The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Saint VS Ex-fiancé

At the moment when my arm was about to be pulled strongly,

The halo shone, and a burst of light erupted from my body.


Kasdar staggered for a moment, then showed his anger with bulging veins on his temple.

“You dared to resist me with your saint ability?!”

“Of course. I’m no longer your saint or your fiancée.”

I held back my trembling voice and spoke in a calm tone.

Even though I was protecting myself with my saint ability, I was still scared.

But if I showed my fear in front of the audience, it would make everyone who came to the shop uneasy.

I straightened my back and cleared my throat.

“Count Streltsy’s son. As the owner of this restaurant, I have a responsibility to ensure the safety and enjoyable dining experience of our staff and customers. If you continue to cause a disturbance, I will take appropriate action. I’m sorry, but please leave.”

“What kind of appropriate action? What can you do?”

“I will report a violation of the saint protection management regulations.”

As soon as I muttered those words, Kasdar flinched.

Huh? Can’t he just crush it with his family’s money and power like he always does?

It might work. I continued with a firm and calm attitude, feeling an unexpected sense of accomplishment.

“Saints are generally managed by the Church’s saint branch as part of the kingdom’s protection management. As you, a nobleman’s son, know, saints who participate in the Demon King subjugation party are [leased] by the state. Do you understand?”

“So what? We’ll just go through the procedures from now on.” 

“This is the story so far.”

Saints are bluntly speaking, property of the kingdom.

Kasdar, using his family’s power, forcibly took me out of the monastery and made me his fiancée.

As a church saint branch, it was nothing more than “returning to secular life with mutual consent” under the current regulations. I wish they wouldn’t overlook it.


“You have subjected me, a silver platinum-ranked saint, to physical and psychological violence on a daily basis, haven’t you?”

DV(Domestic violence) against a saint, who is a property of the state, is definitely not allowed!!!

“I didn’t want to ruin your future as my former fiancé, so I didn’t report you for violating the saint protection management regulations. But.”

It’s a lie!!

I don’t want to remember what happened one by one, the procedure is extremely troublesome, and I know that Kasdar’s family will just buy it off with money, so I haven’t even made any documents. If I had that time, I would want to create a new recipe.

“But if you disturb me, who is quietly living without suing you after being expelled, and those who are involved in this cafeteria, I can sue you anytime in the name of Viscount Seamacy’s daughter, Hiira.”

Yes, this is also a bluff!!

The Seamacy family practically sold me to the church, so even if I sue, I won’t have any reliable backing!

Besides, compared to Kasdar’s family, it’s a family background that would blow away in an instant! 

First of all, it’s presumptuous of me to call myself a “Viscount’s daughter” when I have no right to inherit the title!


As a formal complaint to the church, being a [young lady] even as a Viscount works in my favor. If I trace my bloodline, there should be at least one or two distant relatives of mine who are nobles within the church. The blood of nobles comes in handy at times like this.

Kasdar is trembling in front of me. It’s because it’s the first time I haven’t done what he wants.

“Please. For both of our sakes, I don’t want to cause a scene. Can’t you back out?”

I looked straight into his eyes and calmly spoke as if persuading him.

I know that showing a calm attitude with plenty of composure is the most effective for the other person in times like this.

Taking an absolute attitude deprives the other person of the opportunity to think.

If you want to move as you please, just show a face that says “I’ll move as I please.”

――You taught me that, Kasdar.

“. . .They’re all so arrogant.”

Kasdar muttered.

And he raised his fist at me!

I tried to keep a calm face and took a step back!



It’s not me who crouches in pain from the impact, it’s Kasdar.

I knew it when I heard that Kasdar was making a fuss outside the cafeteria. Kasdar is being repelled by the barrier of this cafeteria.

The barrier recognizes Kasdar as “someone who harms Saint Hiira.” 

So, I was barely able to avoid it and responded to Kasdar immediately.

“Please, go back.”

“Damn it. . .You’re just a useless flour-like creature of a saint, and yet you’re acting so arrogant. . .!!!!”

At that moment.

Suddenly, the surrounding adventurers stood up. Eh, what?

“Hey, you nobleman, cut it out.”

In front of me, female adventurers――Margarette-san, Soutlett-san, and Namisane-san――quickly formed a wall.

To my surprise, they winked and smiled at me.

One after another, the adventurers began to fight back against Kasdar.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s in the capital or anywhere else. If you lay a hand on Saint-chan in front of adventurers, we won’t show any mercy.”


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