The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Former fiancée Kasdar attacks (with the choking smell of beast oak bone soup noodles)

As expected, the Saint cafeteria was filled with the smell of beast orc bone soup from the morning. Synovidos and I tasted the soup together in the morning and looked at each other in surprise.

“It’s delicious!”

“It definitely smells like we’ve been eating beast orc all over our bodies, but it’s delicious.”

“This is an event. . .We need to make noodles right away.”

“Agreed. Leave the takeout service to me and the staff.”

“Thank you!”

Adventurers who came to get takeout in the morning were all amazed by the smell of the beast orc bone soup, but the lunchtime was packed with people who were curious and wanted to try something scary.

By the way, today’s takeout was a baguette sandwich with beast orc meat and salad in between.

However, some customers were so shocked by the smell that they even visited the cafeteria for lunch, even though they had already taken out their food.

“Oh, today is the beast orc bone soup pasta festival.”

Beast orc bone soup pasta.

The pasta made from wheat flour specially sifted out by the Saint’s ability is a thick noodle that is easy to mix with the soup. It is a special dish with plenty of green onions, bean sprouts, and grilled beast orc meat on top of the soup with plenty of fat.

However, the noodles may be better if they are thin. Although it is delicious, the time it takes to cook is a bit of a concern. If you slurp up the noodles like drinking, you may be able to enjoy them without them stretching. It’s a research topic for the future. 

“I never thought that the Saint’s anti-evil power would make the smell of beast orc bone soup only linger around the cafeteria.”

“Thanks to the smell, it won’t affect the downwind stable, and there won’t be any complaints from the nobles who are going to defeat the Demon King’s castle. It won’t stimulate the beasts in the demon beast forest, so it’s all good in the end.”

If the customers were nobles or elegant people, we would need more measures against the smell, but the adventurers who live a hearty life by bathing in the blood and flesh of demon beasts are used to it.

The rich and creamy white soup pasta works wonders on their bodies that have sweated from physical labor.

“Saint-chan, this is so delicious! My whole body smells like an orc, though.”

“Thank you very much!”

“Saint-chan, can I have another serving of just the pasta in the soup?”

“Sure, I’ll add more pasta for you!”

“Saint-chan, is this a regular menu item?”

“Well, that’s a bit tough! It’s a rare dish!”

Soon after, the female adventurer party who brought us a gift yesterday arrived. They noticed the reason for the smell as soon as they entered the cafeteria and smiled at me.

“Welcome! The soup we made as a trial has received an amazing response!”

“Great job! You made something that looks delicious!”

“Please try it right away!”

“Thank you!”

We served them a mountain of beast orc bone soup pasta on the table. They looked at the soup and the smell curiously, took a sip, and then looked at each other in surprise.

“Wow, I never thought those bones could turn out like this!”

“That’s right! We crushed a lot of bones and simmered them overnight to get this result!” 

“Oh, I see~.”

“I received a lot of bones, so I can still make plenty of soup. I’ll make it for a while and adjust the taste and noodle pasta to improve it.”

They looked at my face and smiled happily.

Margarette-san smiled with a dazzling face.

“Saint-chan, you look brighter.”

“Is that so?”

Soutlett-san and Namisane-san also nodded.

“Yeah. When we first got on the carriage, you looked so worried.”

“We were worried about what happened to this child.”

I didn’t know they thought that way about me.


From the front of the cafeteria, I heard the staff Onee-san calling me. The female adventurers laughed.

“Go ahead, everyone is waiting for Saint-chan.”

“I’m happy that Saint-chan is enjoying cooking.”

“Good luck!”

I bowed my head and headed towards the person who called me. As I walked, my heart was warm and fuzzy.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting. What’s wrong?”

“Oh, sorry, Saint-chan. A nobleman came by. . .”

The staff Onee-san looked puzzled.

“A nobleman?”

Since the nobleman’s carriage stop was quite far from here, only adventurers come here. Nobles don’t even come here to just look around. Besides, it’s rare for a nobleman to travel alone, even if it’s a man. I wonder what business he has. 

“I can’t enter the cafeteria for some reason, so call the saint who is the owner. . .I’m having trouble, even though I’ve told him many times that, he doesn’t seem to listen at all. . .Look, there he is.”

Before entering the entrance of the cafeteria, there was a garden that led to a terrace seat, and on the other side of the garden was a brick wall. Apparently, the nobleman in question was on the other side.

Sure enough, there was a silver-haired man shining beyond the brick wall. He was a nobleman who looked very tall and had a shining silver armor, giving off an air of nobility.

His blue eyes looked at me. At that moment, I accidentally dropped the tray due to his piercing gaze and twisted smile.


The warm feeling in my chest suddenly turned cold, and my heart began to beat unpleasantly. My breathing became shallow.

“. . .Kasdar. Why are you here?”

Synovidos was busy cooking in the magic kitchen. It was cruel to make the onee-sans from Maytart Village deal with a nobleman. It would be troublesome if that man started causing a commotion at the entrance.

I took out some baked goods from my apron just in case.

[I, Saint Hiira, who have received the love of the earth, bestow upon you the protection of purification and barrier for this moment.]

I muttered the incantation keyword and ate the baked goods. The special ability of the floured saint enveloped my body and burst out.

I made up my mind and tightly clenched my fist. Then I told the staff Onee-san.

“Please tell Synovidos that Kasdar has come.”

Onee-san nodded and hurried away. I took a deep breath and walked up to him.

I’m scared. 

However, now I have to protect the adventurers and staff who are enjoying their meal. He will surely resist until I come out.

“It’s been a while.”

“You’re getting in the way here. Can you move a little further away?”

“Why do I have to move? It’s a simple matter if you just nod your head.”

He still doesn’t listen to others.

His large body that I have to look up to and his familiar gaze that tramples on me are all scary.

“In that case, please make it brief. What do you need me for?”

“Come to my party.”


I unintentionally made a strange sound. It was a genuine “What?”

“A saint has already been hired, right? You’re the one who expelled me because I’m a lame saint, aren’t you?”

“. . .Hahaha, you’re kidding me, idiot.”

He looked up at the sky and laughed out loud.

The adventurers around us were watching us with tense expressions.

“I don’t need you as a saint. I’ll hire you as a servant to cook meals.”

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