The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 25

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The villainess princess meets the queen

She was like a divine light personified, and Miliaria would later testify to this.

It was not just a matter of heart.

Everyone who met her, including Miliaria, would say the same thing.

“…You have arrived, Miliaria.”

“…It’s been a while, Your Majesty the Queen.”

The audience room was filled with the presence of spirits, making it a very solemn and awe-inspiring place.

The light from the large stained glass windows shone down upon the queen sitting on her throne, as if blessing her, and the queen with her golden hair shone brightly as she looked upon Miliaria.

Her appearance was breathtakingly beautiful, but her expression was devoid of emotion.

A scrutinizing gaze from such a person would be a painful experience for any normal young girl.

But my mother, the queen, presented the greatest challenge.

“Relax. Hmm, I see… The presence of spirits is strong. It appears that the power you possess has been well-cultivated.”

“Yes… Thank you very much.”

Although she thanked her, Miliaria couldn’t relax in front of the queen.

But if she remained silent, the gaze would become even more painful.

So, while looking at the queen, Miliaria cautiously asked, “Uh… what brings me here this time?”

“Well, I received a message from Father. He thinks it would be best to see you in person.”

“From Oji-sama?!”

For Oji-sama to give direct advice to Okaa-sama was surprising.

Maybe he was annoyed because the monster from the hunt had been taken away.

Damn, Oji-sama. I won’t give you a bear’s paw again, Miliaria thought, filled with anger at the thought of her grandfather’s face.

Queen Crystania Humming, Miliaria’s mother, was said to be the queen loved by the most light spirits in history.

The queen stood from her throne and suddenly released a burst of strong light spirit power towards Miliaria.

The pressure was intense, and even the guards were overwhelmed.

But Miliaria met the queen’s gaze even in the face of the pressure.

She felt the pressure, but it was not unbearable. However, Miliaria couldn’t understand what the queen was thinking.

“…hmm. It’s true that you don’t look like a child.”


“Not Okaa-sama. Call me the Queen.”

“I’m sorry!”

Miliaria realized her mistake and quickly apologized.

As soon as she did, the pressure subsided, and the Queen appeared flustered and uncomfortable.

“Well… That’s alright. I heard you were excellent, but you seem to be growing up in a most intriguing way. How was the Horned Bear that you took down this time?”

In response to the Queen’s question, Miliaria could only answer with enthusiasm.

“Yes! It was delicious!”

To Miliaria’s surprise, the Queen’s eyes narrowed and she burst into laughter.

“Ha! Hahaha… So, it was delicious, was it? Eat well and grow well. By the way, I heard that the Horned Bear you defeated was a big one, three times larger than a normal one, and was already a powerful monster that had caused some damage. Did you know that?”

“Yes, it was big. But I didn’t realize it was that strong.”

“Is that so… But I heard from your escort knight that they didn’t have the power to take it down.”

“They’re too modest. If you use spiritual art properly, you can handle any opponent.”

In fact, Miliaria could have killed the Horned Bear instantly.

The level of the knights, although surpassing the maximum party number in the game, was enough to handle any monsters they encountered on the roads or in dungeons.

“Hmm… Well, that’s fine. Regardless of your modesty, I will award you as reported.”

But Miliaria was confused by the unexpected situation.

“An award?”

“Yes, that’s right. You can say whatever you like.”

While Miliaria was still in shock, her heart raced at the thought of the possibilities.

A great kitchen that she could use freely would probably be inappropriate.

Money would be safe, but she already received an allowance to do as she pleased.

Besides, she was already looking forward to converting her dungeon conquest items into money, so it was too impulsive to ask for cash in this situation.

Then, perhaps dresses or accessories…

As Miliaria thought about it, she had an idea.

Miliaria quickly lowered her head in respect and made her request.

“So… May I have a Black Diamond?”

“Oh. An accessory?”

“Yes. A Black Diamond. If possible, I would like to have one.”


The Queen appeared to be assessing the value, and Miliaria could sense a hint of disappointment in her gaze.

“…Alright. A Black Diamond. I’ll get you the highest quality one as soon as possible.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

“May I ask why you want one? Why a Black Diamond?”

The Queen asked with genuine curiosity, and Miliaria looked up.

There were several reasons, but for Miliaria, it was of great significance.

“Yes, you see… I believe I will need it in the future.”


“Because it’s an accessory that complements my dark hair. If it’s given by Your Majesty, the Queen, it would bring me the greatest happiness.”


The Queen’s eyes narrowed.

Miliaria’s response, which touched on her attributes, was delicate in a way that could not be considered disrespectful, but could also be seen as strange.

However, Miliaria continued without noticing the tension.

“I have a desire for beauty. But I have recently realized that pretending to be someone you are not is not the most beautiful thing. I only want the radiance that is suitable to adorn my beautiful life.”

The Queen was taken aback by Miliaria’s words, and her face softened with emotion.

“…Alright. I’ll look forward to observing your journey towards becoming even more beautiful.”

“Yes. I’m sure it will be an exciting journey.”

It was a powerful conversation, not between a parent and child, and the courtiers around them were all pale-faced throughout.


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The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
The first princess of the Humming Kingdom, Princess Miliaria Humming, was struck by lightning and momentarily lost consciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, she realizes that she has been living in a world similar to a female-oriented love simulation RPG game called “Concerto of the Light Princess.” Moreover, she has a confusing recollection of being the final boss villainess who torments the heroine. Faced with the prospect of inevitable destruction if she continues down this path, Princess Miliaria decides to concentrate on the love simulation aspect and improve herself as a woman. However, upon further reflection, as there seems to be a death flag present, she decides to fully immerse herself in the RPG aspect. This tale tells the misguided story of a princess who strives for ultimate power in order to eradicate the death flag in a love simulation game.


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