The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Liliana, conscious of the prince Part 6│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

It was awkward to wake him when he was sleeping so comfortably, but she had been told to wake him up when Daniel came, so she shook him.

“Sir William? Daniel is here to see you.”

“Mmm~” William opened his eyes, got up from her lap, stretched and patted Lilliana’s head in a good mood.

Thanks to you, I slept well.”

“That’s good to know.”

She didn’t feel bad about having slept so well in her lap.

“Will Lili stay here?”

“Yes, I’m going to stay here and read for a while longer. I’ll be back in my room before it gets cold.”

“Well, I’ll tell someone to prepare Lili’s favorite herbal tea and snacks.”

William, who had been very attentive to Lilliana’s needs. She was about to open her mouth to say “Thank you”.

“Aren’t the sweets bad? If you pop the button again…”

She heard what must have been an involuntary line of dialogue coming out of Daniel’s mouth.

Daniel put his hand over his mouth in panic, but it was too late.

“How do you know about this? …Hey, Will? If I’ve only told you, how can this macho know about it? Isn’t that strange?”

William’s longing to be called “Will.” could not work in this situation.

Daniel, on the other hand, calls him macho.

They were made to sit on the floor, and Liliana braided their hair into a fine reggae braid and forbade them to untie it for the rest of the day.

They had learned the hard way that a girl’s secrets should not be told to others, but Liliana’s anger had not yet completely subsided.

“I’m going to put a curse on Macho to smash his pinky into the corner of the desk, and a curse on William to always have a pebble in his shoe.

This is the first time they’ve ever seen this kind of curse.


at the dinner table.

The king and the rest of the eyes are on William’s head.

In the midst of an atmosphere where you can’t help but wonder why William is wearing a fine braid, brave Prince Jose calls out to him,

“Will, your head…”

“Don’t ask me anything…”

“Of course.”

And not wanting to hear anything more, everyone tried not to look at William (because it would bother them), and there was a quiet dinner that night.

And Lilliana enjoyed her delicious dinner as if nothing had happened.

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