The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 55

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 55

Chapter 55: War Council

The conference room in the royal palace was filled with a piercing tension.

Military officers and other dignitaries of the royal army were gathered in a circle on the carpet. At the head of the room sat the king, the Prime Minister, and General Kudera.

Ivan suppressed his raging emotions and sat quietly. The situation he had feared had become a reality, and memories of the fierce battle from nine years ago came flooding back.

Breaking the non-aggression pact with this kind of action, there was no longer any need for mercy. This thought was not just that of the king, but was evident on the faces of the men gathered here.

“Now then, let us first confirm the situation.”

The host of the conference was Prime Minister Johan. He spread a large map at the center of the circle and pointed to a specific location with a pointer.

“Leutravia’s invasion this time is targeting the gold mine. Is this correct up until now?”

He was pointing to Mount Koshka. This mountain near the border with Leutravia was a strategic resource center where gold had recently been discovered.

It seems that information has even reached the neighboring country. While it is typical of that country’s greed to begin an invasion targeting this mountain, their true motive is most likely fear itself.

Due to the gold mining in their country, Shenka’s national power is certain to increase from now on. They considered it dangerous for the other side to gain any more strength, especially since they are already afraid of the werewolf tribe.

“They are currently gathering troops at the border wall of Bajant’s territory. That was three days ago, so we can only imagine what has happened to the reinforcements we sent.”

The messenger ran at full speed for three days. To send troops stationed in the royal palace, they need to wait six days.

“With General Bajant’s command and the garrison troops, they should be able to hold out. However, according to the messenger, the enemy has more than ten thousand troops.”

This was the first time the air in the conference room wavered. Silvestor stroked his chin with a serious expression, and the generals exchanged looks of shock.

In general, battles involved clashes between thousands of people at most. The werewolf tribe, who boast the strength of thirty humans in a single individual, are in very small numbers per fortress. The Shenka King’s army, with its low absolute numbers, spreads its military strength that way.

“Prime Minister, this won’t last long! We need reinforcements urgently!”

One of his ministers shouted in anxiety, but Johan was calm.

“Yes, we need to gather nearby forces. However, the forts that respond to this dispatch will become vulnerable, and there is a possibility that they will be attacked.”

The conference room was enveloped in a heavy atmosphere.

In war, the problem is where to allocate limited military strength. If the judgment is even a little wrong, the result is inevitable defeat.

“Isn’t this the place? It’s the easiest for the Leutravia people to attack from here.”

“No, they could be intentionally targeting the mountain path in this area.”

“The riverbank is dangerous. It’s difficult for us to detect them with all the noise.”

With one person’s comment, the room erupted into a heated debate.

However, when Ivan raised his right hand, the noise immediately turned to silence.

“I think they’re planning a direct assault on Mount Koshka.”

In war, he was a demon. When did he earn that unwanted nickname?

The image of the prince using his wit to overcome numerous difficulties in the previous war was burned into the minds of the generals. That’s why everyone respects the king’s words and listens with bated breath.

“They must not have forgotten their failure nine years ago. We must attack with all our strength to win the support of the old soldiers.

Leutravia lost because they underestimated the individual strength of the werewolf clan and launched the war with inadequate forces. As a result, they lost a considerable number of soldiers at the outset and struggled thereafter.

“We’ll hit them head-on. The warriors now can do that.”

On the other hand, Shenka also had a hard time distributing troops to each fortress, as they couldn’t predict how the enemy would attack.

The werewolf tribe can exert more than double their power by concentrating their forces in one place. Additionally, the King’s army has been drilled for military training over the past nine years. Compared to before, individual abilities have improved and the command structure has been honed to a level beyond comparison.

“We are not who we used to be. No matter how many troops Leutravia gathers, we will surely win.”

The voice rang out like an arrow, accompanied by absolute power. The faithful subjects who agreed with the content nodded in agreement. Silvestor, who was trusted by the veterans, raised his hand to seek the right to speak.

“I agree with your idea. In other words, shall we hit the enemy forces that are pushing onto the plain with all our military might?”

