The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 10

Chapter 10

One day in May, I was moving alone in a classroom. [Summer] is September, after summer vacation, and the next big game event is in August. In the scenario, this time period is a period for meeting the targets and developing the main character’s [status], and there seems to be no special events. In reality, Emilia does not seem to be entering anyone’s route, so it is peaceful.

As I walked around, I felt like someone called my name quietly.

The door of a room with “materials room” written on it. A woman with bobbed hair peeking out from there. She was gesturing for me to come inside the dark room, where it would be just the two of us. Her beaming smile and white teeth were dazzling.


It’s too suspicious. But I still approached because probably, her smile looked like that of a mischievous small child.

“Sorry for the suddenness. Are you Miss Rebecca?”

The girl who pulled me in with agile movements like a predatory animal as I approached said, with the closed door behind her, —It’s not that I don’t think you should ask before dragging someone into a secret room.

When I replied with a “yes,” the person who smiled brightly at me introduced themselves as Olivier Marc.

“[Spring] First place!”

“Yeah, for me, [spring] is the best match.”

Olivier Marc is one of the three strongest, and he has many fans within the school.

In the strategy book, it says “Three strongest, third-year student, navy blue hair and brown eyes, talented in all types of combat, father is the head of the knight’s order, Phantom Beast is a leopard, Note: Good personality.” I see. If combat is her strong point and her partner is a leopard, then [spring] would be her specialty.

But the title of one of the three strongest is not easily obtained just by having strong arms. What does she want from me?

“You’re Van’s sister, right? I’m friends with that guy.”

Van, Vanderlei. I immediately understand. I only have one brother.

“Regarding Van, I came to give you some advice. Not for him, but for you, a cute junior. You see, he’s not reliable. He’s a good guy, but be careful. That’s all I came to say.”

After saying that, Olivier waved and left. I thought, she’s like a storm, as I was left alone in the room.

I wonder how I should take these words. I remember my mother’s words. My mother said my brother loves me too.


[Not reliable].

Those words ate deeply into my chest. Even without worrying, there is no chance of meeting my third-year brother in the same Academy.


Several days have passed since then.

The Royal Academy is a boarding school where everyone from Marquis families, Duke families and even royalty is given a room of the same size to live in alone.

As usual, I was about to have breakfast in the dormitory cafeteria and leave when I stopped at the entrance of the girls’ dormitory and saw a man with a strange appearance. He was completely covered head to toe in a long black robe. It was as black as my hair. Was this the designated uniform? Was there something wrong with his outfit?

I don’t know his face, but I know this man. He is not the man from the strategy book, but he’s with the prince. His name is Fried Neher.

“His Highness have been waiting for you. Let’s go quickly.”


He didn’t even introduce himself!

Since he didn’t, I’ll introduce him myself. This man is Fried Neher. He is approximately 190 cm tall and a freshman in the fifth grade. He recently placed third in the spring competition. He was raised to serve the prince from a young age, and he is the prince’s confidant. By the way, he is not a target for conquest. Honestly, I don’t think you will fall in love with a man who covers his face as well as his body with a robe, and I apologize for that. Sorry.

I am being glared at. I thought it might have been my imagination, but I am definitely being glared at. I have a feeling I know why. It must be because I am ranked 7th and the prince who was looking for me in the [spring] is ranked 9th.

Fried told me to go to a place called the “Special Lecture Room” in the school building. The academy is so vast that I hadn’t noticed such a place existed. It must be a place where secret talks can take place.

I haven’t seen the prince in almost a month. “Excuse me,” I said, trying not to let my voice shake, and as I entered the room and bowed, the person there softened his expression and narrowed his eyes. I did the same, because he was dazzling.

“It’s been a while,” he said.

My face turned red for some unknown reason, and my heart started to race, so I would have preferred it if he didn’t greet me with that face.


When I sat down, the prince said, “First, I apologize.”

“I didn’t come to see you. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not that you didn’t come to see me, but that you couldn’t come to see me, right?”

I replied without hesitation. He looked a little tired, which I could tell at a glance. He must have been busy with work.

But was it a little disrespectful? The prince seemed to have noticed that I was worried. He told me to relax, so I decided to take his word for it.

“So, Your Highness, what is the purpose of your visit today?”

“Nothing in particular.”


His Highness’s well-shaped eyebrows slightly lowered. This made his usual expressionless face.

“Is there a reason to meet with my fiancée?”

This is bad, my heart’s mysterious movement started again. Let’s change the subject.

“Um, Your Highness. The other day you said you were always watching me. That was…”


He’s clearly avoiding my gaze.

“Don’t worry about it.”

No, I am worrying!

“Um, Your Highness. You said there was such magic that… Is it possible that you’ve been watching my life since…”


He’s interrupting me again.

Why does he talk to me like he’s scolding a mischievous child?

“Don’t worry about it.”

“No, I am worrying!”

And he’s not good at making excuses!

“There are things in this world that you don’t need to know.”

“Your Highness, if you don’t tell me, I won’t give you this cookie! By the way, it’s homemade!”

“I’ve been watching through the window for 30 minutes, three times a week for the past six years, but I promise I never looked in on you while you were in the bath or anything like that.”

“That’s amazing!”

I never thought the cookies I baked as a thank you for Emilia, who always does things for me, would come in handy like this!

That day, when I returned to my dormitory room, I wrote in my strategy book.

“Llewayne Huaverdon notes: Unfriendly, most popular, [surprisingly easy to talk to].”


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