The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Bone Flesh Crushing saint

The Saint cafeteria is protected by a barrier of Saint abilities, so people with ill intentions cannot enter deep inside. Of course, they were able to enter.

The female knights entered and explained their luggage to me, saying “Excuse us.”

“We came today to hunt rare meat for a noble’s request. We’re already preparing to hand over the meat to the noble, but they said they don’t need the leftover bones and fat.”

Margarette-san placed a case on the cafeteria table and opened the lid with a snap.

“T-This is. . .!!!”

The overwhelming smell of flesh and beast filled the air, and bones and fat were tightly packed together.

“This is amazing. . .If you simmer it, you can make a delicious soup.”

“If Saint-chan is here, I’ll give it to you. How about it?”

“Is that okay?! How much is it?”

“The client said they didn’t need it, so I was thinking of selling it, but I wanted to give it to Saint-chan since you’re here.”

“Of course, I don’t need money. I brought it because I wanted you to have it.”

Strolette-san with black hair in a ponytail said with a smile. Namisane-san with his quiet curly hair next to her nodded in agreement.

“Since we started eating Saint-chan’s food, our stamina has improved significantly. Our injuries heal faster, and we no longer get bitten by strange bugs.” 

“I don’t use my Saint ability on every dish, but I hope it has some effect like a charm. If it works, that’s great.”

“Adventurers need their bodies to survive, so it’s really helpful. Please accept it as a token of my gratitude.”

“Thank you very much. . .I’ll use it carefully! I’ll wash the case and return it, so please enjoy some herbal tea while you wait!”

“I feel bad for making you go through the trouble. But Saint-chan’s tea is delicious, so I’ll gratefully accept it.”

I lightly warmed up the [Saint’s tongue] I had made earlier and served it with black tea.

Meanwhile, I washed the case carefully and returned it.

“Thank you for the meal, Saint-chan!”

“We’ll come again~!”

They left to catch the last shared carriage.

“Thank you very much! Take care!”

I saw them off until their dazzling figures disappeared in the sunset, then returned to the kitchen.

There was a pile of bones, meat, and fat on the workbench, all of it prepared for bloodletting.

“This is going to be a lot of work.”

Actually, during my time at the monastery, I often received discarded bones and meat from animals and made soup by simmering them. Although the smell was strong, the soup was packed with nutrients and flavor that worked wonders on a tired body from physical labor.

I quickly lined up the bones on the cutting board and brought a cooking hammer.


Bang! Bang! Bang! 

I swung the bone with all my might and broke it! Swing and break! Break it!!!

The marrow inside the bone brings out the flavor. But I couldn’t break it well with my arm strength.

“H-huh. . .I should have asked for help to break it.”

I continued to work with single-minded devotion, sweating profusely.

At that moment.

“I’m home~!! The smell of beasts is amazing.”

“S-Synovidos. Welcome back.”

When I turned around, Synovidos froze.

Blood-stained hands and apron. Blood-stained hammer. A lump of bones on the workbench that had become something incredible.

“Hiira-dono, th-that is, finally. . .”

“Oh, this? I was thinking of making soup by boiling the bones. I got them from the usual female adventurer party.”

“A-Ah~~~~!! Beast, these are beast bones!! I was just confirming Kasdar-dono’s whereabouts. . .I was surprised.”

“Kasdar? Why?”

“Well, Hiira-dono would never do such a thing. If anyone were to do it, it would be Lala-dono or me first. . .Excuse me.”

Synovidos came muttering something.

When I told him about my work, he said, 

“Then let me do it. A man’s hand would be better.”

He rolled up his sleeves and helped me.

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