The Villainess Who Died with a Grudge Against Everything Seems to Have Regressed, and Now She Will Live to Make the Butler Who Saved Her Happy – Chapter 20

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One day, Ojo-sama gave me a start.

Ojo-sama, who had been so preoccupied with Prince Jared that she didn’t seem to notice other people.

When I heard at the palace that the prince had broken off Ojo-sama’s engagement, I was concerned about what would happen to her.

She had to be in a lot of pain and depression. I dashed to find her, but all I saw was Ojo-sama with a big smile on her face.

“I’m going to spend this life repaying you!”

Ojo-sama stated this with a clear face.

Ojo-sama kept talking about “repaying”, how strange it was, and how she was going to “repay” me?

In my opinion, she doesn’t owe me anything.

On the other hand, I owe Ojo-sama a debt.

I couldn’t quite understand what was going on, but Ojo-sama has always been kind to me since then. She prepared sumptuous meals, tried to provide me with a nice room, and was always willing to give me whatever I desired.

I was perplexed because I had no reason to ask Ojo-sama to do such a thing.

Ojo-sama, who had never before looked at me, was always by my side, trying to please me.

Many times, I suspected that I was dreaming a convenient dream.

At the same time, I worried that she was becoming desperate as a result of the prince’s arrogance.

However, Ojo-sama was completely unclouded.

The second prince, who was arrogant, made a lot of unjustified accusations, but her smile stayed the same.

She didn’t appear to be pushing herself too hard…For some reason, Ojo-sama appears to be in a good mood afterward.

“Sylas. I’d like to make you happy.”

Ojo-sama laughed and looked brighter than usual. It’s tempting to cling to Ojo-sama’s words and fantasize about convenience.

Ojo-sama, the duke’s daughter, and I, a commoner, would never be a match.

The first time I had a strange feeling about Ojo-sama was when I was only nine years old. I had recently been hired by the duke’s family and was sitting depressed in a garden corner because I was being chastised for not doing my job properly.

My family ran a relatively large clothing store.

My brother was two years older than me, and all of my parents’ expectations were aimed at him.

Despite the fact that we were brothers, my parents were only interested in what my brother did and not in me.

One day, the head of a ducal family came to see our products.

Our shop also sells rare antiques and is frequently visited by nobles. Still, it’s not every day that a duke visits our shop, and my parents greeted him with a mix of nervousness and excitement.

Of course, he was taken to a special room and treated with the utmost respect.

My brother and I were invited into the special room of the shop to entertain the Duke. My parents were on either side of my brother the entire time, proudly introducing him.

All they gave me was a heads-up to be polite and not be rude to the Duke.

I carried out my responsibilities quietly, trying to conceal my sadness.

The Duke, on the other hand, saw me as a useful child, despite the fact that I was only pouring tea and introducing products as I had been taught.

On the way home, the duke turned to my parents and asked if the dark-brown-haired boy, me, could work as an apprentice for the dukes.

My parents were clearly dissatisfied that I had been chosen over their favorite first-born son.

However, they must have weighed the benefits of being associated with the ducal family more heavily.

Their expressions immediately relaxed, and they agreed.

Meanwhile, I was never asked for my opinion.

I was only nine years old at the time, and I was terrified of leaving home to work in a foreign environment, in a world far away from home.

My parents, on the other hand, paid no attention to my feelings.

I stayed at the house for a while before moving in and working for the Dukes.

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