The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 60

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 60

Chapter 60: The villainess princess Confronts

[I usually hate Miliaria. But she’s so pitiful against the protagonists.]

[No, no, it’s good to have a strong villainess so the protagonists can truly shine. It’s essential.]

[It’s fine as long as she beats them up. More than that, the issue is whether the target of the conquest can be accomplished or not.]

[The game is enjoyable. To be honest, the narrative doesn’t matter.]

Who are these people?

There were hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the shadows.

They are watching Miliaria and this world.

Miliaria is linked to them, and until now, they certainly have been watching Miliaria.

And now, the girl named Miliaria knows.

From behind the thin board partition, she feels intense, scorching, and numbing passion aimed at her.

Most of the emotions directed at her are close to hatred, but it’s not one-sided. At the root of it all is just a tumultuous surge of feelings.

And then——


Miliaria opened her eyes.

Apparently, she lost consciousness for a moment from a powerful strike.

Her entire body aches, but her head hurts especially badly.

But more than that, when she comprehended her long-lost “friends”, she was filled with a mixture of anger and joy that threatened to drive her mad.


But now, she is in the midst of a fierce battle. Miliaria exhaled a hot breath.

And Miliaria, who had come back to her senses, drank the ultimate potion as if she were on the brink of death and threw the empty bottle to the ground, smashing it, and covered her mouth with a fan.

This is when Miliaria’s elegance was established.

Her tattered clothing was neatly mended with dark magic.

Since it was a rare opportunity, she decided to take advantage of it and create a chic, mature dress.

Ignoring the pain that was coursing through her body, Miliaria stood in front of Dark once again.

“Why are you still standing…!”

“Why? What are you talking about? This is just the beginning. I would have died if not for you.”

Dark, the dark spirit god, began the battle with a special attack that reduced Miliaria’s HP to 1, followed by an unavoidable spiritual art for the finishing blow.

But Miliaria was well aware of this pattern.

It’s like a one-hit KO in player terms and there’s no way to escape.

Normally, there’s nothing to do but hope that the attack doesn’t come, but Miliaria couldn’t rely on that a second time.

However, there was no guarantee that the first attack pattern wouldn’t occur.

So, Miliaria devised a strategy.

“It hurt so much that I thought I was going to die. But let’s not complain because it worked out well.”

Miliaria thrust the fan at Dark with a satisfied smile on her face, showing off the success of her plan.

“Your technique is certainly impressive… but I have this.”

And she proudly pointed to the shining Black Diamond on her chest.

“…A gem?”

“Yes! When equipped with the Black Diamond, my life force will recover slightly when I receive an attack of the dark attribute, which is my specialty, in spiritual arts!”

In this case, it was about 10% of the total HP from the moment HP became 1.

The recovery was minimal, but before Miliaria received the wave attack, her HP had already recovered from 1.

However, it was precisely because of this explanation that Dark was not satisfied.

“That’s absurd!! There’s no way you can survive my spiritual art with just that! What did you do?!”

“No matter what you say, I was only able to endure your attack thanks to a slight recovery of my life force. If I wasn’t killed instantly, I would have had time to recover.”

There’s no denying that it was a risk whether it would work or not.

But Miliaria persevered.

However, Dark did not believe it at all, despite the fact that it was a good opportunity to showcase her abilities.

“How could a human mimic a monster like that!”

“How pitiful.”

In response to Dark’s seriously annoyed words, Miliaria nodded as if in agreement, showing a hint of sarcasm.

“Well, that’s true. Even if a human trains to the limit, it’s impossible if they’re just human. But… I did my best. I underwent body modification to withstand your attack.”

“B-Body modification? What’s that?”

In front of the frightened Dark, Miliaria spun around, showing off.

“Hmph… are you curious? You’re curious, aren’t you? Good! I’ll tell you especially! The secret is this!”

Miliaria took out a glass bottle filled with a brown liquid from her bag, and Dark’s expression twisted.

“That’s…bad juice!”

“Oh! Did you know? That’s right! I drank all the colors: black, white, red, blue, brown, green!”

“You drank that…ugh.”

Please stop making a face that looks genuinely shocking.

Every morning, Miliaria’s routine flashed through her mind, and she lightly stamped her foot.

“You’re being rude! This is what defeated your attack!”

“…With bad juice?”

Dark, who was genuinely puzzled because he didn’t understand, seemed to be unaware of the effects of this juice.

“What? You don’t know? If you don’t know, let me tell you… about this bad juice.”

Miliaria showed off the greatest effect that she had wanted to mention but couldn’t until now.

“It increases the basic points of parameters by one!”

That’s right.

This bad juice is the ultimate item when it comes to grinding elements in the last dungeon and can be considered the ultimate item in combat.

Each color of bad juice corresponds to various parameters and increases the basic points.

In the end, it can be said that it is the final gimmick to push their favorite character to become the strongest existence in that world.

Collecting those low-chance falling materials was incredibly difficult.

Miliaria relied on black coffee every day, cutting down on sleep time, hunting monsters, and continuously drinking the nasty juice.

She endured the fact that she was about to reverse every morning only with the courage of a maiden, and she became used to drinking it to the point of “Can I drink it?” This shows what a great thing a human is.

If she didn’t have to do this, she should have arrived here earlier.

But she finished everything perfectly because Miliaria knew.

She can’t escape from the final boss. If she challenges the dark spirit god, she might die, as expected.

Honestly, she only believed in the existence of parameters until now, so she believed it, but she couldn’t believe it enough to challenge it under the premise of being chased to the brink of death.

“Yes… It’s all because of the knowledge of memories. Even if I say it, you won’t understand, but I’m not alone.”

Finally, the one who gave Miliaria a push from behind was the game’s heroine, Lyra.

Can Miliaria reach her ideal form? To find the answer, she knew there was no other option but to come here.

At least, her appearance, uncertain and hesitant, was far from Miliaria’s ideal.

“Well… I have overcome the worst. The real fight begins now!”

Her ammunition was sufficient, and both her mental and physical power were overflowing.

The fact that she was able to overcome Dark’s attack proved that she had a sufficient understanding of parameters to believe in them.

There was no better situation than this. With a final push, Miliaria took out some medicine from her carry-bag and consumed two, then slammed the bottle on the floor.

The defense and attack enhancement buffs were also activated.

Now, she held nothing back. With surging power, Miliaria surged with adrenaline.

“Come on! Let’s give this Milialia the acknowledgement she deserves! Then we’ll talk!”

“I see… indeed, you’re not just a normal human.”

Dark chuckled and once again adopted a fighting stance, appearing slightly entertained.

“Very well! I’ll indulge you! Demonstrate your might, Miliaria!”

The intense pressure of Dark’s solemn dark spirit power overflowed and was truly awe-inspiring.

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