The approval of the hero was met with positive voices, and the atmosphere in the conference room became one. However, Ivan shook his head, silencing the subjects with that action alone.

“No, let’s leave behind just enough troops to give the appearance of defense. It’s necessary to limit their options and keep them from making moves after giving up their invasion of Mount Koshka.”

“For now, let’s gather the minimum necessary troops in the Bajant territory. We’ll make up for the shortfall with reinforcements.”

Silvestor read the king’s thoughts with his sharp gaze. Ivan nodded and then addressed everyone.

“I will lead the reinforcements. This time, I will bite off their throat.”

As the king’s declaration triggered the fighting spirit of a warrior, the subordinates all gasped in admiration.

Johan and Silvestor had a premonition that it would turn out like this, so they simply frowned but said nothing.

In war, the lord who supervises it leads the troops. Since Shenka had organized all the soldiers into the king’s army, it was the king’s responsibility to direct them.

“Oh, Your Majesty…! If you lead us, the warriors will be even more determined than usual!”

When one of the generals clenched his fist in excitement, the men’s morale began to rise.

Ivan was still glaring at the enemy nation on the map with his sharp gaze, even as he was receiving hopeful looks from others.

As a result of the meeting, it was decided that they would depart tomorrow. They would start preparing for the expedition now, but it would take at least half a day.

After a long meeting, Ivan settled into his office and began to handle the seemingly endless stream of work. In this emergency situation, the skillful Prime Minister had brought a writing desk to his side.

Sheepskin papers were exchanged back and forth between the two desks as visitors came in to take them. After endless repetition of such tasks, Johan suddenly spoke up.

“What will you do about My Queen?”

Ivan stopped his work and looked at the Prime Minister. After confirming that he wasn’t even glancing in his direction, Ivan let out a wry smile and resumed his work, grateful for a friend who was always looking out for him.

“Well, I must be an untrustworthy man.”

This time it was Johan’s turn to stop his work. While feeling his gaze full of doubt directed at his profile, Ivan did not stop turning the parchment.

“I asked in a way that wouldn’t hit too close to the heart, but I was still evaded. It seems that she has no intention of talking honestly.”

Ivan wanted not only to trust Ermengard but also to gain her trust. Therefore, he had prepared himself for the worst when he decided to ask her. But the result was a complete failure.

The pain he felt at that time remained in his chest, festering.

“I see, and a war at this time. The spies sent to Bral will be back in another two weeks. Under these circumstances, I think we should confront My Queen head-on. Even from my perspective, there are many things that seem unnatural about her.”

Johan said in a harsh tone, but his words had no thorns. He too sensed that the Queen’s actions had no ill intent.

“You know very well why that’s impossible. Without any proof, she will never admit it. She came here with that kind of preparedness. There’s no point in confronting her when we already know that. It will only cause her more pain.”

“So it’s just about making you suffer… Understood. As I am taking care of things in your absence, I will take care of My Queen.”

Before he could even voice his intention to ask for help, it had already been offered.

Ivan stopped his hands and looked back into the blue eyes behind his glasses. Johan seemed to have stopped working and was sitting there as before, ready for whatever may come.

“You’re much more cooperative today.”

“I gave up. I don’t want you to lose focus on the battlefield.”

The Prime Minister spoke with a sigh.

This friend had always been straightforward and rude, but he was the most kind-hearted man of all.

“Please. I can only ask this of you.”

Johan had been looking at him for a while in silence, but then he looked down at the parchment.

“If you’re that concerned, why did you take command of the battle? You should have let the master handle it.”

To be honest, Ivan was not sure until the very last minute.

He was seized with an urgent feeling that something might happen to Ermengard in his absence. This made him want to stay in the castle on impulse.

“I organized the royal army. I can’t deny the responsibility that comes with it.”

But that’s just who Ivan is.

He carries the responsibility for every drop of blood shed to atone for the sacrifices so far.

“You’re really awkward, aren’t you?”

Johan muttered something, but it was too small to hear.

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