The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 20

The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Rain is cold, tears are warm


Otoo-sama’s low voice resonates.

The peaceful atmosphere from earlier freezes.

“Do you understand what that means?”

His cold, sharp gaze pierces through me.

I feel a chilling sensation run down my spine.

“Do you understand? Cutting ties with us… Is that what you said?”

Okaa-sama is the same.

She’s smiling, but it’s a cold smile.

The two of them stare at me, blaming me.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that now.”

“Yes, the food won’t taste good if we don’t enjoy it. Let’s eat happily.”


But I refuse to succumb to that pressure and speak out loud.

“I’ll leave this house! As of this day, I’m no longer a part of the Pheles family!”


They are shocked.

Perhaps they didn’t expect me to be so clear and resolute in my rejection.

Otoo-sama stops eating, places his elbow on the table, and clasps his hands together.

“What are you thinking? Leaving the house? How dare you.”

“Exactly. Do you think it’s that easy?”

“…That’s why I received a special exemption from His Majesty. Please read the contents.”

Otoo-sama glares at me.

He sighs in exasperation and looks at the contents of the envelope.

In brief, the contents written there are like this:

I recommend that I exit the Pheles house.

And my noble status will be maintained even after I leave the Pheles family.

In other words, I am allowed to become independent from the Pheles family.

By none other than the king of this country.

Normally, even the king cannot deeply intervene in the situation of other families.

However, if the parties involved wish it, the king can support it.

And this special exemption is just such a support.

“Why on earth has His Majesty done? No, what have you done?”

“I’m not going to answer that.”


An angry voice echoes.

With a volume that I have never heard before, a face filled with rage, like that of a demon.

Otoo-sama glares at me.

I’m scared.

But, if I back down here, nothing will change.

I have already decided to stop living in fear.

So that I can continue to work by His Highness’s side.

And become a person worthy of being His Highness’s subordinate.

“I have always thought about it. Is there a place for me in this household? Without a doubt, there is no such thing.”

My sister was always favored, while I was treated as a failure and ignored even when spoken to, not even looking me in the eye.

That kind of treatment continued for over a decade.

“I know that I am inferior to Onee-sama. But even so… I wanted to be recognized, even if not as an equal.”

For my efforts.

Not just Onee-sama, I am here too.

I tried to shout it out.

I learned knowledge and searched for things I could do.

But the two of them didn’t even spare a glance my way.

“I wanted to be recognized… by both of you, by Otoo-sama’s praise, and even when I talked to Okaa-sama, I didn’t feel happy.”

I just felt sick.

I was uncomfortable.

I can’t just disappear.

The treatment I’ve received until now, the invisible scars…

“I’m not happy to be treated kindly or to be accepted after all this time.”

“So what? You wanted to be acknowledged? Then produce the appropriate results. That’s why this happened.”


As I thought, these people are not looking at me.

Even now, they’re different from what they seem to be acknowledging.

The two of them must be looking at His Highness behind me, not me.

“It’s the same as Jerick-sama.”

Otoo-sama responds slightly.

“You already know. I was offered to be engaged to Jerick-sama again. However, I declined.”

“I’m listening. It’s… not that I need to hear why anymore.”

“Yes. I will renounce the Pheles name. There’s no meaning in being engaged to me.”

“…Is that so? Then do as you please.”


“If His Majesty is involved, we should respect Meiana’s wishes. There was never a place for you in this house to begin with.”

Yes, I was clearly told.

I knew it.

But it’s still shocking to hear it so confidently from Otoo-sama.

“Thank you for everything until now.”

I am grateful for raising me.

Even if there was no love.

I was able to live until today because I had a home to return to.

I lost that.

No, I gave it up myself.

To move forward.

I leave the mansion alone.

The last meal didn’t go down well.

I finish packing quickly and look up at the night sky with my luggage in hand.

“It looks like it’s going to rain.”

Thick clouds cover the stars and the moon cannot be seen.



When I return my gaze, she is there in front of me.

My older sister, the one always compared to me.


“You have returned.”


She looks tired.

She is clearly exhausted and her eyes look bad.

It’s hard to see in the dark, but does she have dark circles under her eyes?

“Where are you going at this time?”

“…I am leaving the Pheles family.”


My surprised Onee-sama freezes.

It’s fortunate that we were able to meet today, even if it was just by chance.

I can say goodbye to my last family member.


“I’m no longer a part of the Pheles family. That’s why I won’t return to this mansion.”

It must be hard for her that I’m leaving.

Otoo-sama and Okaa-sama always used me as a stress outlet.

After I’m gone, Onee-sama will have to take on Otoo-sama and the others’ feelings by herself.

As a family, as a daughter with high expectations.

I no longer have the right or qualification for that.

“Why are you suddenly leaving?”

“You understand, don’t you? This wasn’t my place to begin with…so it was a good opportunity.”

I’ve said what needs to be said.

I don’t want to stay any longer.

I start walking and pass by my sister.

“Goodbye, Onee-sama.”


Will this be our final conversation as sisters?

I don’t look back.

I didn’t ask what expression she had on her face or what she wanted to say.

I hurriedly walked, without even asking.

I was afraid that my resolution would dull if I stopped.

I’m free from entanglements now.

I can go anywhere on my own two feet.

Where am I going from here?

Alone… In the pouring rain…

“You’ll catch a cold, Meiana.”

“――Your Highness.”

Before I knew it, His Highness was in front of me.

Getting wet in the rain without a care.

“I guess we’re done here.”


“Did you convey it properly?”


“You did good.”

“――Thank you.”

It’s not fair.

If he says kind words like this now, tears will overflow.

I didn’t intend to cry in front of His Highness.

I weep pitifully, and His Highness pulls my head to his chest.

“It’s not going to stop for a while. This rain…”

As if telling me that I’m not alone.

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