The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The black dragon thinks

“Hey, Demon King-sama. I thought you were going to kidnap her.”

The black dragon flapped its wings and spoke to the Demon King on its back. Since they had a contract, the wind wouldn’t make their voices inaudible.

It had been a while since the Demon King had flown in the sky, and he was happy when he was called to go outside.

He was excited at the thought of being able to kidnap that saint with the big halo.

But instead, they just ate okonomiyaki and said goodbye.

“Why didn’t you kidnap her? I don’t get it. Normally, you would kidnap her if you like her.”

“That’s the reasoning of a beast. . .I have no intention of kidnapping her.”

“Huh? So, you just said goodbye for real?”


“I don’t get it. If you invited her, she would have definitely come with you.”

“I don’t want that.”

The clumsy Demon King-sama murmured on his back.

“. . .Hiira-dono is finally free. She looks best when she’s doing what she likes and shining happily in her freedom. If I take that away, I’ll become like Kasdar. . .”

“You’re really clumsy, aren’t you? It’s because it’s your first love after living for hundreds of years.”

The holy beast’s words silenced the Demon King-sama. The black dragon laughed heartily.

“Is it really that bad if it’s revealed that you disguised yourself and wore a mask to protect Saint Hiira-chan, who was in danger from that damn fiancé Kasdar?”

“It’s not like that. . .”

“Well, it must be a surprise for Hiira-chan〜〜. You panicked and spoke in the same tone as 300 years ago, trying not to reveal that you’re the Demon King. But in the end, you became an innocent guy who couldn’t talk properly to Hiira-chan without the old tone. I never thought that you, the Demon King-sama who can make even crying children shut up, would be such a guy.”

A lightning bolt ran through his body.

Just as he was about to crash, the black dragon shouted to Demon King-sama.

“That was close, Demon King-sama?! Even I would have crashed?!”

“Crash alone.”

“That’s harsh.”

The black dragon flew silently until the tingling pain subsided.

As the Demon King’s castle approached, he spoke to him again.

“By the way, Demon King-sama.”


“Why didn’t you tell her that you’re Synovidos? You were close, so if you told her, she might have changed her attitude a bit.”

“. . .I didn’t want her to hate me if she found out I was lying.”

“I don’t think she would hate you.”

“I spoke to her as Synovidos and told her to abandon her. . .I cannot be forgiven by her.”

“Are you too serious?”

“Shut up.”


The black dragon didn’t understand. 

He couldn’t understand the heart of a master who wouldn’t kidnap the woman he loved and the clumsiness of not being able to tell her the truth. It made him realize that his master was originally a human and he couldn’t understand such feelings as a sacred beast.

“Well, but I think you can’t say goodbye to Hiira-chan with this. . .definitely.”

The Black Dragon spoke with conviction, while the Demon King remained silent.

“But Hiira-chan, she’ll have to live on her own from now on, in a place where even the Demon King-sama’s eyes can’t reach. Are you really going to be okay?”

“She’s strong. So there’s no problem.”

“She’s strong, but she’s too kind and naive.”

Despite being provoked, the awkward and twisted master remained silent.

The Black Dragon thought it was okay.

They both had a wild conviction that this wouldn’t be the end.

“I don’t want it to end either.”

The Black Dragon liked the awkward and lonely Demon King.

That’s why he wished for the saint, whom he fell in love with for the first time, to be happy.

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