The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 12

The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: A depressing morning

I felt melancholic in the morning.

People who meet me for the first time usually have a look of disgust on their faces.

There is not a single ally for me within the mansion.

Even the servants must have found me to be a nuisance.

I am a member of the nobility and should be respected, but if anyone is kind to the failure I am said to be, the pressure from the surrounding people would become stronger.

As a result, no one came near me for a long time.

That’s why I always escaped to the court like a fugitive.

In the early morning, there were few people around.

If I entered the laboratory, no one’s eyes would be on me.

Onee-sama came to see me once, but when she went out to play, she never came back.

The free space amid the inconvenience was the court’s laboratory.

Even though I am there, I am still bound by the overflowing work…

“Mhm, morning…”

I suddenly woke up.

I slowly got up and looked at the clock.

If it were during my apprentice days, I would be very late and start getting anxious.

…But there is no need to hurry now.

I felt a momentary panic, but then I leisurely got out of bed and started getting ready.

After changing my clothes, I left the room and headed to the dining room.

When I opened the door, there was someone already there.

“Good morning, Meiana.”

“Your Highness! Good morning.”

I greeted His Highness, who was already in the dining hall before me, with a clear and loud morning greeting.

This is a villa owned by the royal family in Laurier.

During my stay, I will be living here with His Highness.

“You’re still an early riser. Are you sleeping well?”

“Yes, I’m sleeping soundly.”

“That’s good. Let’s prepare breakfast for two. Have a seat.”


In general, a retainer and a lord would not share the same table.

However, His Highness arranged for us to spend time together during our stay, increasing opportunities for interaction.

A prince’s retainers are his closest and most trustworthy subordinates.

I have just become one, and I don’t know much about His Highness yet.

Similarly, His Highness knows about my circumstances, but doesn’t know my personality or inner thoughts.

Through this mission, let’s get to know each other better, His Highness said.

I was surprised, to say the least.

I am grateful that he, a prince of a country, took the time to get to know me, a mere vassal.

I thought our relationship would be more formal.

“What time do you wake up in the capital?”

“Um, at four.”

“That’s early. And what time do you go to bed?”

“At around one, I think.”

“…You’ll die young if you don’t get enough sleep.”

His Highness often talks to me.

I’m still awkward and hesitant to initiate conversations with him.

He’s considerate enough to notice that and take it into account.

He’s truly a kind person.

Not just talented, but also a person of character.

Certainly, if someone like him became the next king, everyone would be reassured.

In just a short time, I can see His Highness’s good qualities one after another.

“After breakfast, I will go on an inspection. What are you going to do today?”

“I’ll go with you if it’s not a bother.”

“I see. Then, come with me.”


I energetically respond and eat my meal quickly.

While watching me, His Highness muttered in a low voice.

“You’re a fast eater, aren’t you?”

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize, but, how do I put it, you can eat more slowly, you know? No one is rushing you.”


This is also a bad habit.

I need to eat quickly to make it to work on time.

The family dinner table is uncomfortable, so I want to finish eating quickly and escape.

I have developed such a habit.

After finishing breakfast, I go out to inspect the city with His Highness.

His Highness mainly visits facilities that manage the city.

We visit places where people from the kingdom work, such as the management of waterways, magic power, natural gas, and resource mining.

In addition, we visit commercial facilities and observe the daily lives of the people in the city.

“Your Highness Alectos!”

As we walk through the city, people call out to His Highness.

We keep our distance so as not to disturb them, and when they wave their hands, His Highness smiles back.

His Highness was also very popular outside the capital.

People’s eyes light up when they see His Highness, from the elderly to children.

Today, we first visited the facility that manages magic power in the city.

“Welcome, Your Highness.”

“Oh, how’s it going?”

“It’s operating without any problems. There haven’t been any significant issues.”

“Then that’s good. Anything else?”

The facility administrator and His Highness continue their conversation impassively.

His Highness is not only an excellent magician but also knowledgeable about magical tools.

Magical tools created for the purpose of fighting have also evolved over time.

Magical tools have become essential to people’s lives.

Magical power is essentially the magic power needed to operate magical tools. It is generated here and sent throughout the city.

It is a facility that can be said to be the core of people’s lives.

Suddenly, my gaze meets that of the facility administrator.

“Your Highness, I was curious about this person.”

“Oh, this is Meiana, who has become my new subordinate.”

“I apologize for being rude without even introducing myself. I am Rodni, in charge of managing this place. Please remember my name from now on.”

“Yes! Nice to meet you too.”

I do my best not to interfere with His Highness.

After the facility inspection is over, we go outside.

“It’s been a week, but the tension hasn’t changed.”

“I’m sorry…”

“You don’t have to apologize so much. You need to fix your habit of apologizing so quickly.”

“S-Sorry, uh, yes…”

Because I was always scolded, I had developed a habit of apologizing frequently.

There’s a lot I need to work on.

I make a decision and clench my fist tightly.

“Well, it’s about time for lunch.”

“Yes, Your Highness, I’ll head to the ruins.”

“Ah, do your best.”


After parting ways with the prince, I head to the ruins alone.

There was a reason why I didn’t go to the ruins immediately after breakfast.

The ruins are deep underground and covered in thick fog in the morning.

Due to unstable footing and danger, entry and exit are prohibited in the morning.

Permission to enter and exit is granted from noon.

“Hello, everyone.”

I greet the knights who are guarding the ruins beforehand.

Everyone responds politely.

Guided by one of the knights, I stand in front of a stone slab.


Let’s get started today too.

The important job entrusted only to me.


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The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince

The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince

The Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince ~I’m the Plain Little Sister Whose Fiance, Job, and Achievements Were All Snatched Away by My Sister, but One Day, Our Positions Suddenly Switched~, 姉に全てを奪われたルーン魔術師、天才王子に溺愛される ~婚約者、仕事、成果もすべて姉に横取りされた地味な妹ですが、ある日突然立場が逆転しちゃいました~
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Japanese
Rune Magician Who Lost Everything to Her Older Sister, Becomes Doted On by the Genius Prince Meiana Pheles, a young magician skilled in the ancient art of Rune Magic, constantly finds herself eclipsed by her talented older sister, Leticia. When Meiana’s engagement to Jerick Ingea abruptly ends in favor of Leticia, she grapples with heartbreak and self-doubt. As Jerick and Leticia revel in their blossoming relationship, Meiana contemplates her future amidst a swiftly evolving magical world. Despite her best efforts to adapt, Meiana feels marginalized as an adept of an outdated magical practice. Confronting family expectations, jealousy, and a sense of inadequacy, she must carve out her own path and recognize her true worth in a society that prizes innovation and talent. Can Meiana redefine her magical skills and emerge from her sister’s shadow, or is she destined to be forever considered the lesser of the two?


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