The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 56

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 56

Chapter 56: The previous night

Ernesta didn’t remember how she got back.

When she came to, she was in her own room, and Engeberg was tilting his head with a look of puzzlement.

“Ermengard-sama, may I ask a question?”

“Oh…! Sorry. What is it?”

Ernesta laughed it off, but the competent ambassador seemed to sense the unease of the temporary queen.

“It’s understandable. I didn’t expect the war to break out at this time either.”

“Yes… I see.”

Leutravia was a country that had been in a state of war with Shenka until nine years ago. One of the major powers alongside Bral, its military strength was second to none in neighboring countries.

It was just a moment ago that the report came in that they were being attacked by that country. Ivan went to his office with a stern face, and Ernesta was forced into her room with no place to go.

“Well then, I’ll tell you again. We received a report via carrier pigeon just now. We finally found Ermengard-sama.”

Ernesta was unable to think of anything at this point.

With two enormous pieces of information coming at the same time, her mind seemed to have gone numb.

“It seems that she is inside Shenka’s borders and will arrive soon. It looks like she will make it within the deadline set by Lord Bruno. Thank you very much.”

Engeberg smiled as if relieved, but his words passed through Ernesta’s brain without registering.

She thought she should be happy at this moment, so she forced the corners of her mouth up to smile with a sense of duty.

“Yes… that’s a relief. Really, it is.”

However, that smile seemed to fall flat. Engeberg clearly frowned and sighed.


Her name was called after a long time, and Ernesta looked up suddenly.

“Are you worried about this country and those who are close to it?”

She gasped at how precisely Engeberg had hit the mark. It seems that this Shenka ambassador is truly gifted with insight.

“I believe I understand your kind heart very well. Nevertheless, I will say this deliberately. Consider this event fortunate.”

“Count Engeberg, what are you saying…?!”

Ernesta screamed. Even though he was a person with compassion, why would he say such cruel things?

“This will cause chaos not only within the castle but also in the town. With this, “she” can easily pass through the greatest obstacle… the replacement of Ermengard-sama.”


It was true. Engeberg was just stating the facts. However, Ernesta couldn’t possibly think that way.

“Listen to me. You have no obligation to worry about the future of this country. Leave everything to Ermengard-sama, return to Weisbergk, forget about what happened here, and live with your kind family. That is what you want and that is what you have to do, and you are very close to doing it. Isn’t that right?”

Engeberg’s unusually harsh tone was clearly due to his kindness.

He probably noticed a long time ago that the woman who stood in as substitute had developed strong feelings for this country.

“I will inform you if there are further developments. Please do not let your guard down.”

“…I understand. Count, please be careful as well.”

Engeberg bowed and left the room. As soon as he did, Ernesta’s legs gave out and she collapsed where she stood.

She couldn’t believe that everything that had just happened was real. Yet, the hustle and bustle outside the door and the passing footsteps confirmed that it was all true.

Ernesta slapped her own cheeks and stood up.

Regardless of whether it was only a few days away, she was the Queen of this country now.

This was the courage she needed at a time like this. This was not the time to be afraid of fighting or be unsure of what to do.

Ernesta burst out into the hallway with enthusiasm and headed straight to the maids’ dressing room. As she attempted to knock on the door, she collided with someone coming out from inside.


“My Queen, how can I help you?”

Rougena’s expression, which was more severe than usual, seemed to soften slightly. And while asking about Ernesta’s intentions, her eyes held a confident light.

“Tell me what I should do now. I don’t understand anything, so I want you to lend me your strength.”

“I understand. I was also going to join in for that discussion.”

It was the first time Ernesta had seen the head maid smile.

Although caught off guard, Ernesta quickly smiled back and nodded.

The food storage (pantry) looked like a battlefield.

Everyone passing by was in werewolf form, whether they were maids or servants. They were all mixed up, carrying preserved food out and quickly returning inside. It was soon understood that they were preparing provisions for the army.

Rougena, who took Ernesta through the interior, also transformed into a werewolf and finally stopped at the workshop ahead.

“Everyone, listen.”

With just one call from the head maid, the workshop fell silent. Ernesta straightened her back again, impressed by her leadership, and listened.

“My Queen will work from now on. Please be respectful.”

A glamorous response came all at once, but it was clear that they were all surprised by the sudden appearance of the queen. Ernesta stepped forward and looked around the room with determined eyes.

“I will do my best to work as hard as possible. You don’t need to hold back on me. Please lend me your strength to overcome this crisis.”

Then, she took a Shenka-style bow, and the quiet room burst into excitement. In the workshop filled with warm air, Ernesta raised her face timidly.

“Yes! I’ll do my best to help!”

It was Dasha who cheered with enthusiasm. With her declaration as the starting point, encouraging voices flew from all directions.

“Of course! I’ll work hard!”

“Isn’t this job difficult? As My Queen, you had the right to take it easy.”

“Let’s do our best. This is an important job for women.”

The faces she had become familiar with over the past month all had reassuring smiles on them, even though their families, friends, or perhaps lovers, were headed for battle.

Ernesta nodded firmly. And she jumped into the circle and continued to work until nightfall.


The maids dragged their tired bodies back to the dressing room, exhaustion visible on their faces despite their attempts to hide their anxiety.

By the time the sun began to sink, the preparations for the expedition were finally complete. It was already late for a long summer day.

“Still, My Queen’s work was amazing.”

One of the maids spoke up, and others quickly agreed.

“I was really surprised. I had no idea a human princess could work so hard.”

“She was very efficient. She even helped mix the medicine in the end.”

“When she first arrived as a bride, it was difficult to talk to her. But now she’s so kind and aware of everyone, treating them equally.”

Despite their fatigue, they chatted merrily, indicating that they still had some energy left. However, the youngest maid Dasha’s words weighed heavily on everyone’s heart.

“I hope My Queen is okay. When we received the news that His Majesty was going to the front, she seemed so sad…”

Even though she quickly put a smile back on her face and resumed her work, the queen’s demeanor commanded respect from them all. Her composure was beyond her years, and she looked dignified.

“I know you’re worried…”

“Starting tomorrow, we will support you even more than before, My Queen.”

“That’s right. Dasha, you are the closest to My Queen, so you cannot have a gloomy face.”

“Yes, of course.”

Dasha nodded with determination in her eyes. She had grown significantly in the past month, but she herself had not realized it.

As she clenched her fists and looked out the window, the sunset had dyed the sky purple.

In a little while, the night of the werewolf would arrive, the first full moon in twenty-eight days.

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