The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 36

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: A quiet story, I am a wolf, Part 3

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Mikolash. How have you been?

By the way, I am currently having a meal. Thanks to the sudden banquet that started, boss Silvestor bought some meat for me.

The three highest authorities in this country have now transformed into werewolf forms, and they made sure to enable communication with me. They are good guys, despite being important people.

[Boss, this deer meat is really delicious]

[We hunted it today. Enjoy it slowly.]

After thanking the boss’s gentle smile, I resumed my meal.

In my mind, the boss is Silvestor, the older brother figure is me, and the younger brothers are Ivan and Johan. I won’t accept any objections.

[He eats a lot for someone his age.]

[Well, isn’t it a good thing that he’s healthy?]

Ignoring my younger brothers’ slightly astounded faces, I continued eating the raw meat. Werewolves generally prefer processed food regardless of what form they’re in, so this meat is all mine.

[Master, would you like some wine?]

[Oh, sorry, Johan.]

Silvestor looks happy as he gets his disciple to pour him more wine. With his mouth split wide, he drinks the wine skillfully, narrowing his eyes as if looking into the distance.

[You’re a good one, on the other handTheodor was useless in situations like this.]

[Ah, that’s right. He’s always on the receiving end, isn’t he?]

[But man, he was good at livening things up. Parties with Theodor were always fun.]

Ivan, who had been listening to their conversation, also had a faint smile. Thinking of the other person who should have been here, I became nostalgic.

He was a bright guy who always played the fool and made the warriors laugh. Oh, that reminds me, there was also this story.

[That guy Theo, he accidentally stepped into a manure pit while stopping at a village for food supplies. A little girl gave him a pair of shoes. Remember, Ivan?]

[Oh yeah, I remember. He ended up only sinking up to his arches.]

Those were the good old days. That guy, he was the type to make the most impossible mistakes.

Silvestor and Johan also seemed to be reminded of those days and laughed amusingly.

[Yes, that was quite something. He didn’t even try to take them off, saying that he had received them as a gift.]

[He spent the time wearing them until the combat boots arrived. It really didn’t suit him at all.]

Seeing that scene in our minds, we all had expressions of laughter and tears on our faces.

The three childhood friends were always very close. If two of them started arguing, the remaining one would step in to mediate. They were such close friends.

And yet, Theo died in that battle, and all that is left are these two serious people who seem to have a hard time living.

If Teo was here, this would have been a party several times louder and more lively.

[I wonder what Theo would have said if he were here…]

I had finished eating my meat and responded to Johan’s lonely mutter like this.

[He would definitely tease Ivan. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to see you and Ellie getting along so well.]

[Wait, why are we talking about this?]

Ivan’s low voice rang out in an instant, but I decided to ignore it for now. The boss and Johan both nodded happily too.

[Oh hoho? Are the two really on such good terms these days, Mikola?]

[Hell yeah! Just today, he went out and bought a bunch of cloth for Ellie. Can you believe it?]

[It’s unbelievable. I never thought Ivan would take such an interest in women like this.]

Yeah, it’s true. Ivan is popular with women, but he never really showed any interest in them before. Maybe he just needed an outlet for his stress?

But well, he was too busy trying to be a good king to have time for that. So I’m happy that he seems happy.

Ellie is amazing. She gave a real smile to this man who only had a wry smile after the war ended. If he could laugh out loud like he used to, that would make me even happier.

[Stop it. I’m not ‘taking an interest’ in anything. What’s wrong with buying the necessary amount of cloth?]

Ivan always appears expressionless, but he’s tilting his cup a little faster than usual. He’s really shaken.

[Is that right, you’re unaware? That’s too bad, really.]

[If it’s Your Majesty’s temperament, then I think he would just say to buy whatever is suitable for someone unimportant?]

While teasing each other, the two seemed happy. They must be feeling the same thing as me.

[It was just a coincidence. I just want her to live comfortably without inconvenience.]


Johan’s agreement contained various things. He is definitely not convinced. Neither do I.

[Ivan, would you like to drink more? Master brought it for us after all.]

[Oh, yes! Your Majesty, please have more. There are also snacks.]

Suddenly, they started to insist on more drinks.

When I was getting excited about something, Johan whispered in my ear.

(Let’s crush him and find out what’s going on. Help us.)

(Leave it to me!)

I also respond in a low voice. In the meantime, the boss poured wine into Ivan’s cup while he was distracted.

We have good coordination. Alright, how should I do this?

[Hey Ivan, Ellie is cute, isn’t she? For me, if Ellie were a wolf, I would definitely propose to her.]

I hadn’t thought about it at all, but I intentionally made the joke to stir things up.

Then, the effect was immediate.

[…What are you looking at my wife like that for?]

Ivan spoke with the lowest voice I’ve heard from him so far. And he practically drank that wine unconsciously just now.

[Anyway, why are you even calling her that? You don’t have permission from Ellie herself, do you?]

He finally brought up the way I addressed her like I thought he would. I guess he didn’t like it when I called him Ellie.

His eyes were serious. It’s a little scary.

[It doesn’t matter what I call her if she can’t hear me, right? Don’t get so upset~! Ahaha~!]

I laughed it off and made eye contact with Boss Silvestor, who smiled at me as if to say leave it to me. He’s so reliable, just as expected of the boss.

[I understand your point, but isn’t it a fact that My Queen is lovely? Your Majesty must also think so, right?]

Well done! The hero really knows how to speak with restraint and nuance!

Ivan stumbled over his words a bit and then raised his cup again. It’s hard to tell from his expression, but he’s probably getting pretty drunk by now.

[Well… I do think she’s cute.]

Yes, that’s it! Keep it up, boss!

[That’s right. She’s a hard worker and a thoughtful person.]

[Ah, and on top of that, she tries to understand us. She’s smart and always active.]

That’s right, Ivan. You really understand her good qualities.

Okay, Johan, it’s your turn now.

[Ivan, what do you think of the Queen?]

[… Lately, she’s been on my mind all the time. She’s a mysterious person.]

I see, he can say that much when he’s drunk. He’s probably not even aware of it.

The boss and Johan both have warm smiles on their wolf faces. I probably have the same expression on my face.

You know, you love her, don’t you? Why don’t you admit it?

Well, I know the cause of the problem, and it has nothing to do with Ellie being under suspicion or anything like that.

This man has made a sad determination. He will govern this country splendidly, even if it means sacrificing himself.

So, he is emotionally distant. He may even be consciously suppressing his feelings. It’s not the time to be happy for those who have passed away.

But Ivan, you should realize it soon.

That’s just cowardice. In order to make the woman you love happy, you have to pull out the thorn stuck in your heart.

Perhaps all three of us were thinking the same thing and fell into silence. Suddenly, Ivan stood up firmly, even though he was drunk, and started walking towards the door with a steady gait. I hurriedly called out to him.

[Hey Ivan, where are you going? To the restroom?]

However, we were completely taken aback by his response, as he didn’t even turn around.

[I’m going back. I want to see Ellie’s face.]

Just before leaving the room, Ivan did not forget to transform back into his human form.

Even though he was so drunk, was he unconsciously paying attention to ensure that Ellie wouldn’t be scared?

In the office where the owner had left, we all chuckled together.

[…I see. He must be really in love.]

Upon my murmur, both Johan and the boss nodded in agreement.

[I feel a little guilty now. We teased him too much.]

[Getting old doesn’t do you any good. Well, let’s keep what we heard today in our hearts.]

Yeah, I agree with the boss’s words.

But still, if only he had that kind of honesty when he’s sober, things would have progressed more…

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