange. Surely, I was born to rule this 『world with color』!!』

Queen was excited.

She sealed Shin’s consciousness and took over her body.

Originally, the extracted soul was meant to be sent to 『that world』. But. . . . . .that plan fell apart.

“You’re the queen? Don’t make me laugh.”


“Your world?. . . . . .Wrong. This is our human world!! A world where humans and Summoned beasts live together!!”

『That’s why I said I’ll reign as queen.』

“I don’t need it. . . . . .What are you going to do with the people of this world?”

『Erase them. Because I don’t need them. This place is just for me and the Summoned beasts.』

“. . . . . .I knew talking wouldn’t work.”

Albero enlarges his right hand again.

And then━━Queen spreads both her hands.

『This body is really something. Fufu. . . . . .Jabberwock and his vessel, let me first settle our old grudge.』

Crackling, arms sprout from the back of the Queen.

The tips had a peculiar shape. A hammer, a sphere, cards, and the blade of a guillotine.

What kind of image is it? But, undoubtedly, it’s directed at Jabberwock.

『Fufufu, 『Capricious Queen』 in her final form. 『Death penalty first, judgment later』. . . . . .Now, Jabberwock, witness our final battle. No. . . . . .Witness my beginning!!』

“. . . . . .”

Albero, with his right hand poised, murmured.

“I’ve always wondered.”

『. . . . . .?』

“『Total Assimilation』. . . . . .this form. I have transformed into Jabberwock’s appearance. Literally, my body has been eroded by the Summoned beast, resulting in this form. In other words. . . . . .this is the power of Jabberwock.”

『What are you talking about?』

“I’ve always thought so. And. . . . . .Mog was scared. Surely, there’s more to 『Total Assimilation』.”


Albero’s right fist clenched so hard it seemed it might shatter.

“I’ll prove it. With the human me, and the Summoned beast Jabberwock.”

Albero was convinced of the reason why Jabberwock. . . . . .why Mog was scared.

Probably, this is. . . . . .a power that risks life, a power of destruction.

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