The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 56

Chapter 56: The saint being swam

“Ah, aaaaah, just because I’m not here, you guyyyyyys!!!!!”

The next morning, we woke up to Lala-san’s scream.

The sun had already risen outside. It felt more like morning or even late morning than early morning.


The staff had already prepared bread and were chuckling as they apologized.

“I’m so sorry! I’ll start working right away! Flourrrr!!”

“Hey, Hiira! We don’t need flour right now!! Serve the customers! Serve them! Synovidos, go to the kitchen!!!”


We hurriedly worked and managed to finish the morning takeout orders. The staff smiled warmly at us.

“Well, it can’t be helped with all the things that happened. Ufufu.”

“Ufufu. . .”

Their gaze seemed to contain various things. . .

I wonder if they found out that I stayed up late listening to Shinobu’s stories and asking for recipes of various dishes from his home country. It was a slightly chilly night, so we got into bed together and talked until we fell asleep. . .

“Hey, Synovidos.”

Lala-san caught Shinobu and slammed him against the wall with a loud thud, looking up at his face.

Her eyes behind the glasses were scary.


“Hey, just because you’re dating Hiira, don’t you dare force her to do anything she doesn’t want to. Do you understand? I won’t stay silent, you know?”

“Y-Yes, of course.” 

“It’s annoying to be Synovidos at times like this, seriously”

During the staff’s lunch break, Lala-san called me to the office. After closing the door and being alone, Lala-san looked at me seriously over her glasses.

“Yesterday, I was actually investigating Vivian in the capital.”

“Vivian, you say. . .?”

“I’m also a noble to some extent, but I thought her background as a Paswest noble’s daughter was too strange. She’s likely involved in the Kasdar’s gossip paper scandal, so I investigated her just in case. And then. . .”

Lala-san frowned.

“The Vivian who was at our party may not have been the real Vivian.”


It was a bolt from the blue.

“The real Miss Vivian was frail and hardly appeared in high society. She was said to be recuperating in a distant territory.”

“It’s a completely different person.”

“Yes. Actually, I also talked to her school friend who knew Vivian, but she had never heard of her being a saint.”

“So, the Vivian-san we met several times was a saint, but someone else.”

Certainly, she had a halo the size of a donut on her head.

The halo is proof of a saint. It’s impossible to create something that doesn’t exist, even if you can hide something.

“Maybe someone else was using magic to disguise themselves. It’s difficult to impersonate a complete stranger, but it’s said that with a high-level magical tool, you can rejuvenate and even change your gender.” 

“T-That’s right.”

For example, Shinobu became Demon King-sama and became immortal through a contract with Black Dragon-san.

If a mage puts a tremendous amount of power into a magical tool, they can apparently change their age or gender.

“Of course, there is a price to pay, but if you’re a [saint] with special abilities, you can use a magical tool while healing yourself with saint abilities, right? Even a third-rank copper ability like me, who isn’t as special as Hiira, can do it.”

“But why would they go through the trouble of using such a high-level magical tool just for Kasdar?”

“Kasdar has no value. . .but his achievements do.”


I remember now.

I had forgotten, but Kasdar was a “genius” who accomplished the feat of injuring Demon King-sama.

“Someone who was interested in Kasdar’s achievements approached him, made you lose your job, and ended up in the Kasdar Party, right?”

“That’s right.”

Lala-san nods.

“Perhaps Vivian (temporary name) expelled Hiira from the party to test Kasdar’s abilities. If she knows the fact that [Hiira used as a shield to injure the Demon King], then Vivian’s aim is even more focused on you, Hiira.” 

“Come to think of it, Vivian-san once told me to be careful of Kasdar with an attitude that was clearly different from her usual self.”

“That Vivian is definitely a fake.”

“But who could it be? If it’s a saint, they would be registered with the church, and it’s reckless to impersonate someone else.”

Looking at Lala-san, she already had a face that seemed to have arrived at the answer.

“Who do you think it is, Lala-san?”

“If it’s someone with influence in the upper echelons of the church and their own authority, it would be easy to manipulate saint registration, falsify applications, and even take out magical tools.”

“But saints are basically field saints or technical positions, and they don’t have much authority, do they?”

“If the saint is a woman, that’s true.”


I looked at her face unintentionally.

And I felt a surge of electricity.

“Vivian’s family, Paswest, has deep connections with the church. Her grandfather, Lord Paswest, is now the Prime Minister.”

As a wheat flour saint, I was in a delicate position in the church, and he was the one who went out of his way to ask me to work at the court.

Once, I was summoned to the court, and he said this to me directly.

“Beloved saint of the earth. Would you like to serve as a wheat flour saint offering meals to the nobles at the royal palace?” 

Working at the royal palace as a saint was the best job for a poor viscount’s daughter like me.

However, I had refused the Prime Minister’s words.

He always wore a holy hat―if there was a halo there.

At that moment.

“Excuse me ♡ Is Hiira-san or Shinobu-san here?”

A too sweet and wiggly voice that didn’t fit the situation was heard from outside the cafeteria. There was a fluffy silver-haired beauty saint named Vivian.

Lala-san and I exchanged glances.

“He’s here. . .the old man from Paswest.”

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