The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 34

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: The villainess princess is acknowledged

Despite her victory, Miliaria couldn’t shake the feeling of unease in her heart.

“Finally, I’ve come across an opponent that I can’t defeat with my consecutive teleport shots. I’ll need to use spiritual arts if I want to defeat it properly.”

While using cheats was an easy way to level up, it was a shame.

So, she had reached a stage where she needed to hone her abilities without relying on shortcuts.

Although it was exhilarating, the overwhelming sense of power she felt while fighting was a little concerning.

There were still many things she didn’t understand, with the biggest mystery being Miliaria herself.

“Maybe I need to think harder. Anyway, I need to train my abilities in general. Since my teleport has evolved, I need to find a way to rapidly increase my parameters.”

As Miliaria pondered what would be convenient for her, she suddenly remembered something important.

“! That’s right!”

She rang a bell with a crisp sound, calling out, “Mary! Mary! Come here for a moment!”

“Y-Yes! What is it, Ojo-sama!”

“I’m going to the blacksmith’s now. Follow me!”

Mary’s eyes widened in surprise as she prepared to leave.

“Eeh! No! You disappeared for three days and now you want to go?!”

“I’ll make it up later. I need to go order something there.”

“In that case, I’ll go! Just tell me what you need!”

“No, I’ll place the order myself. I’m going to climb the ladder, so come with me.”


Miliaria apologized to Mary as she couldn’t avoid going once she had realized what she needed to do.

And this was something she couldn’t trust to anyone else.

So, she rushed to the blacksmith’s shop.

Of course, her goal was to have the item she obtained processed into a weapon.

“Process this into a weapon!”

Arnold, the weapon maker, was taken aback when he saw the spirit steel Miliaria handed over.

“Ojo-chan… where did you get this?”

“It’s a trade secret!”

Arnold lifted the spirit steel with a shaky hand and took a deep breath before nodding.

“Yes, that’s right. It’s not easy to find the source of this material. But turning it into a weapon… that’s impossible.”

“…Why is that?”

Why was he suddenly saying it was impossible? They had been able to do it normally in the game.

“To process spirit steel… it must choose you. The spirit steel has its own will and changes form for its chosen owner. Even if you pay for it, it’s just a rock without that recognition.”

“I see…”

Miliaria was impressed by the secret of special weapons.

But she had no idea how to be recognized by the spirit steel.

“How do I get recognized?”

When Miliaria asked, Arnold scratched his head and shook it sideways.

“…I don’t know. Some say it’s a chosen bloodline, some say it’s the quality of one’s soul. But those who wield spirit steel weapons possess the necessary abilities.”

It was a vague explanation.

Miliaria tilted her head in confusion.

“How do I know if I’m recognized?”

“It’s said that when the spirit steel recognizes you, it will emit a faint glow.”

“Hm? It glows?”

Miliaria remembered that the spirit steel should have been glowing a little, but it wasn’t shining anymore.

She grabbed the spirit steel, and it immediately began to glow.

“It’s glowing, right?”


Please don’t come closer with wide, bloodshot eyes.

Miliaria pushed away the dwarf who was approaching with an iron fan.

“What’s going on? Am I recognized?”

“…Ha ha. Amazing, really. What are you, Jo-chan?”

“I’m just a naive, beautiful girl.”

Miliaria showed Arnold, who was surprised, a face that she didn’t fully understand.

If the conditions were met, it was fine. She could request the weapon now.

“…I, I see. But it’s possible. It seems like you’ve been firmly chosen, Ojo-chan. One more thing, okay?”

“What is it?”

“You must use a weapon that fits your hand as the base material.”

The first thing that came to mind was the iron ball that she always kept floating beside her.

“A weapon… Oh, that iron ball.”

“An iron ball? That’s a bit harsh. I mean, is an iron ball even considered a weapon?”

“It’s great, but… I don’t think it feels like it fits in my hand.”

It was definitely a magic attack, but that was all.

So, Miliaria next looked at the iron fan in her hand and offered it to Arnold.

“How about this?”

“Oh, an iron fan… Let me see.”

When the old man took the iron fan, he approached the spirit steel.

And, to Miliaria’s surprise, the spirit steel began to glow just as it had when she touched it.

So, this mineral was an easy-to-understand ore.

However, although she loved the iron fan, she had only used it a few times as a weapon and had gotten it at a discount.

“…This is it. Jo-chan… Are you sure you want to entrust this to me?”

Arnold’s eyes were burning with passion as he spoke.

So, there was no reason for Miliaria to hesitate.

“I said I would give you priority. If this iron fan can be reborn in your hands, it would be my hope.”

“Thank you. I’ll definitely make it into something great.”

“Oh, and I would like to place an urgent order for 10 more iron balls, like the ones I ordered before.”

“…Are you sure, Jo-chan? Isn’t levitation using spiritual art proportional to muscle strength? Don’t overdo it or you’ll end up looking like a small gorilla.”

“I-It’s fine, really! I want to improve my spiritual power so I can support the iron ball without building muscle! I don’t want it to be proportional!”

Miliaria believed that strength in parameters was not equal to muscle.

So she would not become a gorilla!

By the way, when it approached the iron ball, the spirit steel did not shine.

Apparently, it didn’t like it.

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