The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 37

Chapter 37

The base of Olivier’s camp came into view. Now my body is filled with the holy magic of Kyuubi. To receive the magic, it is necessary to communicate with that Phantom Beast, and I honestly thought it was possible or impossible for five minutes, but it succeeded surprisingly smoothly. The preparations are perfect.

Feeling my enthusiasm, The Kyuubi jumped high and ran through the mountain to Olivier’s camp. There is no point in trying to be inconspicuous when pulling enemy soldiers, so I will show my appearance confidently.

I looked around and frowned. It seems that the soldiers who came earlier were just a part of them. There are more than two hundred uniformly looking at us.

I felt a chill in the strange scenery. They should probably be considered manipulated.

But even more strange is the ground. There are big holes everywhere. I quickly realized. Oswald. His Phantom Beast is a mole. Where is Christina, who fought to the point where the ground is like this, and his Phantom Beast now?

“Rebecca Slutarch! Everyone, capture them!”

I was startled by the familiar voice from somewhere. The soldiers rushed in unison like a wave.

Is the voice of the person in charge of this place now, or the person who is manipulating it? I don’t have time to think about it, and I am not given time to remember who the voice belonged to.

Let’s end this commotion as soon as possible. Quickly deploy the magic. The target is everyone in this place. I used the dispelling magic.


A definite sense of accomplishment. In no time at all, the magic power was completely taken away and it became almost empty.

Then I turned my gaze back to the scene in front of me, and I wonder if you can understand how I felt at that moment.

When what I see with my eyes has not changed at all from before using the dispelling magic, my feelings are…


The soldiers approaching. Each one with a weapon in hand, accompanied by Phantom Beasts. There is nothing but hostility there. Not a single person stopped moving.

Why, how? Is it that no one is being controlled? And they are trying to capture me as an enemy of their own will?

I miscalculated. Am I an idiot? I don’t have any strategy for when I fail!

The body of the Kyuubi that is carrying me shook. I could tell it was trying to run away. But the Kyuubi has been moving since morning and is exhausted. Will it be able to escape?

The enemy is approaching like an avalanche.

It was then that a voice calling out to me from behind could be heard.

“Plug your ears!”

I turned around as if I had been shot. I caught sight of a red woman on the edge of my vision.

I reflexively plug my ears but it’s too late, in a world where the sound is gone, I saw a cub howling to the sky.

“The voice of that cub can numb the body of living things,” my mother’s strategy book told me. Its distant roar shook the atmosphere and infiltrated the soldiers’ ears, taking their bodily freedom away in the blink of an eye.

“Why…?” I asked, before thanking her.

She was there, with her red hair fluttering. Her name was Kyaran Goudes. Without moving from her spot, she scolded me.

“Hurry up and come here! The numbness lasts only a few seconds!”

I quickly ran over, pulled into the shadow of the bushes where she must have been hiding. We lowered our bodies and huddled together, and the Kyubi shrunk into my arm.

Just then, the numbness barely wore off. The air was released in one breath, as if the shackles had been undone. The soldiers were all looking around, not knowing where we were.

“You lose consciousness while you’re numb,” Kyaran said softly. Next to her, a cub was sitting with its legs stretched out. It might be a power that’s quite draining to use once.

I couldn’t help but smile and say “thank you” to her, who looked nothing like the ferocious figure I saw in [fall], and she raised her thumb saying “Cuey.”

“I am a part of His Highness Llewayne’s army. Rebecca-sama, I was sent as a reconnaissance team to your army, but the rest of the reconnaissance team was on the other side. At that place, we talked and then I took the opportunity to hide and contact His Highness Llewayne and receive instructions, and that’s why I am waiting here.”

I was saved by His Highness again.


“It’s just a matter of time before we’re found.”

Even though we’re hiding, we’re close by. It won’t be long before we’re found by sensing magic or Phantom Beast with a keen sense of smell.

“Over there!”

Just as I whispered, the enemy came over here. I’ll be caught this time.

Even though the Kyuubi returned to its original size, I took out my short sword. Kyaran is skilled in attack magic. If I were to face 200 people alone, I would be quickly overpowered, but if she is there, it might be worthwhile to fight.

However, in contrast to me, Kyaran’s actions were very calm and slow. She slowly stood up and lightly flicked her skirt.

“I understand that my previous actions were only a matter of a few tens of seconds.”

I lowered the short sword that I had been holding ready. I looked at Kyaran with a strange feeling. Why is she so calm? She doesn’t show any signs of fighting and just stands still, looking far away.

It’s as if she is waiting for something.

“But His Highness said that it was enough. That those few tens of seconds were necessary for that man to come.”

“…[that man]?”

The enemy was now right in front of us.

But as Kyaran said, the man came. He appeared suddenly, cutting in between me and the enemy. It was the transfer magic that His Highness should not have been able to use.

He had a very wide back. He was also tall, and his hair tied back was brown. Riding on a horse with a burning mane, he was nothing but, for me, an unbearable, nostalgic person. (he was a man whom I had missed for a long time.)


I called out his name in a voice that could not make a sound.


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The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide

The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide

Villainess Carries a Strategy Book, その悪役令嬢は攻略本を携えている
Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
The daughter of a Duke, Rebecca, is a “villainess” of a certain “maiden game” according to her late mother who was a “reincarnated person”. Moreover, if the scenario goes according to plan, it seems that Rebecca will ruin the duke family…… Is it possible to lose to the “compulsion of the scenario” that took away my beloved mother!? Rebecca, who entered the school where the game is set, struggles using the “strategy book” left behind by her mother!


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