The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 13

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The villainess princess is suddenly attacked by an accident

And the battle was like a repetition of basic training.

As usual, Miliaria snuck into the dungeon and tirelessly threw high-priced potions.



“Well, this is the fifth time today. I’m already several levels ahead.”

The repopulation from the entrance to the outside remained unchanged and was quite good.

The nine-year-old Miliaria, who had begun to feel a sense of relief and a thrill that couldn’t be described with the familiar death knells, started to experience it.

“…This feeling of power from leveling up is dangerous. What if I accidentally open a strange door?”

When she voiced this concern, she now felt like it was too late.

The work was tough, but if she wasn’t careful, she would die, so she had to pay close attention.

Her target level was 60.

That level, which was almost within reach, was her minimum goal and the initial final boss, Miliaria, was already prepared to defeat it.

“But the efficiency here is starting to decline.”

There would still be several more levels to climb.

However, it should no longer be possible to level up by today.

It was clear that she would have to overcome even more levels to go beyond this.

“A full-fledged battle… I’m excited!”

While she had some ideas for the crucial battle strategy, she wanted to focus on what she could do now.

But then, an incident occurred during the 10th repetition of the Wight-Emperor marathon.


As she shouted and threw the potion, which had become a casual gesture from her repeated use, the accident happened.

The familiar scream was not heard.



Even though the EX-Potion was dripping, the Wight-Emperor, who showed no signs of disappearing, stood up and enveloped himself in a black aura.

Miliaria took a step back, tensing her facial muscles.

The boss’s unique sense of intimidation was intense.

Miliaria, who had no experience in combat, felt overwhelmed by the pressure.

The Wight-Emperor’s red shining eyes looked like those of a grim reaper, and the eyes staring at her seemed to foretell only death.

“W-What’s going on? The HP should have been depleted…!”

Miliaria, shaken by the unexpected turn of events, frantically inspected the potion bottle she held.


It turns out that the stated shelf life had expired by about three years.

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