The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Adding a fun dining room and discovering facts

The day Lala-san started working at the Saint Cafeteria as an accounting staff.

In the evening, Demon King-sama came over, probably having heard about it from Synovidos, and immediately used magic to expand the Saint Cafeteria. 

The construction was completed in no time, just enough time for us to finish drinking tea on the terrace.

Lala-san and I looked at the new room in the Saint Cafeteria and exclaimed in admiration at the excellent workmanship.

“I see, you added an office behind the first-floor kitchen. It has good ventilation, and it’s a place where customers can’t enter, so it seems easy to work here. It’s also nice to have a hidden staircase from the office to my room on the second floor.”

Lala-san happily looked at the office desk and opened and closed the filing cabinet.

There were many items that only a high-spec witch like Lala-san could use, such as a magic calculator for calculations and a magic express delivery service for secure document delivery.

“I like it. We can end the rough estimates today. Leave it to me, Demon King.”

“You’re reliable. If there’s any inconvenience, let me know anytime.”

Lala-san, who was also confident with Demon King-sama, had completely changed her image in terms of clothing and hairstyle over the past week. 

Adorning her long red hair was a headband with a shooting star accessory that provided magical support, and she wore a sparkling scrunchie on her arm to tie up her hair. Her black dress was still the same, but the knee-length one-piece was fluffy and very fashionable. A delicate and slender necklace hung on her square-cut décolletage. Above all, her glasses completely changed her image.

“To be honest, my eyesight was pretty bad. I didn’t wear glasses because I prioritized fashion, but I thought glasses wouldn’t be bad for my current job.”

“Oh, I see. . .Beautiful people look good in any fashion, don’t they?”

“No, that’s not it. I know what fashion suits me, so that’s why I’m beautiful.”


“Fufu. You’re cute too, so you should learn to dress up properly. Right, Demon King?”

“Hiira-dono is already lovely as she is.”

“Eh. . .J-Joking aside, let’s go check the room, okay?”

The three of us went upstairs to the residential area and entered Lala-san’s room on the second floor, which was an extension.

Looking at the room, Lala-san sighed happily.

“It’s the best. The bed linen and curtains are in my favorite lavender color!”

Lala-san turned around excitedly.

“Hey, Demon King. How did you know that I like this color?”

“W-Well. . .”

Demon King-sama seemed to be struggling to speak.

I raised my hand and asked, 

“Is it because Lala-san’s eyes are purple?”


Demon King-sama nods in agreement, becoming my lifeline.

“Hmm. You have good taste.”

Lala-san nods in understanding and checks the height of the bed and pillows.

“I thought the same thing when I sat at the desk in the office. The height of the chair and the pillows are just right. What? Are you stalking me?”

“Uh, no. . .”

“Lala-san, can’t magic create anything to fit the person’s needs?”

As a saint, I only know magic related to the study of saint magic, so I don’t understand the mechanism of material formation magic.

“There is a saying that ‘magic is a creation based on imagination.’”

Lala-san answered my question in a simplified manner.

“You have to be able to construct everything in your head, such as the material, height, thickness, strength, nail material, and so on, to create something so perfect. Normal magicians can’t think of such things, so even furniture craftsmen who make custom-made furniture won’t lose their jobs.”

“What about when Lala-san creates a kitchen or a cottage with magic?”

“I just remember the completed spell design and add a little modification to build it.”

“Oh, I see. . .I didn’t know that.”

“It’s the same as you transmuting various variations of flour.”

“I see. . .”

While I nod in admiration, Demon King-sama looks away. 

“So, this room that the Demon King made for me is clearly a room that couldn’t be made without knowing my height, waist height, dominant hand, habits, and preferences. I’m happy that it’s fully customized, but do you know me that well?”

“Well. . .”


“Because I’m the Demon King, I know.”

“. . .Well, never mind. There’s no doubt that you and Hiira are my benefactors, and it would be rude to push further. I’m sorry.”

When Lala-san stopped pursuing the matter, Demon King-sama visibly breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps he could only explain it as “because I’m the Demon King.”

I bowed my head to him and thanked him.

“Thank you, Demon King-sama, for making Lala-san’s room.”

Lala-san looked puzzled next to me.

“Why are you being so formal like you’re talking to Synovidos?”

“Oh, right. . .But I thought it might be better to greet the Demon King-sama somehow.”

“What do you mean, ‘somehow’?”

Lala-san furrowed her brow even more.

Come to think of it, that’s right. As I thought about it, Lala-san also bowed her head like me.

“But if that’s your etiquette, let me thank you in the same way. Thank you, Demon King.”

“. . .Hmm. Is there anything else you need?”

At Demon King-sama’s words, I clapped my hands.

“Oh, right, Demon King-sama. I have a request.” 

“Ah, please don’t hesitate and tell me anything.”

“I also want a room for Synovidos.”


Demon King-sama stumbled over his words.

Oh no, was it wrong to ask. . .?

While feeling anxious, I continued talking until the end.

“He’s currently staying in a guest room that was made for him. But I want to prepare a proper room for Synovidos too. Please.”

“Wait, Hiira.”

Lala-san raised her hand and quietly entered the room.

“. . .How long has that guy been squatting here?”

“We’ve been living together almost the whole time.”

“Are you kidding me?! Under the same roof?! Just the two of you?!”

“Well, yes. He said he had something to do and disappeared before Demon King-sama arrived.”

“I thought you two were living separately. . .but there hasn’t been any progress?!”

“W-What do you mean by progress?!”

“Oh my. It was more than I imagined. . .”

Lala-san held her head in her hands.

“Why is that suspicious ninja living with you without any clear reason? He’s useless!”

“. . .Cough.”

Demon King-sama coughed, looking like he couldn’t stand it anymore.

“He must have his own circumstances.”

“Why is the Demon King taking his side?”

Lala-san glared at Demon King-sama with half-closed eyes.

Demon King-sama coughed again. 

“Hiira-dono. . .I don’t really approve of living with a man and making a room together, unless it’s for work.”

“Hahaha, why are you both making such serious faces? Synovidos isn’t that kind of person.”

Lala-san made a strange face and shook her head at my words.

“Synovidos has my condolences.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

“. . .Kyaaaaa?!”

Suddenly, a man entered the room through the window and nodded. It was Black Dragon-san.

Lala-san screamed.

“W-Who are you?!”

“Yo, I’m Black Dragon. Nice to meet you, Lala-chan.”

“Hey, Lala-san. He’s the big black dragon we used to see during the Kasdar Party and sometimes at the Demon King’s Castle.”

With my explanation, Lala-san’s eyes widened even more.

“What, what?! You’re the legendary black dragon that protects the country?!”


Lala-san’s words were new to me, so I asked again.

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