The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 28

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: The villainess princess enters into a short-term intensive training

Miliaria, who had caught her breath, once again sagged at the recent unexpected events.

Not only were they not in the original story, but the previous changes had been a headache as well.

It could be said that she had been noticed by someone stronger than her at an early stage.

The queen, sensing something, could have had dire consequences.

She’s a queen before a parent and child, and if it was discovered that she had secretly entered the secret dungeon, Miliaria couldn’t predict the reaction she would receive.

Though she was probably being monitored, she would have to exercise even more caution from now on.

Miliaria put more effort into her plan than usual.

Fortunately, her schedule was free for the next three days after her trip.

So, she decided to use this time for a short-term intensive training and put all her energy into it.

“Well, I’ve finished my business… Mary, I’m going out for a bit.”

“What? Where are you going?”

Miliaria was met with suspicion, but she smiled and covered it up.

“Just for a little while! Please cover for me, Mary.”

“Oh! Ojo-sama!”

Miliaria’s vision changed in an instant.

This was before entering the last dungeon, which she had reached through teleportation spell.

As expected, teleportation was dependent on level, so it would be more convenient to use in the future.

“Well, well. It seems that various checks are necessary.”

In any case, she had to raise her level to be safe, no matter what.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to resist her fate in the game, which was either execution or exile.

“I don’t know how far I can go… but if I at least raise my level, I should be able to handle anything! The short-term intensive training begins!”

Miliaria had realized for a while that it was inefficient to sneak around every night for a short time.

She had wanted to do it someday, but if she could focus for a few days and level up, it would be a significant accomplishment in the game.

“I think… there was a good leveling spot on the 15th floor. Let’s raise our level and establish our fighting style there.”

Honestly, she had become capable of various things and had started to enjoy fighting.

Miliaria set out on her dungeon exploration, seeking maximum efficiency.

Now, the difference between the 15th floor and the others is that it houses monsters with high experience points that are ideal for leveling up.

“Metal Pudding…!”

The sweets-type monster, with a pudding-like face, was renowned for the amount of experience points it provided.

It was a rare monster with a low encounter rate, but defeating it was worth the effort.

However, there was another advantage to hunting this monster.

In “Concerto of the Light Princess,” the final weapon for the character was created by a blacksmith who traded items in the store.

And the Metal Pudding dropped the special metal material that could be used to make these weapons.

There were also the King Metal Pudding on the 35th floor and the Golden Metal Pudding on the 59th floor that dropped something, but they were even more difficult to come by.

If you were targeting items, it was standard practice to aim for the Metal Pudding because it was more efficient in terms of experience points and had a higher drop rate for items.

“Its name was Spirit Steel, wasn’t it? I don’t know if I can make my own exclusive equipment, but it’s definitely a superior ore.”

Miliaria didn’t form relationships in the game, so it was doubtful whether she could obtain the strongest exclusive equipment, but there was no denying that the metal was valuable.

She also had a friend who was a blacksmith, and even if it didn’t work out, it would be fun to have something made.

“Well, it’s a matter of rotations! Let’s do our best!”

A fire ignited in the memories of the gamer that always lived in a corner of Miliaria’s mind.

In any case, she had to start rotating around the 15th floor and defeating as many Metal Pudding as possible.

However, Miliaria still hasn’t realized the truth, that even in a game, the cycle of real-life work is nothing but a path of destruction.


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The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
The first princess of the Humming Kingdom, Princess Miliaria Humming, was struck by lightning and momentarily lost consciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, she realizes that she has been living in a world similar to a female-oriented love simulation RPG game called “Concerto of the Light Princess.” Moreover, she has a confusing recollection of being the final boss villainess who torments the heroine. Faced with the prospect of inevitable destruction if she continues down this path, Princess Miliaria decides to concentrate on the love simulation aspect and improve herself as a woman. However, upon further reflection, as there seems to be a death flag present, she decides to fully immerse herself in the RPG aspect. This tale tells the misguided story of a princess who strives for ultimate power in order to eradicate the death flag in a love simulation game.


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