The Twice-Exiled Adventurer, Using His Super Rare Skills To Train a Squad of Beautiful Girls! – Chapter 50.1

𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐌𝐨𝐦

𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐌𝐨𝐦

The audience with Lord Zachalant Piran went smoothly, and Demon King Ingral let out a sigh of satisfaction.

He had received a report from his secretary Milene before the audience, but the man was more impressive than he had imagined.

He hates war, loves his people, and above all, knows the importance of life.

Being able to form a connection with such a person is truly a stroke of luck.

In that respect alone, he almost wants to praise Güney, who stole the Dominance Jewel from the treasure vault.

Of course, he won’t praise him.

There’s a young maid who was used by him and then left to die. She was a promising young woman. Her life was not to be wasted in vain.

He must make him take full responsibility.

Because he is still alive and captured, there are political uses for him.

Whether it’s being torn apart by horses or burned at the stake, it should serve as a sufficient warning to those who defy the Demon King’s will.

Even if he is one of the elders.

“Your Majesty. The guests are already waiting in the conference room.”

“I understand. Let’s go right away.”

Ingral nodded at Milene’s words as they walked down the corridor.

They are the human adventurers who captured Güney alive.

He had heard from both his secretary and Lord Piran that they were quite a catch.

He seems to be a gentle man who has brought along four young girls, but he doesn’t seem to have a hero-like atmosphere.

“Rather, he’s like an Okaa-san.”

Milene’s explanation was completely incomprehensible.

But as the conference room got closer, the Demon King began to understand.

Because he could hear it.

“Asuka. Sit properly.” and,

“Miliaria. It’s okay not to be so tense.” and,

“Meisha. Eat some sweets while you can.” and,

“Meg. Don’t look at the furniture.” and,

Somehow, the voices felt out of place, like they were too common or too domestic.

It was an Okaa-san.

There was no other way to describe it, it was an Okaa-san who scolded and worried about her children.

Ingral had a hard time swallowing the question, why aren’t you wearing an apron?

“Nice to meet you. I’m Ingral. Make yourself comfortable.”

Without using the word king or the first-person pronoun “I”, he greeted them and urged the guests who had stood up to greet him to sit down.

He himself sat down across the conference table.

“It’s an honor to meet you. I’m Lionel. I’m in charge of the [Hope] clan.”

Lionel introduced himself, and introduced Asuka, Miliaria, Meisha, and Meg.

While nodding lightly, the Demon King was inwardly amazed.

At Lionel’s quickness to understand his intentions in an instant and match them perfectly.

As the king of the Masrur Kingdom, he cannot praise an adventurer from the Lintrite Kingdom. Because they are enemies.

So he expresses his gratitude as an individual.

Of course, he must have been explained this stance by Milene.

However, there are not many people who can pull off the trick of not treating a head of state as a king when he is right in front of them.

So as Ingral, he was planning to laugh off any comments like “This is the first time I’ve agreed with you.”

He thought he would have to explain again that he was here as an individual, Ingral.

But this man named Lionel, from his brief greeting, smoothly read Ingral’s intentions and matched them perfectly.

“You’re good. A hero who can keep such a strategist close at hand is fortunate. If you say one thing, he understands ten and proposes fifteen. Just nodding to his proposals, the organization will grow. He’s exactly what you’d call a capable Mother.”

That was the inner voice of the Demon King.

Of course, he doesn’t know that Lionel was expelled by his best friend of twenty years.

Even the best strategist is useless if the hero can’t handle him.

“I can’t thank you enough for your efforts. Please forgive me for the rudeness of settling my gratitude with money.”

“Justice varies from person to person, but the value of money is the same for everyone. Please don’t worry about it.”

Again, a smooth transition.

Lionel affirmed the state of the Masrur Kingdom.

Without using any specific words.

I want him, this strategist.

The Demon King Ingral’s desire to recruit talent rears its head.

His judgment of the situation is accurate, and on top of that, he has the ability to command, having defeated the monsters led by Güney with a small number of soldiers.

He’s too valuable a talent to leave in the field.

However, since this is a personal meeting, I can’t scout him now.

Besides, I’ve just gained a reliable ally, Zachalant.

To want more would be a bit greedy.

“Since you’ve come all the way to Masrur, you should take a leisurely tour of the royal capital. It’s a rare opportunity.”

He laughs, hiding his disappointment deep in his heart.

“I will certainly do so. I could see the bustle of the royal capital, Lisan San, from the carriage window.”

Lionel also returned the smile cheerfully.

“You should ask Salieri to guide you. She seems to like you guys too.”

“Wouldn’t that be a bother?”

As he waved his hand to indicate it was okay, the Demon King was thinking.

If Lionel is won over by Salieri, would he become a person of the Masrur Kingdom?

No, that’s probably too much to hope for.

Whether he finds that sleepy face attractive as a woman is highly doubtful.

Ingral gives his own idea a failing grade.

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