The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 61

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 61

Chapter 61: The villainess princess arrives there

Miliaria was thrilled, but her mind was surprisingly calm.

Dark was a threat, but it was also exhilarating to disrupt his attack pattern.

She surrounded Dark with iron balls and fired them all at once.

Bullet-shattered cobblestones bounced around, but they didn’t cause much damage to Dark.

However, it was enough to scatter the bullets at the start of the attack and break his rhythm.

Dark was squinting in annoyance, but also strangely intrigued.

“What is this attack… I’ve never seen anything like it…”

“It’s a demonstration of my transfer technique! I’m just throwing small stones!”

“But this power… If it were used on a monster around here, it would die instantly, wouldn’t it?”

“The drawback is that I can’t control the strength. It’s like a peashooter against someone like you.”

The bullets were powerful, but they couldn’t inflict fatal wounds on opponents with a certain defense power.

This fact hasn’t changed, but Miliaria didn’t want to close the door on this amazing armament.

“However, I’m still working on a solution for its power. Shall I show you?


Miliaria used spiritual art to draw one iron ball to her and wrap it in energy.

In the advanced course of the black carpet, Miliaria aimed the iron ball arranged in a cylinder shape at Dark and transferred it, overlapping it with another iron ball enveloped in energy.

“Dark spiritual art Dark Barrel… I guess you could call it making the stones bigger?”

Along with the intense light, it shot out.


Dark quickly dodged, but the aura scattered by the shockwave, and the iron ball that slipped past him crushed the chair that Dark was sitting on.

The momentum didn’t stop, and the iron ball embedded itself invisibly deep in the wall.

Even Miliaria was stunned by the foolish power that exceeded her expectations.

“…Well, the strategy of trying to shoot something big… seems to have worked.”

“Don’t do anything terrible! What was that power just now! The speed hasn’t changed since the little pebble!

“I’m not sure about that part!”

However, Miliaria nodded deeply, saying that this seems to be usable after all.

She would incorporate this experimental result into her new reinforcement plan.

However, the unfortunate reality was that the fired iron ball was now beyond repair.

The beautifully crafted iron ball was now nothing but pieces and scraps of iron.

“It’s a shame to lose one of the cannon ports… Ugh, my beloved iron ball.”

The damage to Miliaria’s heart was great as it was a treasured item, but she had to focus on the Dark in front of her.

Any moment of distraction could result in death.

Dark no longer seemed to be underestimating her.

For some reason, Miliaria could sense it. Perhaps it was because it was a spirit.

“Ha ha… fascinating!”

“Yes! This is the best!”

“Well, what are you going to do about this!”

Dark hovered in the sky and shrank.

Miliaria maintained a safe distance, prepared for Dark’s next move, knowing that this waiting stance signaled a wide-ranging attack.

She calculated the timing and dodged the shock wave that radiated from the ground, and then the three-strike attack from the black scythe followed.

“…This is so f**king haywire!”

The scythe’s movement was almost seamless, as if it was skipping frames.

However, Miliaria stepped into the scythe’s range during its attack, a seemingly dangerous move that was actually the only safe area.

She skillfully navigated through the blades aimed at her head, and struck with her fan.


It was a hit.

Dark, slightly staggered, immediately began to spin and create a black power field that started to suck in everything around it.

Being drawn into this suction would result in minor damage and paralysis for a certain amount of time.

So, Miliaria focused her spirit and pushed forward at the moment she felt the suction, releasing it.


This state could be broken by striking with spiritual art.

Since damage wouldn’t penetrate an invincible state, even the weakest attack would suffice.

“Gu! Oooh!”

Then, Miliaria faced the black slicing attack that came after the release head-on.

“Fan technique・Dark Night Moon…”

Dark Night Moon combined dark spiritual power and opened a hole in the void with one blow.

Miliaria released the technique, which had a short range due to its nature, aimed at the Dark that was jumping out.

The Dark that was rushing forward could no longer stop.

In other words, this was a decisive chance to deal damage.


“…I received it!”

Dark, flustered, was pushed to the brink of death by the Darkness Wave from Miliaria’s attack.

