The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 21

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 21

Chapter 21:  The villainess princess picks up souvenirs

“…Ah, Miliaria-sama.”

A voice filled with despair, unlike any Mary had ever voiced before, lingered in her ears.

Again, Miliaria’s memories surged within her with a powerful force.

Horned Bear.

An intermediate-level monster, tough and strong, but lacking spiritual abilities.

Its meat was slightly tough, but flavorful, and it’s right paw was sweet, like honey.

Some fur collectors traded at high prices for its pelt, the value of which increased if it was undamaged and its horns were intact.

In other words, it was a prized trophy.

“Knights! Retreat for now! You mustn’t damage the fur!”

Miliaria cried out in alarm.

Her voice was high-pitched and carried well.

The Horned Bear glared at them, and the knights guarding them paled.

“Why did you let Ojo-sama out!”

“Stop her at all costs!”

Although they seemed disturbed, it was unacceptable to hold a sword while instructing them not to damage the fur.

Miliaria stared directly at the Horned Bear and licked her red lips.

Being flustered, panicked, and scared is not elegant.

At times like this, it is the composure of a beautiful and strong person to remain calm and achieve the best outcome gracefully.

“Move aside.”

As the knights prepared to attack the monster with their swords, Miliaria summoned tentacles from their (knights) shadows, restraining the Horned Bear.

This was a new development, the application of dark fibers that could be woven freely.

The tentacles firmly restrained the Horned Bear’s movements, preventing any further violence or harm.

It was good that she had created a spell to restrain it. Although it was her first time using it in actual combat, it seemed to be effective.

No matter its size, it was just a monster on the ground, inferior to the random first-floor monsters in the hidden dungeon.

Miliaria quickly examined the immobilized Horned Bear, transferred her favorite iron ball, and prepared to deal the killing blow.

“Nice to meet you. Well then, goodbye! —— Fire!”

She smiled and struck the heart with a single blow.

With that one strike, the Horned Bear was killed, but unlike in the dungeon, its body did not disappear.

“…Wonderful. This will make a great souvenir for Oji-sama ♪.”

Miliaria turned around with a cheerful expression.

Then, she saw her amazing subordinates, and Miliaria tilted her head.

And thinking back to the cause of this atmosphere, she hit her hand.

“I’m sorry for bothering you with work. I was thinking about getting something ready as a souvenir for Oji-sama, that’s why I wanted this fur and meat. Of course, I will help with the transportation too, okay?”

“That’s not it!”

“Then what is it?”

The head of the knight squad, Remington, was showing an angry retort, but shouldn’t he be happy since she finished his work?

The moment she hunted her prey is the moment of bliss for a hunter.

But at this time, Miliaria completely forgot.

That she is not a hunter, but a princess.

And she thought she had shown her skills during the lesson, but the meaning of actual practice is completely different.

Everyone was stunned, but Miliaria was the only one who was jumping with excitement about the size of the prey she hunted.

Well, well, it’s a good start that the souvenirs will come from over there.

If this dangerous event goes as smoothly as this, Miliaria will tie the Horned Bear she hunted to the roof of an appropriate carriage with magic.

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