The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 34

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Neither drink nor sing

After leaving Ernesta with the guards, Ivan headed to his own office. He immediately summoned Johan, and without much preamble, began to explain about the incident that had just occurred.

“On my way back from the workshop, I was followed by someone.”

Johan blinked his light blue eyes and calmly switched gears without losing his composure.

“Do you have any idea who it might be?”

“There are too many possibilities.”

“I see. It could be the opposition to the alliance, or perhaps a spy from another country… It’s a troublesome matter.”

The Prime Minister’s sigh contained the authority unique to a strong person who isn’t shaken by these kinds of situations.

“I’m glad you’re safe. Where did it happen?”

“—It happened only briefly. I took the main street on the way back, but it happened during that short time.”

‘The sharpness of the gaze I felt at that time, and the way the presence disappeared, were not those of an ordinary citizen who recognized the king and queen. If I were alone, I would have chased after them, but I couldn’t leave Ermengard behind, so I just kept walking. Maybe it was all planned to test my response.’

“I see. It’s too short to understand the intent.”

Johan said with a complicated expression as he pushed his glasses up. Ivan, who was with him, also couldn’t read the situation.

“Have you noticed any changes in the Queen?”

“I don’t think so. We just had a normal conversation.”

Yes, there was no change in her appearance…or so he thought. She had her usual smile and voice, but there was something lonely about her. Was it just his imagination?

Ivan still didn’t know her well, and this fact frustrated him immensely.

“Without any proof, if we interrogate her, it could become an international issue. It’s a troublesome matter.”

Johan said with a sinister smile, causing Ivan to glare at him.

Why did he feel this way? When he thought she might be harmed, he couldn’t allow it.

This was just his own emotions. To make such a serious decision based solely on emotion was the most shameful thing. He knew that, so why?

When they were about to sink into contemplation, Mikolash burst in from the back door. He was pleading something with a biting attitude, so the two of them transformed into werewolves to listen to his story.

[There’s no way Ellie is a bad person, right?! It’s obvious just by looking at her!]

The moment those words entered their ears, they were filled with frustration and impatience.

[Mikolash, I understand what you’re trying to say. However, this is a serious matter for the country. We have to consider all possibilities and check them one by one.]

[You’re a capable guy, Johan. So just take my opinion as one of them. I think Ellie is a good kid. I know there may be some suspicious points, but she must have been involved too. She doesn’t have a single trace of ill intent.]

All of his arguments were the same as what Ivan had been thinking.

Yes, as Mikolash said, it’s clear if you watch her. Ermengard acts for the sake of others and moves their hearts, and even tries to understand and accept the werewolf tribe.

If there was any intention to harm, Ivan would have already been attacked. She’s so carefree even when showing openings, and he hasn’t even considered the possibility that she might hold any malice.

[I understand. Mikola, you’re right.]


Mikolash turned his astonished gaze towards his partner. It’s incredibly rare for Ivan, who has been suppressing his emotions, to express his emotional opinions.

‘I know it’s too naive of me. But even so, I can’t betray what I’ve sensed.’

[That’s why we have to investigate. We can’t afford to fall behind when something is definitely happening.]

Johan reluctantly nodded in agreement with his lord’s strong words.

[Johan, I’m counting on you to investigate the surveillance.]

[I understand.]

[Has there been any progress in investigating the queen?]

[I’m afraid it’s still not enough. I sent a spy to Bral, but I’d like them to keep watching for at least two more months. As for Count Engeberg, I hit a blank. That terrifyingly sharp man wouldn’t just show his tail that easily.]

Receiving the content as expected, there was no particular disappointment. He considered asking Ermengard vaguely, but immediately gave up on the idea.

There was a possibility that he might cause some strange feelings if he was caught, which could lead to a situation where he might regret it.

A gut-wrenching sense of loss filled his heart, as if someone had planted poison in his back teeth.

[Your Majesty, please be careful.]

[I know. Don’t worry, I won’t let my guard down. As for the future response, let’s start by increasing the queen’s guards…]

From there, a long discussion began.

Mikolash got bored midway and started to doze off. Even so, they kept talking until suddenly, the door rattled.

“Your Majesty, may I have a moment of your time?”

The voice undoubtedly belonged to Silvestor. As soon as he replied, the hero entered the room and blinked his eyes upon seeing the two who had become werewolves.

“Oh, Johan too. What happened to your appearance?”

“Talking about the old days, including Mikola.”

Telling lies to the person who owed them a great favor didn’t feel good, but it was better to minimize the number of people who knew about this important secret. However, this man, who had a divine intuition, might have sensed something in spite of that.

“In that case, it’s perfect. I have acquired some good liquor. I thought we could enjoy it together.”

The General, who held up a basket and grinned, made Ivan reflexively check his watch. The hands had already passed half-past nine, and it was a time when even regular people would be asleep.

He had planned to have dinner with Ermengard tonight, but she must have finished eating by now.

“That’s great, master. Being single is comfortable in these situations.”

Even the normally reserved Johan is obedient to his respected teacher, and Mikolash is peering into the contents of the basket.

As it was difficult to bring up the idea of leaving, Ivan thought that he wanted to talk easily with them for the first time in a while.

In the past few years, he had been so single-mindedly focused on the things in front of him that he realized he had not been paying attention to those who supported him.

“Yeah, it’s not bad to do something like this once in a while.”

With Silvestor taking on the form of a werewolf, following Ivan’s lead, a small celebration began.


Ivan walked through the hallway with a firm step, but his head was spinning and he was in a state where he couldn’t think clearly.

In fact, the king wasn’t particularly good at drinking.

He could drink enough to entertain his guests, but today he had faced the two biggest drinkers in the castle, and he had gone too far.

Fortunately, he didn’t feel sick. The taste of the drink he had taken after a long time was refreshing, and it had helped him to feel exhilarated. He felt like he had been talking about various things, but he was probably just overthinking things.

However, that light-hearted feeling was blown away as soon as he opened the door to his bedroom.

His wife was standing on the balcony. The figure illuminated by the moonlight was terribly ephemeral and seemed to disappear with a blink of an eye.

“Ivan? Is there something wrong?”

Ermengard turned around with her usual smile. She approached while smiling and looked up at him with a deep green color that reflected her uneasy feeling.

——Who are you?

The question repeated in his mind countless times, and stubbornly surfaced again.

Can you tell me about it? I want to know about you, the one who said that she wanted to go to the orchard, not as the princess of Bral, but as yourself.

What do you like? Is there anything you want to do? Why do you seem somewhat sad?

And why were you apologizing repeatedly in your dreams?

I want to help you. I want to protect you.

Because I…

As always, Ivan’s thoughts were interrupted at the same place. Unable to identify the nature of his unfamiliar emotions, he followed his impulses and reached out his hand.

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