The Reincarnated Clunker Princess Is Actually the Strongest Magician – The Former Villainess Wants to Enjoy a Slow Life with Her Fluffy Friends in Her Second Life – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Mariel VS Bernhardt

My contest with Prince Bernhardt will take place in the same valley where I fell. This is where Mariel’s life began for the second time.

Below this valley is a forest full of demons that no one dares to approach.

Laseid chose this location to avoid causing trouble to the Grand Dukes of Rozenstone.

“This is a one-on-one match with no second chances—the first person to surrender loses.”

Laseid is the referee. Does “one-on-one” include physical assault?

What will I do if Crown Prince Bernhard launches a physical assault?

Prince Bernhardt snorts, as if he has read my mind.

“Don’t worry. I never assault children physically—we’ll fight using magic—although I will not be gentle with you, and if you die, I will resurrect you from the dead.”

You’re the child!

We’re up against a last-boss-class opponent.

I honestly don’t think I’ll win, but I’ll give it my all.

I put on a long, drawn-out smile.

“…That’s very kind of you… Thank you very much.”

A question arises within me. The phrase “resurrect” has stuck with me. Only saints are said to be capable of performing the resurrection. Why would Prince Bernhardt be able to use it? He’s a demon, isn’t he?

Shall I ask him later? I doubt he’ll tell me, but I can always ask Laseid. I’m confident he’ll know something.

The match begins with Laseid’s signal.


When the signal is given, countless masses of waterballs form around Prince Bernhardt.

I don’t panic because it’s within my expectations that he can use chatless magic.

“First and foremost, let’s run a quick test—It’s no fun for me if you break down easily.”

With a grin, Prince Bernhardt’s mouth hangs open, and the countless water balls come at me.

“Defensive Wall”

When I raise my hand, a wall appears in front of me. The countless water balls bounce off a transparent wall.

“Hmph. It’s a language I’ve never heard of before—fascinating magic—and you’re not taken aback by my chantless magic spell?”

Prince Bernhardt looks on admiringly.

“Yes. Because that is exactly what my teacher does.”

When it comes to magic, Laseid also doesn’t need chants.

Engaging Laseid in a magical battle is dangerous, even in simulation. You have no way of knowing what kind of magic will be thrown at you.

You can put up a [Defensive Wall] if you complain that there is no way to deal with it. However, it must be strong and unbreakable.

That’s why I invented it. A defensive wall capable of withstanding the breath of an ancient elemental dragon.

Laseid stated that when the prince challenged him to a fight, he beat him up, so I guess Laseid is the better fighter.

“It’s now my turn! Activate [Infinite Magic Formula]!”

Layers upon layers of magical circles appear above and around me.

This is my original magic spell, and as the name implies, it is a magic formula that allows me to cast magic indefinitely.

My magic is circulating in reverse, almost dripping out of me, but it is always in motion. In addition, I never run out of magical power.

Normally, the body contains a limited amount of magical power, and when magic is cast, the magic power decreases. The amount of magic varies from person to person, but the body runs out of magic when the magic circulating in the body is exhausted.

But I seem to have a constitution that won’t run out of magic.

But in my first life, I struggled because I lacked the Japanese concept, so I have no idea how my magic works…

Because of my affinity for the Japanese language, I was able to conjure up this kind of magic. My second life was not a happy one, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to reincarnate as a Japanese after my first.

I formed a magical circle around Prince Bernhardt. The magical circle transforms into a flower, and the petals open.

“Ice Flower Breath!”

The ice petals transform into razor-sharp blades that strike Prince Bernhardt. But it is repelled by the defensive wall.

“This kind of magic is a cheat, isn’t it?”

Prince Bernhardt chuckles as he says this.

“You’re the one to talk!”

You can use chatless magic! And you’re a demon!”

“You’re becoming increasingly difficult to deal with.”

Prince Bernhardt raises his palm. Flames lit his palms. The flames grew stronger and stronger, eventually transforming him into a giant.

He summoned a fire spirit. He can also use spirit magic?

I also raise my hand above my head.

“Summon, Water Spirit!”

From the magical circle above my head, a mermaid-like water spirit appears.

Prince Bernhardt’s fire spirit heads to my water spirit I summoned.

The contending spirits didn’t give each other an inch.

And then――.

The opposing elements of the spirits collided, resulting in a steam explosion. A powerful blast erupted.


I quickly tried to put up a “defensive wall,”  but was unable to do so in time and was blown away by the explosion.

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