The Villainess Who Died with a Grudge Against Everything Seems to Have Regressed, and Now She Will Live to Make the Butler Who Saved Her Happy – Chapter 19

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We made it safely back from the palace, but the hardest part was yet to come.

“How are you, Evelina? Why don’t we talk over a cup of tea every now and then? I have some excellent tea leaves.”

“Well, Father, I’m supposed to have tea with Sylas today, so I’ll abstain.”

“Well, that’s unfortunate. However, it is also critical to improve your interactions with your servants. Please keep up the good work.”


My father’s attitude had changed a lot since the day I was called to the royal palace.

Apparently, the people had received me very favorably because of what Milius had said during the unrest at the palace.

In their eyes, I am “the lady who was wrongfully accused but faithful to her love.”

The uproar accelerated the widespread support for me and Sylas that had been building up until that point, particularly among the ladies. We are now being stared at everywhere we go.

My father’s attitude has likely shifted as a result of Prince Milius’s visiting our home more frequently.

Milius’ attitude has shifted; he now frequently visits our home and leaves letters and gifts.

I’m glad he’s become friendlier, but I’m even more perplexed.

When Milius came and didn’t want to leave, Sylas always stayed behind me. Perhaps he is afraid that he will hurt me again because of his previous behavior.

I told him he didn’t have to be concerned about me now that Milius didn’t despise me so much. “I can’t leave you two alone,” Sylas said firmly, looking at me as if he wanted to say something.

When I asked him why, he didn’t say anything.

Yes, and I heard that the king severely reprimanded Prince Jared and Camilia after that.

While the King was away on a trip, it appears that Prince Jared made the call on his own.

When the king learned of the incident, he was furious and summoned Prince Jared and Camilia to re-examine the assassination attempt as well as the accusations that I had bullied Camilia in the past.

When it became clear that I had done nothing wrong, the king decided to dethrone Prince Jared and send him to the border, accompanied by Camilia.

Both the prince and Camilia appear to have put up a lot of resistance, but the king is said to have refused to listen.

It was amusing to picture the prince and Camilia in a frenzy.

By the way, I was summoned to the royal palace, and the king personally apologized for this incident.

As for the mastermind behind the assassination attempt on Camilia, it was, as expected, the duke’s son. The perpetrators plotted the assassination on his orders and named me as the culprit.

My brother and he were both friends and rivals (both are next Dukes), so his competitive spirit must have gone awry.

It looks like he wanted to make me, the sister, a sinner in order to weaken the family’s authority. Now that the duke’s son has been caught, I don’t think he will try to mess with me again.

I am relieved, but I am not too happy about it.

“I received a letter from your friend, Ojo-sama.”

“Oh, thank you so much. It’s just in time. I had something I wanted to tell you.”

I had finally found some time in my hectic schedule and was taking a break in my room when Sylas entered with a letter, and I ran to him with a smile. Sylas squinted and tilted his head.

“What is it? Ojo-sama.”

“Listen, I think I was able to obtain my father’s approval for our marriage!”

When I tell him this, the normally cheerful Sylas becomes troubled.

“Ojo-sama, I told you that you didn’t have to do that!”

“But now my father is thinking about it, you know? He was initially opposed, but when I told him that if he didn’t approve, I would leave home and become a commoner, he became very concerned.

Lately, I’ve been remarking that it might be a good idea for “one of your children to marry out of the ordinary.”

“Don’t do that, Ojo-sama! You shouldn’t annoy the Master by saying such a thing!”

I told him that it was fine and that I, too, wanted to marry Sylas, but Sylas just looked puzzled and upset.

Looking at that face makes me feel a little lonely.

“Am I bothering you?”


“Did I overdo it? I assumed Sylas would be pleased with me.”

Looking at Silas’ perplexed expression, I began to worry that I was doing something wrong.

Sylas had said he liked me, but perhaps he didn’t want to go through the trouble of marrying a duchess just to be with me.

If that’s the case, I feel like a fool for being so happy by myself.

Just as I’m about to break down, I hastily shake my head.

It makes no difference.

I’ve decided to live this life for Sylas, not for myself. Any future will suffice as long as Sylas is happy.

I manage to smile in order to get rid of my sadness.

Suddenly, he grabs my arm and hugs me.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to give that look to Ojo-sama.”

Sylas hugs me tightly and says,

“I’m sorry. I was simply concerned that my selfish desire would limit your future.”

“What are you talki…”

“However, every time Ojo-sama received a new marriage proposal, I felt uneasy…I didn’t want to give Ojo-sama to anyone.”

Is Sylas attempting to answer yes? I can feel his heartbeat quickening in his chest, which is so close to mine.

Sylas pulls away and grabs my shoulders, as if he’s made up his mind.

“Ojo-sama, will you marry me?!”

I’ve heard these words before. But it didn’t sound like a test this time. Sylas just stared at me, serious and unwavering.

Without hesitation, I nodded.

“Yes! Of course! With pleasure!”

Sylas’ face, which had been fixed on me, relaxed as I replied.

“Ojo-sama, I…”

“I will definitely make you happy, Sylas!”

“…thank you, but isn’t it usually the other way around? I want to make Ojo-sama happy.”

“Really? Then let’s make each other happy! I’ll be counting on you.”

When I said that, Silas laughed funnyly.

“Ojo-sama, leave it to me!”

I felt a tingle in my chest and a smile spread across my face.

I’m not sure why I’m so much happier now than I was when my engagement to Prince Jared was announced.

It wasn’t until that point that I realized what I really desired was a future like this.

~The End~

There are still 7 chapters left, but they are from Sylas’ point of view

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