The Villainess Who Died with a Grudge Against Everything Seems to Have Regressed, and Now She Will Live to Make the Butler Who Saved Her Happy – Chapter 23

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But…since her engagement to Prince Jared, Ojo-sama has gradually stopped smiling.

Her soft smile had been replaced by a stern expression that seemed to have no room for anything else, and her lovely lips, which had always spun songs and stories, had been replaced by exemplary topics such as politics and the kingdom’s history.

In those days, Ojo-sama seemed to be on edge all the time.

She made certain that she was worthy of being the Crown Prince’s fiancée and that she never acted inappropriately.

Ojo-sama no longer expresses her desires. Even when she looked at the girls dressed up walking around the city with interest, she quickly turned her gaze away and tried to get to other things to do.

She no longer tries to avoid her teacher’s lessons.

Ojo-sama, who used to try to sneak out of her room to play, doesn’t complain anymore, despite the fact that her schedule is almost always full.

“Ojo-sama, aren’t you pushing yourself too hard? You’re always working so hard, you could use a little rest.”

“I’m the Crown Prince’s fiancée. I don’t have time to take a break.”

Ojo-sama’s face was tense as she said this.

I couldn’t say anything else because she said she didn’t want to take a break.

I leave Ojo-sama’s room with a heavy heart.

But…despite Ojo-sama’s efforts to be a suitable fiancée for the Crown Prince, Prince Jared disliked her.

He is unaware of the high nobility’s pressure on Ojo-sama, and he is unconcerned when he learns that the Queen’s education is crammed into an unreasonable schedule.

Even when Ojo-sama was being talked about behind her back by the mean noble ladies who were always giving her a hard time and saying that she was not pretty, the prince only listened and laughed along with them.

The problem is that when the prince is in a good mood, he walks with Ojo-sama and compliments her on her beauty, despite the fact that he is completely uninterested in her.

“Sylas, today Jared-sama complimented me on how lovely my peachy hair is.”

As she looks in the mirror in her room, Ojo-sama says with a smile. However, her smile looks somewhat distorted.

“That’s encouraging.”

“Yes, You wouldn’t call a girl “lovely” if you didn’t think she was lovely, would you? Jared-sama seems to like me a lot, doesn’t he?”

“…I’m certain he does, because His Highness Jared is Ojo-sama’s fiancée.”

Ojo-sama exhaled a sigh of relief when I replied.

“Right, I’m Jared-sama’s fiancee…she can’t possibly think of Camilia…”

As she looks into the mirror, Ojo-sama mumbles to herself.

Prince Jared was concerned about Camilia, a young lady who had been invited to the palace as a saint.

The prince follows Camilia wherever she goes, and at parties, he stands next to her and extols her wonderful qualities to those around him.

It’s not surprising that those who didn’t know what was going on thought the saint was the prince’s fiancée.

Ojo-sama’s mouth tightened whenever she saw them, as if she was trying to endure.

I was frustrated because I couldn’t do anything. I wished the prince had been someone who had considered Ojo-sama first. Then she wouldn’t have had to go through as much pain.

No matter how badly Prince Jared treated her, Ojo-sama would never give up on him.

“I-I’m Jared-sama’s fiancee…”

When she saw Prince Jared and Camilia together, Ojo-sama used to mutter something similar. She appeared to be on the verge of crying and struggled mightily to keep it together.

“I’m sure you’re tired, Ojo-sama.” Why don’t we go into town today and get Ojo-sama’s favorite cake?”

I said to Ojo-sama, who was looking down, hoping to make her feel better.

“No, I’m not going to. If I have time to visit the town, I’d rather get back to work on my studies.”

Ojo-sama said this casually, reminding me that what Ojo-sama needs is not my encouragement, but Prince Jared’s attention.

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