The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 42

Chapter 42: The Female Fox

In a room in the royal mansion.

Kasdar received a list of new recruits for the demon king subjugation and his expression changed after reading it for a while.

“This won’t do. Find me better candidates!”

“I-I’m sorry!”

Kasdar shouted at his servant and, unable to contain his frustration, slammed the stack of documents on the table.

“Damn it, they’re all useless. . .!”

Kasdar sat heavily on the sofa and the maid silently brewed tea. Vivian snuggled up to him as if to comfort him.

“Don’t get frustrated, Kasdar-sama. Everything will be okay.”

“Well, I guess I can manage with you around.”

“That’s right ♡.”

Feeling calmer with the beautiful smile and softness of Vivian’s body pressed against him, Kasdar looked back at the recruitment list.

“I’m getting tired of this demon king subjugation.”


“The members of the Royal Guard keep finding fault with it, but on the other hand, it means I’m in high demand for anything else.”

“Wow, Kasdar-sama is amazing ♡.”

“It’s too much trouble to go back to those who underestimated me and cling to them again for the demon king subjugation.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“My father keeps saying that if I don’t join the Royal Guard. . .but if I decide where to go, my father won’t have to drag me to the countryside just to save face.”

The achievement of demon king subjugation is like an exam to measure the abilities of noble sons in the country. 

The age of the son who heads to subjugation, the timing of the subjugation, and the age and status of the party accompanying him are implicitly determined for a reason.

This time, there was a problem with joining the Royal Guard. However, in the end, it was only the Royal Guard who came up with excuses.

As long as there is a place suitable for the reputation of the “genius” who injured the Demon King, it doesn’t matter if it’s not the Royal Guard.

There is no point in hiring boring and mediocre people again to head for the subjugation of the Demon King.

“Well, if we stop the subjugation of the Demon King, Vivi will have to say goodbye to. Sob sob.”

Kasdar groped Vivi’s body, who was crying obviously, and brought his lips close to her ear, laughing softly, “You’re so silly.”

“We’re not parting yet. We don’t plan to disband the Demon King subjugation party until next year, even if it’s just for show. And I have a contract with the clothing store that used me for advertising.”

“I’m so glad~♡ Vivi didn’t want to say goodbye to Kasdar-sama~.”

“What are you talking about? Even if we disband, you can still meet me, right?”

“Kyaa~♡ I’m so happy~♡.”

Vivian wriggled and happily entwined her arms around Kasdar. With the pressure of her plump breasts sticking to him and the breathtaking cleavage, Kasdar became completely happy.

“Hey, are you going to the inner palace?”

“Yes♡ They told me to work as a saint in the inner palace.”

“What a waste. If you enter the inner palace, you’ll never get married and live in a female household for the rest of your life. Your body will cry.”

“Yaa~♡ Kasdar-sama is so naughty.”

Vivian is a frivolous woman with only her face and breasts as her assets, but as a noblewoman, she could be the best connection for Kasdar. Even if he couldn’t touch her anymore, his connection with her would still be a great advantage for him.

She was different from Hiira, a country girl who made noodles from wheat flour in a shabby monastery.

“Well, from now on, I’ll pretend to be busy with subjugation and attend evening parties casually. It’s okay to marry into a powerful noble family. Anyway, as long as I leave the Streltsy family, it’s fine.”



“Is that okay with you, Kasdar-sama?”

Vivian’s gray eyes pierced Kasdar.

The faint light of the small palm-sized halo, the proof of a saint, cast a shadow on her eyes.

“Vivian. . .?”

Kasdar stopped moving at her serious face, which was always smiling and fluffy.

She looked into Kasdar’s eyes, without blinking, and opened her soft lips.

“Vivi is jealous that Hiira can continue to live happily with a smile on her face.”

“What are you jealous of?”

“Even though the saint made Kasdar-sama sad, Lala-san who said terrible things to Kasdar-sama and ran away, and the Demon King who was the main cause of all this trouble, all of them caused trouble for Kasdar-sama, yet they can still live happily without any inconvenience, right?”

“. . .huh. . .!!”

“Kasdar-sama is not a man who settles for this kind of situation, is he? He was someone who could aim higher. It’s a shame that he ended up like this because of the people around him. What a waste.”

As Vivian spoke, Kasdar’s eyes changed color.

“. . .You’re right. As you say.”

“That’s right.”

As soon as he acknowledged it, Kasdar’s calm expression gradually turned into anger and frustration. Vivian’s white fingers were added to his tightly clenched fist.

“Vivi thinks it’s frustrating for Kasdar-sama to just give up. But if Kasdar-sama thinks generously, Vivi will also give up. . .”


Kasdar hugged Vivian tightly. When he let go of her hair and body, he had once again turned into a man with anger towards the saint.

“I’m not the kind of person who just gives up. Of course, I’ll make them pay for ruining my reputation.”

Vivian smiled.

“Kyaa ♡. . .Kasdar-sama has to be like that ♡.”

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