The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 24

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Behind the scenes of the villainess princess

Cymbal took a deep breath and addressed the two people he had summoned, the maid and the knight.

“Hey… you two. Miliaria… Isn’t that this kind of bad?”

“… It’s not bad.

“… It’s not bad.”

The maid and knight both shook their heads in unison.

Cymbal’s doubts persisted.

“Really? And what about this Mary person? Tell me what you think, I won’t be angry.”

When he directed his question specifically to the maid, Mary stiffened and replied.

“Um… well, Miliaria-sama, who used to have many challenging aspects, has recently become more energetic in her studies and is making appropriate progress as a princess…”

“Appropriate progress for a princess? In the past, Miliaria was selfish, but I felt like she was still more rational before… I mean, she was cute, wasn’t she? She didn’t have a sullen expression, she was cute and considerate. I definitely felt like she had grown. But what about her proficiency in spiritual arts?”

“I, I’ve heard that her progress in spiritual arts is nothing short of genius. Miliaria-sama has also mentioned that she are working especially hard in this area.”

“…Yeah. It seems like she is putting in a lot of effort. But, that is… is it okay to describe it as genius? We got lost in the forest, the hole? It’s not like a mole hole, right? The terrain changed, didn’t it? Are you teaching her or something with a lesson?”

Cymbal emphasized his tone on the crucial point, causing the maid’s gaze to finally wander.

“…I don’t think I’m teaching her.”

“Yeah, I suppose so. But it’s okay. Proficiency in spiritual arts is a requirement for the queen’s qualifications. My wife, my daughter, everyone knows they were amazing… But how can you defeat monsters so easily at that age? The remnants are crushed by strange flying things, or even stepped on… What’s going on? Remington?”

The grandchild, who wielded weapons he had never seen before and effortlessly slaughtered monsters with immense power, was cute but scary.

When Cymbal questioned the knight, he too seemed a bit perplexed.

“…Well, Miliaria-sama is learning how to wield all weapons and practicing self-defense techniques, but I’ve only heard that she has excellent physical strength.”

“Physical strength? Are you training her?”

“No… she is our deputy captain.”

“Your deputy captain, not the legendary hero, correct?”

“I, I don’t believe so.”

“Right? Then why did that happen to Milliaria? Don’t you know anything?”



It appeared that the knight was also in the dark about the secret behind Miliaria’s combat abilities.

But it wasn’t just her combat abilities that had changed, Miliaria was vastly different from the person Cymbal remembered.

Before, she was smart but had a mischievous childlike quality.

It wasn’t exactly a change, but she was still a cute granddaughter to look at and they shared many memories.

Her personality had changed as well… it wasn’t that her previous character was completely gone, but it was clear that something had made her brighter.

Cymbal rubbed his forehead.

“…That’s right, it feels like something triggered a change. There’s a brightness that feels like a big problem has been solved. That child is complicated. The queens of this country have always had strong light attributes. I thought she would struggle a lot in the future due to her birth attribute and position.”



“That’s why, even if I doted on her a little, I wanted to create a place for her… that’s what I thought. If she has grown both physically and mentally on her own… that’s wonderful.”


“As you say.”

Cymbal nodded firmly, expressing his thoughts.

“Mm. Miliaria must have put in a lot of effort. She made a weapon to compensate for her weaknesses. She even embraced darkness as an attribute and worked hard. If she has become capable of using such incredible spiritual arts as a result… that’s also wonderful, isn’t it?”

“As you say!”

“I completely agree!”

“But that power… what can I say… it’s crazy, right?”

“”It’s crazy.””

“You guys think so too, don’t you?!”

When Cymbal raised his voice, the maid and the knight both hung their heads with concerned expressions.

“I apologize! But proficiency in spiritual arts is not necessarily a bad thing!”

“But I don’t understand! Something that even well-rounded knights are criticized for?”

“…That’s… that’s true, but isn’t there a limit to these things? Don’t you really understand the reason?”

“…I don’t know.”

“… I have no idea.”

“Is there such a thing? I mean, she’s involved in something like an evil spell that alters humans, would you?”

“No, she wouldn’t!”

“What are you talking about!”

“Because it’s strange, isn’t it?”

The night was long for the adults.

The commotion from that day never died down.

Miliaria thought that after filling her mind with memories and returning to the castle, she would return to her normal daily life, but something unexpected happened as soon as she arrived home.

“What? Okaa-sama is calling? Why all of a sudden?”

“…Well, that’s… perhaps it’s because of this trip.”

“Oh. I have no idea, though?”

Mary sighed and shrugged at Miliaria’s puzzled question.

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