The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 58

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 58

Chapter 58: The villainess princess arrives

Miliaria reappeared in her room through teleportation and took a seat in her favorite chair, feeling content.

“Wasn’t I just amazing?” she thought to herself, patting herself on the back.

As she was still basking in her own glory, Mary rushed into the room.

“Miliaria-sama, please don’t teleport so suddenly!”

“Oh, Mary? It’s okay, I just wanted to showcase my sisterly dignity.”

“Why do you need teleportation for that… Oh, did you run into someone? Did something happen?”

Mary appeared taken aback, but whether Miliaria’s encounter with Lyra was intentional or not, she chose to remain tight-lipped.

“I didn’t do anything big. I just happened to bump into someone and wanted to make a grand impression. I just want to be called ‘Onee-chan is amazing!’,” Miliaria chuckled.

For some reason, this made Mary pale and tear up.

“You have become so carefree… Princess… Mary was moved without realizing it.”

“What was touching in the conversation?”

Mary’s behavior seems odd, but Miliaria is pleased to see Lyra at this moment.

As she looks at Lyra, Miliaria realizes that she liked her.

However, that’s all there is to it.

That night, Miliaria sets off through the dungeon with more determination than usual.

Taking her time, she has finally reached this point.

At the door she has arrived at, Miliaria takes a deep breath.

Fifty floors below the surface.

This is one of the final destinations in the dungeon that Miliaria has been working towards.

“The sealing ground of the dark spirit god, Dark… I feel like I have taken too much time preparing, but I am ready now.”

Today, as she sees Lyra, Miliaria feels that she likes her character, but also feels a sense of disappointment.

The intense longing or attachment that she expected to feel was not there.

Miliaria is honestly puzzled by this sense of imbalance.

But upon reflection, she realizes that she has felt a similar sense of something missing with the conquest characters she had met so far.

Thinking about it, it’s a simple matter.

Certainly, Miliaria relishes the love game “Concerto of the Light Princess.”

However, if there was one place that Miliaria yearned for more than anything else, it was not the moments of enjoyment in love.

Miliaria recalls.

“Yes… what I longed for was the finale. Their overpowering appearance after making it through was truly exhilarating.”

The time and effort that went into completing them was a work of excellence.

If they were companions who had journeyed together through the muddy conflict and irresistible fate, they should be able to easily overcome it with such an overpowering performance.

Miliaria could not help but seek that strength, even though the strongest adversary in the game was nothing.

However, the current characters are, of course, not the strongest characters Miliaria knows.

“I don’t know what will happen from now on, and I’ve been neglecting it and just leisurely playing… I may have unconsciously been afraid.”

Even now, Miliaria was surprised at herself.

So, in order to shake off this unsightly self, Miliaria opens the door without hesitation.

The sealed door opens easily, and a thick aura of darkness spills out.

“Hello. Dark spirit god. Are you there?”

The darkness answered Miliaria’s question.

“…Who are you? Who is disturbing my slumber?”

The presence that should be there was there, and Miliaria wore the widest smile since her birth.

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