The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Hiira looks like she’s about to blow herself up, and a real hit

Adventurers surrounded Kasdar, as if protecting me with their wide-eyed expressions.

One of them bowed apologetically as he looked at me.

“Saint-chan, sorry. We were stupid to be intimidated just because he’s a noble.”

“Eh. . .”

“. . .We were impressed by Saint-chan’s resolute figure. Even though you’re so small, you stood up for us. We can’t just stay silent.”

“Eh, really?”

“Hey, Kasdar. You’ve always been arrogant towards adventurers. You’ve earned their resentment. You know what will happen if you lay a hand on Saint-chan, right?”

Everyone stood up and protected me with their words.

The Onee-san from the Maytart village staff pulled me back and held my hand. Her eyes were red.

“Saint-chan, thank you. . .We’ll protect you too.”

“Everyone. . .staff-san. . .”

I’m happy, but this is an unexpected situation.

Before I knew it, the adventurers surrounded Kasdar and stared at him with angry eyes.

“You, you guys. . .even though you’re commoners! Do you think you can go against me, a noble?!”

The heat of the moment was already overwhelming Kasdar.

On the contrary, I thought it was bad. If this continues, things will get out of hand.

Conflict between nobles and commoners, especially with adventurers, will definitely become a problem for the adventurers later. 

[Tragic! That [genius] Kasdar group brutally attacked! Many adventurers captured! The Flour Saint caught in the midst of confusion!]

I could imagine the extra edition of the gossip article being distributed in the towns and cities.

This is bad. If that happens, this restaurant will be finished.

“W-What should I do. . .”

Do I have no choice but to use the wheat flour explosion trick like before? No, no, even if it explodes, only clothes will be blown away, and it will turn into a wild fighting festival with Mappa’s afro. Ah, the public safety is getting worse. Then, what should I do? Think, Hiira, think. . .!

At this rate, Hiira, you’re just fanning the flames and self-destructing. . .Spare me from a self-destructing saint, even if I’m just a flour saint!

As I was thinking of the next plan, at that moment.

A gust of wind blew through, as if cooling down the strange heat.

Everyone covered their faces with the wind.

The strong smell of beast orc soup enveloped me.

A warm and gentle hand held my shoulder. A jet-black cloak and long black hair fluttered in an arc.

“Hiira-dono. Sorry for being late.”

Beyond the long bangs sliding down the bridge of the nose, deep-set eye sockets were carved.

The golden eyes shone and called my name in a low voice, looking down at me.

I couldn’t speak and just stared with my mouth open.

The people around me all had the same expression, looking up at the man wrapped in a cloak.

“A-ahhh. . .?!??”

Kasdar, who had lost his footing, screamed in a reversed voice. 

“Why is the Demon King here of all placesーー!!!!!!”

Demon King.

As soon as Kasdar shouted, the place fell silent as if water had been poured on it.

Only Kasdar and I knew the appearance of Demon King-sama in this place. The adventurers and staff were at a loss for words and were just captivated by Demon King-sama, who held me protectively.

“Kasdar Streltsy.”

Demon King-sama spoke to Kasdar in a low voice.

“You already expelled Hiira and you still plan to use her as your puppet?”

The gaze towards Kasdar was a freezing, icy one.

“As the only and almighty flour saint loved by the earth, I will not forgive anyone who harms Hiira Seamacy. I hope that we can settle this peacefully, so I will overlook your words and actions for today. However, if you ever harm her again. . .”

“. . .Yes.”

“I will turn you to dust before your finger touches her. Definitely.”

Kasdar looked visibly frightened and his gaze wandered.

Finally, he would give up. 

I thought to myself and felt relieved, but Kasdar was a more persistent man than I thought.

Kasdar grinned and looked down on the demon king.

“Hah. You have some nerve to say that after I wounded you.”

As expected of Kasdar, he was shameless even towards his opponent who had lost his strength!

Well, it’s not really something to praise him for!

“Hey, Demon King, can I kill you now?”

Kasdar stood up with trembling legs and tried to draw his sword.

However, the lightning strike falling from the sky repelled his sword. 

“Ah. . .!!!”

Kasdar held his hand. He must have been burned. As I reflexively tried to jump out, as part of my role as a saint, Demon King-sama put his hand on my shoulder and stopped me with force.

Unable to bear it, I looked up at Demon King-sama.

“Demon King-sama, no matter how much Kasdar. . .!”

“Hiira. . .Have you forgotten?”

At that moment, Demon King-sama’s face twisted in anguish and his eyebrows furrowed deeply.

Before Demon King-sama could speak, Kasdar raised the corners of his mouth and said while holding his hand up.

Before Demon King-sama could speak, Kasdar, holding his hand, grinned and said, “Kukukuku. . .ahahahaha! Same tactics don’t work on you after all!”

Kasdar laughed while sweating profusely. Demon King-sama shook his head.

Then Demon King-sama looked at me.

“Hiira-dono. This guy tried to use the same method that previously injured me.”

His golden eyes trembled with pity.

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