The Twice-Exiled Adventurer, Using His Super Rare Skills To Train a Squad of Beautiful Girls! – Chapter 50

𝐇𝐨𝐭 𝐒𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓𝟎: 𝐇𝐨𝐭 𝐒𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬

Indeed, it was a different experience from a bath filled with water drawn from the river.

It’s quite nice to stretch out and soak in a bathtub.

I politely declined the bathhouse maid who offered to wash my body.

After all, there are the girls to consider, and I can’t partake in such sexual services.

Zachalant seems to be getting along well with the high-class prostitute arranged by the kingdom.

Lucky him.

“That felt good, huh!”

As I walk down the hallway, Asuka, dressed in the room wear provided by the inn, comes up and hugs me.

The pleasant scent of her fresh from the bath tickles my nose, and her chest presses against me.

Not again.

Please wear your underwear properly.

“Please wear your breast band properly, Asuka.”

“It’s a service, a service!”

“I don’t need it.”

When I return to my room, making a fuss, Miliaria, Meisha, Meg, and Salieri have already claimed their spots on the bed.

Everyone is in their room wear.

It’s fine, but don’t sleep here, okay?

Each of you has been assigned a room and a bed.

“With so many beautiful women here and that’s your reaction, are you impotent, Nelnel?”

And then Salieri said something very rude to me.

Are you trying to make me cry?

“I can’t lay a hand on children.”

“We are adults, you know?”

This dark elf is laughing, fufufu.

No matter how much you’ve reached adulthood (eighteen by count), I can’t see you as a woman with that attitude, Salieri.

“Okay, okay. Very sexy, very sexy.”

I casually sit down at the writing desk.

The king-sized bed is occupied by the girls.

“We’ll arrive at the royal capital tomorrow. We’re going to meet with Demon King-sama, so make sure you’re polite. Everyone.”

“Like when we met General Kytes, we just need to kneel behind Mother Nel, right? I don’t think we can be rude.”

Miliaria tilted her head in confusion.

At that time, it felt like the three girls were standing behind me, but this time it’s different.

It’s about Demon King Ingral wanting to commend our individual achievements as individuals.

It won’t be like receiving words while being watched by all the civil and military officials in the audience hall. That’s Zachalant’s role.

We will be in a reception room or something, talking while sitting on a sofa or something.

“No, no, no! I didn’t hear anything about that!”

Asuka waves her hands around in a panic.

Don’t rampage around like that.

Because I can see. Various things.

“I didn’t tell you. I only heard about it yesterday myself.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

I thought it would be normal to be called out from a distance in the audience hall.

But, as a formality, we are enemy nationals, so we can’t be publicly praised.

When told that, it made sense, and all I could do was acknowledge it.

“I’m so nervous. What if I faint?”

“I’ll bring lots of candy.”

Meisha and Meg are having a mysterious discussion.

Sucking on a candy in front of the Demon King, they are quite bold.

Well, they’re kids, so they might not get scolded that much.

“I’ll basically be the one answering, but you guys might also be asked questions. So don’t say anything rude.”

I approach Asuka and fix her clothes.

You don’t need to be nervous, I tell her.

Obviously, the royal capital of the Masrur Kingdom, Lisan San, was huge.

The royal castle was also magnificent.

The only castle we know is Count Doros’s castle in Gaillia, but compared to it, the Count’s castle is pitifully luxurious.

“What a wonderful castle, Mother Nel.”

Miliaria admired it, shading her eyes with her right hand as she looked up.

“What did you think when you saw this castle, Miliaria?”

“I guess the power of the Masrur Kingdom is greater than that of the Lintrite Kingdom, and they are technologically superior.”

“That’s correct.”

I stroke her brown hair.

The petite wizard squints her eyes as if tickled.

Even if you want to make a castle bigger, it’s not an easy task. Whether you’re piling up stones or building with wood, it requires a tremendous amount of money and technology.

The fact that there is such a large and magnificent castle is evidence of the technology to build such a huge structure and the financial power to support it.

And at the same time, it means there is enough leeway to spend money on such ostentation.

A royal castle is a symbol of national prestige, but if the entire country is suffering from poverty, there won’t be any room to maintain appearances.

“If you’re with Mother Nel, you’ll learn to read that much.”

“Uh-huh. If I’m not around, Miliaria will take command.”

“Why would you say something like that!”

Miliaria snaps at me.

“It’s just a hypothetical. There might be unforeseen circumstances.”

I explained, a little taken aback by her intensity.

We have to decide on the order of succession in case of an emergency.

“I hate that kind of thing.”

She turns her face away in a huff.

She’s sulking.

What should I do?

“A strategist who doesn’t understand a girl’s feelings, how pathetic.”

Salieri grins.

Damn it.

I can’t say anything back.

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