The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 9

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Night Encounter

That night, Ernesta stopped writing with her feather pen and took the opportunity to stretch out in her own room.

Writing while sitting on the floor instead of a chair was surprisingly tiring if you weren’t used to it.

She nodded to herself after confirming the content she had written down. Ernesta had decided to start writing a diary for Ermengard, whom she would eventually replace.

Having something like this or not can make a big difference in how easy it is to spend time. Being suddenly thrown into unfamiliar relationships is an unimaginable struggle.

Ernesta closed her diary and put it in the chest placed next to the writing desk where nobody could see it.

After losing something to do, she became worried about Isolte.

She knew that no matter how much she worried, it wouldn’t add anything. Still, she couldn’t help but pray.

——Oh God, please help us. I will accept any punishment for this sin of lying. Therefore, please help my mother through this difficulty. She is an innocent and kind person.

In preparation for her marriage, Ermengard converted to Shenka’s state religion. Although Ernesta was free to interpret this information for herself, she felt that it was too clumsy to pray to a God that she had not believed in originally, just to deceive someone else.

So she called upon the God she had always believed in deep inside her heart.

She continued to pray earnestly, but the peaceful moment suddenly came to an end.

From the continuation room, a silver body appeared, causing a ripple effect. It was the king’s partner, whom she had met for the first time during the day.

“Oh, you’re Mikolash?! Did you come to play?”

Mikolash approached Ernesta with a gracious gesture, slightly twitching his nose. His attitude made her feel so delighted that she wanted to jump up and down.

They hardly got to touch during the day, so it was a pity. She longed to caress his fluffy fur.

“Mikola, you are such a good boy. There, there.”

Ernesta hesitantly began to pet him, but he did not seem to mind. Instead, he rested his chin on her knee.

This was too much. He was too cute.

Moreover, Mikolash’s fur was more wonderful than she had imagined. It was fluffy and soft, and there was nothing more pleasant than the feeling of it.

“Aww, so cute~! Good boy, good boy.”

Ernesta gave up resisting and buried her face into the beautiful fur. Who could resist this impulse? No one.

She hugged him with her arms and spent some time like that. The scent of the forest was present in Mikolash’s fur, and it took Ernesta to the pinnacle of healing.

She just wanted to fall asleep like this forever.

But this happy time came to an end, even if she held on to a futile desire.

“What are you doing?”

Ernesta quickly lifted her face, and saw Ivan standing by the door to the next room. She realized that his expression was obviously questioning, and was ashamed, her cheeks turning red.

“I, I’m sorry! Mikolash was just too cute, so I…”

“Cute, you say?”

Ivan seemed completely lost as to what she was talking about, and it was actually his reaction that surprised her.

“Isn’t Mikolash cute? Don’t you think so?”

“…I don’t really understand. I’m used to seeing wolves.”

That’s right, that’s how it is. Since these people can turn into wolves themselves, they don’t bother to have opinions like “cute” about them.

“I see. Personally, I think their fluffy fur is wonderful though…”

It’s a shame that this feeling cannot be shared. Isolte or Konrad, animal lovers, would surely be delighted if they were here.

“Aren’t you afraid? Wolves don’t usually become attached to humans. Mikolash is smart and excellent, but he’s still an animal, so he could change his mind at any time.”

The question sounded unusually rigid. This was the first time Ernesta had been spoken to in such a long time, but she couldn’t feel happy at all.

Expressing her partner in such a way must be hurting this person’s heart.

There is no understanding between wolves and humans. Ivan said as he remained expressionless, but it seemed like he was somewhat suffering.

“I see. It would be a lie to say that I don’t have a natural sense of wariness, but…”

Ernesta decided to speak the truth, in her own sincere words, even though it might not be fitting for a princess to say.

“You know how there are strong emotions like love or hate, or desire? In my case, my desire to touch Mikola because he’s so cute was stronger than any sense of wariness.”

Yes, just like how Isolte couldn’t cross a certain line when she rescued a baby, there are lines that can’t be crossed for anyone.

It was the same when she helped the injured wolf sitting under the big tree. She didn’t have the luxury to be concerned about any sense of wariness.

——I wonder if that wolf is doing well now?

“I’m grateful that you allowed me to act the way I wanted. It’s all thanks to Your Majesty.”

Ernesta smiled sweetly, quoting the words Ivan said to her during the day.

Ivan didn’t say anything in response, with a slightly open-mouthed expression. Ernesta began to worry that she had gone too far, but then he whispered to her with an emotionless face.

“You’re different.”

It wasn’t exactly a compliment, in fact, it was more like a criticism.

Despite this, Ernesta was overjoyed by the response he gave her. So, she smiled with a pure heart.

“Well, not really, just normal… oh, Your Highness, may I ask you something?”

Recalling something, Ernesta walked up to Ivan and without any words, grabbed his left hand and pulled it closer.

She was curious about the wound. Luckily, it had been properly treated and there seemed to be no swelling.

“I’m glad to see you received treatment, does it hurt?”

As she asked this, she lifted her head and saw the most handsome face so close to her than ever before.

She was at a loss for words. Then she realized what a ridiculous situation she had put herself in by grabbing the man’s hand. Ernesta blushed uncontrollably at the thought.

——I’m such a fool, acting too familiar like I would to my little brother.

This person was not someone she could casually touch. While he was her husband, he was also not her husband, and was supposed to be an existence above her station.

“Yeah. No problem.”

The king remained calm towards the thoroughly agitated Ernesta.

She didn’t understand at first what he said in response to her question. By the time she realized that he gave her an answer, their hands had already separated, and Ivan had turned his back and left.

“I’ll go to bed first. You should rest too.”

He informed her shortly before the door was immediately closed. Ernesta was so shocked that she sat down on the spot and Mikolash came over to comfort her.

“It’s okay, Mikola. I was just a little startled…”

There was no reproach, but what did he really think of her?

It was probably inappropriate and unpleasant behavior. It was terrible. She couldn’t even realize how foolish her actions were.

While stroking Mikola’s smooth chin, Ernesta vowed not to make the same mistake again.

Even after the door was closed, Ivan couldn’t move from the spot.

“She’s really strange.”

His muttered words dissolved into the silent bedroom and disappeared.

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