Miliaria didn’t miss the opportunity and used her fan to unleash her strongest secret technique.

“This is the end!”

This technique was the result of all of Miliaria’s hard work, the culmination of mastering both techniques and spiritual arts.

It represented her greatest power and ultimate beauty, a tribute to her ideals.

Like a flower, like a bird, like the wind, and like the moon.

Miliaria focused her spiritual power into her fan and released the technique.

“Final Secret Technique: Flower-Bird-Wind-Moon!”


In the moment of impact, Dark was swallowed up by the black flash and Miliaria was left standing.

“Fufufu…Alright!…Victory! That’s it!”

Miliaria covered her mouth with a fan, hiding a satisfied smile.

“Well done.”

However, Miliaria’s victory was short-lived as Dark, who should have fallen, gently floated back up.

“That didn’t knock you over? You’re joking, right?”

Miliaria’s Flower-Bird-Wind-Moon was a devastating blow and a fatal amount of damage according to the game.

But Dark’s expression was one of amusement, as if laughing at Miliaria.

“…Wonderful. But you can’t beat me.”

“Really… why is that?”

“It’s simple. Because the source of your power is darkness.”

“What is that, nonsense.”

Miliaria thought it was a lie, but as Dark stated, its body, which should have been broken, rapidly returned to its original form.

Miliaria was completely taken aback by this unexpected turn of events.

She stood silently, watching as Dark didn’t attack either.

Dark’s voice, directed towards Miliaria, gradually became forgiving.

“I’m surprised that there’s someone who’s so beloved by the darkness. But I, who am a spirit god of darkness, can’t win.”

“… “

Miliaria was left speechless.

“I will acknowledge your strength, but… give up on defeating me.”

The darkness released by Dark was indeed massive, and Miliaria felt it intensely because of her dark nature.

But even in the face of that power, Miliaria couldn’t help but smile.

“Well… I know you’re powerful.”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

Such exchanges were unknown. From now on, it was a matter of Miliaria’s own instincts.

Miliaria spoke to Dark about what she felt as they stood face to face.

“But you know what? I’m going to return the sentiment to you. You can no longer defeat me, can you?”


“Because I am——[not alone].”

As soon as Miliaria said that, a massive darkness opened its jaws.

The people who were connected to Miliaria.

Those who were watching Miliaria from somewhere else, not here.

Their strong thoughts coincidentally converged at the point known as Miliaria.

The memories of those who were connected flowed into Miliaria, but that was just a side effect.

Miliaria now realized that what was flowing into her was not just memories, but something more.

“Do you know? The source of spiritual power is thought… the power of people’s emotions. It’s well known that the power of one person is limited… but when they are connected and combined, that’s why it increases.”

“What are you trying to say…?”

As she became aware of it, her control was lost and the murky thoughts flowed into Miliaria like a turbulent stream.

The villainess may be hated, but at the same time, she is considered indispensable.

These are not indifferent emotions, but complex and intense emotions——this is, if I may say so, love.

It’s a bit distorted for a world that has love as its theme, but that’s why it’s suitable for Miliaria.

For the first time, Miliaria converted these intense emotions into her own power.

“Amazing! Ah… such a massive outpouring of black love—I feel like I could swallow it even in the depths of darkness now.”


For the first time since its creation, Dark was afraid.

Even though it was known as a spirit god, its true identity was simply the strongest spirit among the spirits of darkness.

But Dark, as the spirit god of darkness, could feel the immense power that flowed from Miliaria all the way to the core of his being.

When two powers of the same nature collide, there is no other outcome but for the weaker power to be consumed by the stronger one and disappear.

Ah, the girl was indeed not alone.

The only one who was truly alone was——.

“Well, this time it’s finally over! Let’s summon the people who are connected to me like this. The Miliaria-chan fan club [Deep Lovers.]!”

“…Isn’t the name kinda heavy?!”

Miliaria swung her fan in response to Dark’s teasing.

The darkness that consumes everything, including Dark, was a deeper and darker abyss that extended infinitely, even darker than the darkness of the gods.

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