The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 1

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The villainess princess is struck by lightning


The first princess of the Humming Kingdom, Miliaria = Humming, saw the truth of the world the moment she woke up.

She was looking at flowers in the garden and suddenly BANG!

She was suddenly struck by lightning that exploded in her brain from the sky.

The exciting thrill and damage that she couldn’t quite experience was enough to knock Miliaria’s consciousness out.

And when Miliaria woke up, she realized that she had unknown memories in her head.

It’s vague, but there’s definitely a mysterious unknown memory.

Of the vast amount of information, the most shocking was the memory of playing the outrageous… female-oriented simulation RPG “Concerto of the Light Princess,” which is exactly like the world she’s in.

“It’s meaningless…”

Miliaria held her head.

The memory that fits well with the feeling of suddenly emerging from somewhere.

But strangely, she doesn’t feel bad.

It’s a piece of hell Eden, filled with love and youth, where she enjoyed a fun and beautiful hobby.

Well, it’s okay because it’s pretty fun, but the problem is the content of this game.

Miliaria regains consciousness and looks at her mirror first.

Long hair with a black wave and slightly sharp red eyes.

The girl who had the protection of the spirit of darkness especially strongly expressed certain characteristics of a certain character.

She had seen her face many times since she was born.

But her name and face were those of the final boss of this game.


The result was the same even after looking twice.

The first princess who had a genius-like talent while being lost in love and going crazy with jealousy.

In simple terms, she was an evil character who used her great power to indulge in her own selfishness and torment the protagonist.

In the end, she was taken over by the demon king and was defeated as a conqueror character… and was defeated.

That was the digest of Miliaria = Humming’s life.

“No, no, no… that’s too much.”

Ignoring it as a kind of delusion is easy.

However, to do so, there is a strangely realistic reality.

Miliaria sighed deeply and muttered.

“Yes… I’m going to ruin if I stay like this.”

Her face turned pale, but it was only a momentary thing that she became an unhappy feeling.

The memories of villain princess Miliaria and an unknown world from somewhere are beautifully mixed, and at that moment, they burst with a bang.

Miliaria stands up without leaning.

After all, she doesn’t have such a cheap pride that she would lean down in despair.

“Ho ho ho ho! I’m not joking! This Miliaria Humming! I’m not weak enough to bend to fate!”

Her laughter echoed surprisingly loudly.

Well, the odds are not at all in her favor.

On the contrary, the newly acquired knowledge definitely has the potential to elevate Miliaria Humming to a higher level.

“That’s right! The truth of the world is in my hands!”

From the day she declared and reached out her hand, Miliaria became rumored to have gone crazy from being struck by lightning.

Unfortunately, Miliaria was a girl with a good head but a little selfish – indeed, she had a reputation as a villain that was worthy of being called one.

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