The Saint Desired a “Gentle and Gentle Husband Who Would Spoil Me.” His Majesty the King Ran for the Position – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Saint, Accept

“…I-It’s not such a big deal. Because… You know, bullying an innocent person is a crime. But if they’re the bad guy, I have the freedom to do whatever I want with a good name…”

“Yes—That is why you are right to use your saintly authority to punish the evildoers in the Kingdom of Craifu.”

“So, as an ally of justice, I am not to be treated as such! — a good person helps others out of compassion, not self-interest.”

“However, your efforts have saved many lives. In their eyes, you are without a doubt a woman of justice. You assist the weak while annihilating the great evil. And you do it with the power you worked so hard to gain… I believe you should be proud of yourself.”


“… Miss Stacey. I’m the king who’s lacking.”

She looks up and sees Lute’s bitter smile.

“I lack my brother’s talent and ability to lead, as well as the charm to gain the trust of the people. I only use the sword to fight for my brother’s throne. So, when the throne was bestowed upon me following my brother’s accident, I tried to flee several times.”

“Is that so…?”

“It’s a sad story, isn’t it?” Others, however, assisted me. They supported, taught, and guided me. That is why I remain king.”

Lute exhaled deeply and smiled softly.

“That’s why I’m interested in you. I want you to work hard against all odds to gain confidence and power, and to properly wield that power. I need you by my side because you have power that I lack.”

“… Isn’t that enough for a Saint in the King’s inner circle?”

“…back to the point. I’d be happy if you were there, but I’d rather spend my days laughing with you. I’d like us to be able to encourage and support one another. That’s the kind of relationship I’d like to have with you.”

Lute’s words were extremely powerful.

Stacey felt a shiver run down her spine.

She had lost her mother, been taken from the place she loved, been in a place she didn’t recognize, been verbally abused by strangers, and she had been powerless to stop it.

She worked hard after joining the church and was gradually accepted by everyone. But deep down, she was still screaming that she was lonely.

Lute’s words seeped into the part of her heart that could never be satisfied by these things alone, no matter how hard she tried to overcome the evils and bask in the euphoria, no matter how many glorious titles she won.

(I… wanted to be relied on—I wanted to be wanted.)

Not just as a saint. Stacey wanted people to see and accept her for who she was.

“… If I marry you, I will no longer be a saint.”

“Yes. You would have to rejoin society. I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do, so if you don’t want to do it…, simply say no.”

“… If I become queen, will I behave the same way I did before?”

“Please do so. Everyone will be looking forward to seeing the former Saint be Queen in action”.

“I can’t dance, I can’t embroider, and my handwriting isn’t particularly attractive.”

“In fact, I’m not very good at this sort of thing either. Let’s work together.”

“… Fufufu, do you want to embroider with me?”

“Yes, it will be enjoyable with you… But. I’m sure I’ll break a few needles in the process.”



They both burst out laughing at the same time as a result of Lute’s words.

A queen who is so arrogant that she is willing to cut her opponents to pieces and a king who is embroidering next to her.

Marriage can be a lot of fun.

“… I wonder what the future holds for Craifu’s kingdom by then…”

I’m not sure. But I will do everything in my power to ensure that many of our citizens can live the rest of their lives smiling. Of course, in collaboration with the Star Goddess Church, to make the Kingdom of Craifu a place where children will be grateful to be born.”

“I’ve decided… Please allow me to assist you.”

Stacey smiled, and Lute’s eyes widened.

(I’m not a saintly saint or a compassionate person. But I can use my abilities to assist you in constructing the kingdom you envision. I can kick anyone who gets in the way of your dreams.)

“…Will you spoil me and treat me nicely by then?”


“…Y-Yes. I swear I’ll be the husband you’ve always wanted.”

The young king made a vow.


Lute, the 18th king of the Kingdom of Craifu, welcomed his bride-to-be in the spring of his 23rd year.

She was the proud saint of the Star Goddess Church and the daughter of the Count of Rithberth, but she had written a letter of disownment to her father.

She was raised as a lady with the help of a well-known duke, and 18 months after she was engaged to the king, she stopped being a saint so she could marry the king.

Some of the ladies were envious of the queen, who was at best honest and at worst brash, and said, “She is unfit to be a queen.” However, the queen responded, “However, His Majesty appears to like women like me. Isn’t that what he said to you all?” They could only shake their heads and turn red.

Even after she ceased to be a saint, the Queen maintained contact with the church and, in an emergency, led the priestess to the demon’s lair. The queen was so happy as she blasted the demons with her flashy magic that the priestess started an unofficial fan club for her.

The Queen did not meddle in the King’s politics, but she was quick to detect and thwart any attempt to undermine or spy on her husband’s enemies. “A hundred million years too soon to mess with my King!” was her catchphrase.

King Lute was still not very good at governing the country, but many people admired him for his friendly demeanor and courtesy to all, and it is said that his knights increased in number and his bureaucrats became more united than under previous kings.

The king and queen were dubbed “the muscle brain king” and “the raging bull Saint,” respectively, but they were loved and respected by the people, and all princes and princesses born to them grew up to be great royalty who cared about their country.

They always made time to spend alone time together, no matter how busy they were.

Their happy laughter could be heard from the room where even Samuel, the knight, and the children were not permitted to enter..

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