The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 14

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The villainess princess breaks through the wall

“…! That damn merchant! He really bought the expired one!”

This mistake was the cause of the Wight-Emperor’s rage.

He was fuming, steam practically pouring from his head and mouth.


“W-Why? I’ve only sprayed you with a recovery potion dozens of times…!”

Miliaria knew that these words would only infuriate him further.

“…but I can’t just sit here and let you kill me!”

Despite the situation, Miliaria was not caught off guard.

Perhaps it was her laziness that had kept her from engaging in battles until now.

The Wight-Emperor’s dark clothing radiated a curse-like pressure, but Miliaria smiled, her fighting spirit ignited.

“Well, this is unexpected——let’s show them what we’ve got!”

She reached into her magical bag and pulled out a steel ball.

Miliaria focused her gaze on her opponent and used levitation to lift the ball, which had a hole in it, into the air.

The ball hung suspended, aimed directly at the Wight-Emperor’s head.

The Wight-Emperor wouldn’t wait patiently, though.

He drew a massive sword from among the treasures surrounding him and lunged at Miliaria.

His jump was terrifyingly fast.

But coming straight at her was like asking to be hit.

“Teleport. Continuous activation—blow it away!”

As she spoke, a flash of light blinked from the ball’s hole.

The result of Miliaria’s experiment was that if an object already exists at the destination, her teleport would rapidly shoot away the existing object at the same coordinates.

If successful, a strong light is generated, with power comparable to a bullet.

And the transported material remains properly at that coordinate.

In other words, by repeatedly teleporting, rapid-fire was possible.


The rain of lead shot out at a speed that was almost invisible pummeled the Wight-Emperor’s body mercilessly.

Miliaria continued to barrage him with bullets frantically.

The Wight-Emperor attempted to dodge by jumping around the room several times, but the bullets never missed their mark.

“Gah… Kah kah kah.”

Within moments, his dark clothing, which was supposed to be tough, was shredded to pieces, and the Wight-Emperor fell to the ground.

It was a victory.

Miliaria watched the disappearing Wight-Emperor, her body covered in sweat, tensed.

But what echoed through the room was not the death rattle of the Wight-Emperor, but Miliaria’s loud, triumphant laughter.

“…Yes! Ho ho ho ho ho! Great victory! That’s it!”

She saw that the door of the hidden room, which was revealed by the defeat of the boss, was shining with a golden light.

It was just a hunch, but it was enough to use.

Her weak arm strength was augmented, and her excessive, unauthorized cheat method had worked.

And it had worked overwhelmingly, to the point of negating the level difference.

——Her level increased.

The sense of achievement, as if she heard a victory fanfare, signaled Miliaria’s full-scale start.

From now on, she would have no need to hesitate.

All of the elements of failure had become meaningless in the face of her meshing gears.

“Well… but I’m really tired, after all.”

Miliaria returned to her room and slept deeply.

That night, she dreamed of being hoisted by the Golden Wight-Emperor and waving lead balls around.


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The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
The first princess of the Humming Kingdom, Princess Miliaria Humming, was struck by lightning and momentarily lost consciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, she realizes that she has been living in a world similar to a female-oriented love simulation RPG game called “Concerto of the Light Princess.” Moreover, she has a confusing recollection of being the final boss villainess who torments the heroine. Faced with the prospect of inevitable destruction if she continues down this path, Princess Miliaria decides to concentrate on the love simulation aspect and improve herself as a woman. However, upon further reflection, as there seems to be a death flag present, she decides to fully immerse herself in the RPG aspect. This tale tells the misguided story of a princess who strives for ultimate power in order to eradicate the death flag in a love simulation game.


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