The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 30

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The villainess princess was in high spirits

The long and grueling battle had transformed Miliaria into a hunter of experience points.

She targeted the monster, charged forward, and took it down with ease.

Her movements had been optimized and even her weakest attack, the bat, had become accurate.

After repeating this process numerous times, she finally received a reward.

“He he he… here it is! Spirit steel!”

Miliaria’s eyes lit up with excitement.

The mineral in her hand had a strong vanilla scent, and for some reason, it seemed to emit a gentle glow.

“It’s not just my imagination, it’s actually shining a bit! This is amazing!”

Through her hard work and determination, the shine had become something special to Miliaria.

She rubbed her cheek unconsciously, feeling the cool sensation of the mineral in her hand.

“Still, the monsters in the dungeon seem to keep appearing from nowhere. Otherwise, they would eventually become extinct. It’s a mystery.”

No matter how many monsters she defeated, the seemingly endless supply of creatures was both helpful and eerie.

On the 15th floor, the monsters were even more powerful than before, so Miliaria had to be cautious.

“Metal Pudding is a very dangerous monster if you’re not prepared. You’ll face many challenges.”

However, the experience points she hunted with difficulty were worth it.

The newfound strength had allowed Miliaria to level up significantly from when she first started.

She decided to challenge the boss of the floor as a celebration of her achievement.

“Well, this is what an adventure is all about. It’s not always safe, you know.”

With her spirits high, Miliaria set out to search for the boss.

She had explored the floor so thoroughly that she had a good idea of where the boss might be hiding.

If she was careful with her positioning, she could reduce the risk of encountering the roaming boss. But if she stumbled upon it carelessly, it would surely be a fierce battle with a powerful enemy.

Miliaria waited at a strategic position, and suddenly, the boss emerged from the shadows with a metallic clang.

The monster, adorned in a giant suit of armor, glared at Miliaria with red eyes shining through the cracks in its rough helmet.


Even Miliaria felt a shiver run down her spine at the creepy aura emanating from the monster, which would have made her back off if she wasn’t feeling brave.

Nightmare Knight.

A knight-type monster capable of easily wielding a blunt sword that would be difficult for a human to handle with both hands.

Miliaria’s act of spreading out her fan and hiding her mouth behind it was a manifestation of her fear.

The pressure was immense, and if she hadn’t felt the “comforting presence” of her mother earlier, she might have fled.

“This is… quite intimidating. But the first strike wins!”

But no matter the enemy, this strategy remained the same.

Miliaria deployed all her iron balls, and thanks to her hard work, she still had enough bullets left for this cannonball battle.

She fired without hesitation from all five gun ports, and the Nightmare Knight crashed to the ground with sparks flying from its body.

“Did I do it?!”

Miliaria was confident in her unbeatable cheat strategy.

But as she watched the smoke rise and fill the air, she felt a vague sense of unease.

Maybe it was intuition born from leveling up.

Her unease proved to be well-founded.


The armor of the Nightmare Knight, emerging from the smoke, had withstood the barrage of shots.

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